Random Snap>>exotic Or Not?

So…are Porsches considered exotics? How about RAUH Welt-tuned Porches?

On Monday I'm heading back to Japan for a couple weeks and the Idlers Club race at Tsukuba is one of the things on my to-do list – exotic or not. I can't wait!

-Mike Garrett



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RW Porsches def exotic! Only a handful of them and hard to get unless your Japan. Even then you have to dish over a pretty penny and wait.


who cares..anything built by RAUH Welt is worth posting, have fun in japan Mike, we're looking forward to some good Idlers Club coverage!


+1 agree with Joe.

I do believe Porsches are exotic as well.


If you've ever looked at what it costs to run a Porsche, you know they are exotic. No doubt! They may be the real-world supercar and all that, but that doesn't mean they're peanuts to keep on the road and in good running order. They aren't luxury, but definitely exotic.


Stock Cayman and below - non exotic. Tuned Cayman/911 and beyond, exotic, just how I look at it but it's still a Porsche, the name stands alone.


The marque doesn't seem to hold the same prestige as say Ferrari or Aston Martin, but if you're judging by looks and performance, then Porsche's are definitely exotic! Any excuse to post them up is fine with me!


If labeling them "exotic" means we'll see more RAUH-Welt coverage... then YES, they are very exotic!


I think high production numbers and cheap entry level models disqualify an automaker itself as being exotic. However, the Porsche history IS exotic. Their 959 is exotic. Their Carrera GT is exotic….etc etc. I also think that high sought after tuned cars can be labeled as exotics themselves…but that’s a very fine line. I believe Rauh-Welt is one of the best examples.

I’m looking forward to your Idlers Club coverage!!!!


i wouldn't consider porsche to have a cheap entry level, considering a normal porsche boxer cost new about 45k € in ger. that is about 63k us $. in germany porsches are sure not that exotic, but at least quite expensiv to buy and maintain. so i would consider them to be a luxuryt. there is anyway no reason why it shouldn't be on the blog.

it's kind of strange, that the some of the best looking 911 come from japan. the most powerfull are anyway german, considering, that you can go to various tuners in germany and order one with 850+bhp with warranty. but i doubt that there will be a special about edo comptetion, 9ff, ruf (that are at least exotic's), tech art etc. ). theire are anyway lot's high level porsche tuners in germany (even manthey is one xD )


It definitely depends on the model and their production nos., IMO. The Carrera GT is definitely an exotic I think of the 911 GT models as "a working man's exotic".


Looking forward to the Idlers Club meet at Tsukuba.

Can't wait to see Nakai-san's 993 Porsche on the track...


From start, any Porsche is an exotic more or less. Considerind the running costs and everything for them has a price tag that makes them exotics. So two Porsches built by Rauh-Welt are more than exotics in my opinion,

Could you please post an wallpaper for this shot?


911 needing 12-13qts of oil just for an oil change resembles the price take of maint for an exotic. I'll take a Porsche over a GT-R anyday. 964= Daily driver with some suspension mods to go to the track for some fun then go home and pick up your girl and take her out to dinner in the same car while still getting about 26mpg. Exotic.


Exotic?? maybe not but super mega Yahoo Rulz Yeah...

Nakai- sama rulz and his cars are like he.


I like Shimazaki-san's MX5 in the background. He dukes it out with the Porsches.


thecars in v was smooth


@ sb.....not everyone can afford 60k+ for a car....but that price tag is nowhere near exotic price tags. also rarity is part of being exotic. and when talking about exotic, i dont wanna here MPGs. 911 maint is more expencive than most car's maint that people own.....but its not taking your ferrari to a dealership for its maint. I love Porsche....but come on, lets be realistic here....stop letting your fondness of the car cloud your judgment.

9ff is an exotic. techarts....for sure. etc etc. a stock 911? i see so many of em everywhere here in the states....almost as often as i see vetts. a vett isnt exotic.......zr1.......who thinks a zr1 is exotic?? hmmm....im swaying to NOT?


R-W, RuF and the like are definitely exotics. Carerra GT and 959 are definitely exotics. Other than that, Porsches aren't really exotic, at least around here. 911s and Boxster/Caymans are more common than 10 year old Camrys and Civics. And any Porsche cabriolet seems to be the unofficial vehicle of balding men experiencing mid-life crises. And anyone claiming the costs of owning a Porsche makes them exotic needs to check the facts. You can get good 924s, 944s for around three grand, and running/driving ones for $1500. You can even get bonafide classics for cheap. Ever look at mid '60s 912s? Look Identical to a 911 just with two less cylinders. And any naturally aspirated 911 from the late '70s through the '80s can be had in the $20 grand range. So they aren't that expensive to buy. Yes, maintnence on any German car will cost more, but if you know how to do it yourself you only have to pay for parts.