News>>new Supra A Go For 2011?

Despite the loss of several major manufacturers, the 2009 Tokyo Motor Show is shaping up to be an interesting one. This is thanks in large part to Toyota, who should  have auto journalists swarming over the cars in their booth. Besides the production Lexus LF-A and a possible version of the 086A project, there’s word that Toyota will be showing the 2011 Supra at this year’s show. According to 7-Tune, the new Supra will likely be a 3.5L V6 mated to a hybrid system like the one used on the new Toyota Crown. Total power is estimated to be around 400hp. As far as the exterior, the car is expected to share looks with the FT-HS Hybrid that was shown at the last Tokyo Motor Show. There hasn’t been any info on pricing yet, but it’s been said that the car could reach production in 2011. There’s even a rumor that there will be a more affordable, non-hybrid version of the car available with less power.

With the new car-crazed CEO Akio Toyoda taking over the company, there’s good reason to believe Toyota may be on it’s way back to building exciting cars again.

I suppose we’ll have to wait until the show to find out for sure.

-Mike Garrett

Source: 7-Tune



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wow thats ugly.


The overall lines aren't bad, and I'd love to see the Supra nameplate make a return, but s13brian is right: if it comes out actually looking like that, it's full of fail.


Now that's really ugly. The roof lines reminds me a bit of the GTR.


yes please! ugly u say? no way, i think it looks straight badass, very futuristic lookin, and compact, which is good when it comes to power to weight ratio game. make it as is toyota. i heard the LF-A might be named something else?


i think it's too futuristic looking for me, but hey maybe that's what people are looking for.


Thats definitely not what production car is going to look like. The front side remindes me of old later 80's - middle 90's concepts and it's obviously outdated. Though it has something in common with the last Lexus models. Roofline is a mix of R35 and first Viper. That just doesn't feel like car that can have "Supra" in its name.


I like the head lights the rest of the front is ugly the roof is just ugly as sin, the fenders look like a gtr outline and the rims are nice. the outline to a great car is there but it needs alot of work on roof lines and the front needs less curves.


Is it available in a special "Coast Guard" edition, to go with the boat themed nose? Or "PT-109"? What horsepower outboard motor does it come with? Does it have a place to attach the water skier rope? Are the hybrid electrics water proof enough to make it seaworthy? Maybe the design theme is "A sporty car for global warming and rising ocean levels".


There has been so many rumors of a new Supra over the years, I'll wait until the announcement to believe it. Also, it seems like the new Supra will be much closer to the 370Z than the GTR. Sad.


That photo is of the FT-HS concept, production version would likely be a bit less radical.


NO! NO! NO! I don't want a ugly hybrid sorry excuse for a supra. They should just slap on a Toyota and Supra emblem on the LF-A and call that the supra.


sweet, everyone may not like it that they're making it a hybrid, but think about least they're starting to develope rwd coupes again..Personally I couldn't care what its powered by, as long as its fast and easily tuneable, and with toyota's boss, thats looking to be a good reality


Finally, some good news. I'm just hoping it's a car worthy of the names Toyota and especially Supra.


Just give us the LF-A.

And trash this ugly thing.


I think that a production model based on this concept would be badass. Very aggressive! I like


This thing looks amazing, nothing needs to be changed. Wheel fitment and stance is top-notch. Looks like a cats face in wind tunnel.


that should go for the next evolution of the JZA80, This looks like a 370Z with some crazy kit. One thing is for sure, it had better be hella fast if they're gonna call it a Supra.


wow it looks like this is the first time a lot of u have seen this car. its been out so long i cant recall how far back i remember seeing it. jeez, just from what i read it sounds like some of u are just surprised about it.


Doesn't look bad actually.

However I don't like the idea of it being a hybrid: for me that means more weight, more difficult tuning and probably only an auto or CVT gearbox.

Still, it's better than the junk Toyota is building now




great news! ive been waiting for them to give Nissan some competition. dont worry everyone you know as well as i do that the car in the picture is more than likey a rough sketch of what the actual car will look like. remember when the R35 surfaced? google it sometime...


Toyota should be ashamed to call that thing a supra


now thats a face only a mother could love.....and the roof line is almost an exact duplicate of the nissan R35......poor.


Pretty nice looking futuristic design


this looks like some crappy, renault/nissan prototype... utterly terrible looking


reminds me more of a celica cause it looks short and has a hatchback like back end. I dont think its worthy of a supra name. gonna have to wait and see if they go through with this and how the actual production car will look like


That design is a couple years old and 7tune have been proclaiming the the rebirth of the Supra for at least that long. I'll believe it when I see it. (Same goes for that concept they've been running around the 'Ring for the past 2 years.)


The headlights look like they came off a squashed silvia and the front looks mildly like that renton lambo.Still a nice car though.Bring back the RX7.


all it takes a new front bumper and a set of deep dish work rims and everyone will be crazy about the new supra.


ugly doesnt even resemble a supra at all. HYbrid? supra are sports cars.the BEASTS of Toyota. 2JZ OR FAIL


I hope to god that does come into production, that looks awesome!


The Lexus LF-A now that's hideous!


Plz. Toyoda-san, go towards such direction otherwise my next car will not be Toyota anymore.. Challenge the designers aswell, they seem to have unclear view about cars for the past several years (at least in Europe).. ;-)


Yea... the new Supra looks ugly. Just like the currnt Evo X and WRX, which looks ugly... Where is the fierce look of Japanese tuners!?


change the front bumper design and you'll have soem potential


dz car is awesome!


I hope they build somthing!.Thats all.Every car company should have a flagship sportscar.Toyota has been lacking in this department.