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While I was at the Lamborghini Museum the other week, I got rather transfixed by the Reventon… I have never, ever seen a car which works with light and surface the way this design does (those of you who’ve seen the Reventon in person will know what I’m talking about). So I thought I’d shoot a group of photos which allows you to experience this car in some fashion too. It’s really worth a closer look.

Much in the way that the original 1974 Lamborghini Countach made all previous cars look obsolete and stale in their thinking… to me this car does a similar trick.

Can you compare the Reventon to anything?

I think part of what sets this car apart from all others… (and this is just a theory)…

… is that is appears to have been designed specifically to have a matte finish…. This results in surfacing is quite unlike all other cars…. Study the image and look at how it picks up light and shadow to see what I mean.

Let’s turn our attention to the wheel wells…

Notice how they have several peaks on the curve… each of these is linked to a surface line.

The same thing again on the rear…. This is a total paradigm shift.

A moving fractal design?… the car almost looks like a low rez 3D polygon computer graphic at some angles.

Even the turn signals are works of art….

Interestingly, the mirrors are the only objects on the body that are curved…

It doesn’t look real does it?

Look at the polygon language passed on to the turn signals.

… or the front vents…

We’ll see how this car stands the test of time, but for the moment, I feel this car is a manifestation of the future. In the present day, its visionary aesthetic sweeps aside all that has come before…

No joke… I’ll never look at a car design the same after seeing the Reventon.

:Rod Chong

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It's awesome. Honest, think about it, there is no ferrari that is more beautiful then this.


I so knwo what you mean its purely amazing there was a veyron sitting right next to it but it was some how eclisped by the awe


"Even the turn signals are works of art...."

Well, they're actually FORD Focus MK1 side signals, LOL

Other than that. Lambo really created something unique.


I've actually never liked any of the Batmobiles. LOL sorry...


Great write up Rod! Reventon is nice once u really look at it....


there should be a new rx7 with this influence


It reminds me a lot of the F-117 stealth bomber. It is probably close to that fast too.


yup, reminds me of a fighter jet.


looks like a murcielago with an expensive and ugly bodykit


...thats because it is a Muricelago with an expensive and ugly bodykit. It is different, but In terms of surfacing, its not very well resolved, its easy to have a series of relatively flat sides with creases. Design by Etcha-Sketch :)


The Reventon one of our latest and proudest projects, came oout great! thanks for the feature again speedhunters staff!


Man this is awesome! Love the angles


To everybody that said it reminds you of a fighter jet you should be glad to know that it should; it's design was based upon that of an F22 Raptor, the most advanced aerial fighter on planet Earth. On another note: Rod I believe the side mirrors are curved and not sharp because while having a sharp angle mirror to match the cars styling would look nice, it would not be as good for the aeros. A sharp mirror would decrease form drag yes but it encourages the air to split in 2 directions therefore it would possibly ruin the laminar flow of air over the side mid-section. The curved unit has that lower sort of canard on it encouraging the air to channel around the mirror and onto the body as to not split the laminar flow. I am sure the Lambo guys spent many hours in the wind tunnel on this; I am not sure where the center of pressure is for this design but the lack of any other turbulators necessitates the use of curved mirrors if you are to achieve a balanced flow velocity throughout the body.


mirrors are standard Murcielago, aren't they.


Excellent write up Rod, great read!


Reminds me of a cross between a stealth bomber and a Murchielgo.


i like it...but HAHAH @ the batmobile comment....


Andy, I don't know if those are the same mirrors or not; but either way they developed it for the same purpose.


They are the same mirrors as Murcielago LP540


I am truely in love with this design concept.

I have yet to see one here in Tokyo. The Italians can really design well for looks in mind and they come up with great themes.

Well done Rod and Dino, thank you for the photos and the stories.

I hope to see you here in Tokyo when you visit next time.


This is the critical apex of automotive design.


Your pictures make it look like a toy.

Interesting polygonal design.


Looks like an updated DeLorean.


Where can i buy one?


It's amazing how stunning photography taken for a specific purpose can make you stop and stare as if it's the first time you've laid eyes on a car that some people would dismiss as "old news".