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Round 3 saw us at  a sun baked Silverstone for round 3 of the NFS-EDC championship,always a favorite with fans and drivers alike silverstone always promises very high speeds with loads of smoke and round 3 was going to be no exception. The track is made up of the back end of the historic Silverstone gp circuit so turn 1 is the very fast Brooklins then followed by the  long transition into the Luffield complex to finish, with the added bonus  of the infamous Silverstone gravel traps  on the outside of each turn Silverstone always provides a spectacular round to the championship.

we made our way out onto the track at 9am as practice started,everybody was taking in fairly easy to begin with but that didn't stop 1 or two excursions into the infamous Silverstone gravel traps, designed to stop a F1 car if you find yourself in one the one there's no way out.

It didn't take long for  the drivers to find their feet and by 9.15am the entry speeds started creeping into the 90's, Mark Luney in the SVA 350Z was looking spectacular creating a smoke screen round the entire track.

Declan Hicks was looking to be a serious contender with some crazy  backward entries into turn1,

as was Peter Barber, talking to Peter before practice he had said that he really wanted a 100mph+ entry and he was getting very very close recording 96 mph in practice.

Another Silverstone veteran Phil Morrison was on it straight from the off in the Driftworks smoke machine, unfortunately his day was to end early when the 2jz filled its front two cylinders with oil putting him out of the event.

Keith Hammond of the Skyline owners club was at round 3 to try for his NFS-EDC license  something he easily achived with some great runs in practice to impress head judge Maz.

Ian Harrison back in his own car after the problems of round 2.

Paul Cheshire unfortunately broke a gearbox in practice unable to fit new one before the event start he had to borrow team green team mate Alan Greens S14, having never driven the car before Paul went through to the top 8 beating Paul Conley in the first of the battles.

Gearbox problems were also on the cards for Peter Barber after his RX7 started spewing hot oil into the cockpit during practice, the box finally gave up completely on his parade lap forcing him to borrow BDC driver Phil Maclachlen's RX for the competition unfazed with the new car Peter progressed easily to the top 8.

Round 3 sees a welcome return to NFS-EDC for Stewart Hansford..

..after a hard fought battle with James Russel running one more time Stewart progressed to the top 8

with a unlucky draw new guy Keith Hammond was up against Silverstone veteran Mark luney..

..a brave effort from Kieth was to no avail, with Marks experience around Silverstone showing Luney progressed to the top 8.

Ian Harrison progresses through to top 8 after a win against Cieron Cameron.

With the top 16 out of the way we made our way out onto the track for the finals first up was Peter Barber against Dave Monghan..

Peters experience showed as even in borrowed machinery he progressed on to semi finals.

Next up was possibly the battle of the day, Declan Hicks against ex EDC  champion Brett Castle, impossible to tell them apart the battle went "one more time"..

… pushing harder and harder Declan eventually had the fastest trip into the gravel of the day with 98mph recorded on the speed gun, Dec entered the gravel backwards convinced that the car would roll he had all ready hit the kill switches and folded his arms ready for impact thankfully the car didn't roll and he was able to join Brett for the final run..

.. a 10-0 disadvantage is always going to be difficult to overcome…against Brett Castle at Silverstone its near on impossible Brett went through to the semi finals.

next up was Ian Harrison V's Steward Hansford, a small mistake from Harrison lets Hansford into the semis.

Alan Mccord and Mark Luney were next to run, this was always going to be a close one two very experienced drivers with over 1000hp between them..

..Mark had the advantage after the first round but in the second a rare mistake whilst trying for a overtake saw Luney straighten and the win went to Mccord.

First up in the semi finals was Peter Barber and Brett Castle..

unable to match the speed of Brett Castle Peter was at a disadvantage that he could not make up, Castle goes through to the finals.

the last semi final run was between Alan McCord and Steward Hansford, the massive power of the LS2 powered S15 Nissan made for a clean overtake in the Luffield complex seeing Alan through to the finals with Brett and Stewart into a third place run off against Peter Barber..

.. with Peter taking the win for 3rd place.

On to the final Brett Castle against Alan Mc Cord..

..Brett's massive angle entry into turn 1 didn't go quite to plan and the car caught grip and straightened just before the apex leaving Brett nowhere to go but the Silverstone gravel.

Brett was dug out again and rejoined Alan but with 10-0  mountain to climb  it wasn't going to happen, Alan Mc cord took the win.

With Round 3 over it now sees  Peter Barber in joint first place with Alan Mccord on 190 points with Phil Morrison in 3rd place with 160 points, the Next round is to be at the Brands Hatch circuit with the track configuation unknown it still could be anyones championship.

 -Ross I'Anson

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man that white and black s14 in the gravel pit looks like a crazy rally car! how about some gravel turns and a couple of jumps put into these drift tracks? haha jk


I have two suggestions for dev.speedhunters.com

1st: I have been reading this blog for quite a time but the low resolution of pics annoy me, the most standard and common resolution is 1024x768 in which half side of the screen is empty so please do something about it

2nd: Please affiliate the site with facebook, twitter, etc. Like worldcarfans,.com we could use facebook accounts to comment here


Lovin the FC!!! Can't wait to get my S13 out :)


Lovin the green FC! Can't wait to get my S13 out :)


Awesome coverage Ross! Loving the battle shots too!