Event>> Fd Rd 3: A Day That The Falkens Soar

It became a historic day for Formula D at the Wall Speedway in New Jersey. Team Falken went home with a one, two, and three finish! Darren McNamara drove the wheels off his Saturn Sky battle after battle to take the win for the day. McNamara beat out Vaughn Gittin Jr., leaving JR second place. Tyler McQuarrie took third after a long and ferce battle with Ken Gushi.

We don’t know what possessed Darren McNamara, but he drove like a demon. Pressuring all his opponents with some very close door to door action.

Tyler McQuarrie was an absolute smoke show throughout the event. Tire smoke covered his cockpit everytime he went out. How does a man do work in his cubicle if he can’t even see his own hands?

We at Speedhunters would like to send our congratulations to Darren McNamara, Vaughn Gittin Jr., and Tyler McQuarrie for a such fantastic day at the office. We’d also like to extend a special congratulations to the Falken Team for dominating the podium for the first time in their Formula D history. Such an acheivement!

Stay Tuned for more Formula D Round 3 coverage here on Speedhunters!

-Linhbergh Nguyen

Speedhunters Formula D: Round 3 New Jersey Coverage



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That's great. I had to leave after the top 32 but these guys were driving well and speaking with the fans after qualifying. They seem like a bunch of nice guys and great drivers. Can't wait for the rest of the coverage!


Falken made history! Congrats to all my teammates!

Thank you for the great coverage!....Go Team Falken


took em long enough, good stuff guys, congrats


AWESOME Stuff!! delighted for DMAC!! Wellover due and let it be 1 of many.

Top of the championship after rd3, ROLL ON VEGAS BABY.


haha! DMAC puts his banked oval skills to work. he's been dominating tracks like that in Ireland for yeeeears. good work sir!


Absolutely THRILLED for Darren, the first of the Shamrock Highway drivers claims what will no doubt be the first of many for the Irish !

Well done Darren, so proud of you !


maxxis/DA boys need to stop knocking eachother out

Congrats to Vaghn, Dmac is one hell of a driver, I think tyler got lucky.... no way this car is that complete yet

ON TO VEGAS!!!!!!!!!!!!


well done boys!


Congrats to DMac. This counts... the second time that he knocked out JR out of competition (2006 D1 All Star, in his SR86.) Haha, an all V8 podium.


Gwaaaaaaan Darren !! Doing us very proud man ! Awesome result !


Cam, Tyler qualified number two... the car is dialed....


Very cool to see how that LinVision (tm) works from behind the lens - excellent results found all over Speedhunters! Good spending this w/end with the team in NJ & pulling the all nighter to see this post go live!


Awesome, there really arent many more words to describe it... Maybe congratulations aswell haha



can't wait for VEGASSSSS


Wow!that's somethin to achieve.

Amy info with detail about Tyler 350?


Team Falken = WIN!!!!


Damn, the shot of Tyler's 350Z looks awesome! Nice composition!


I was there for the whole competition it was amazing, the track was eating up tires like crazy and all of the top drivers like Tanner, Millen, Sam, didn't even make it anywhere to near 5th. I had no idea that Dmac could drive like that and even take out the competion with just firce power. Although Dmac was amazing on the track I did notice that at the last round between Jr vs Dmac, Jr's fight was a bit robbed from him

when his machanics added too much tire pressure which threw his whole line off. I noticed that Jr's line was perfect until that last battle against Dmac even the people around me said the same thing. But none the less Dmac fought hard and deserved the victory after everyone died out at the track.



Dialed on this track

Remember last year in the 911, some tracks he dominated... some tracks he would flat out crashed out.

Wall is tricky yet very simple, we will see come vegas

Question mark track with 90+ mph entrys, game over


wel done lad,think this is the year for irish to dominate drifting,in their door rosegreen style whoopa.


Amazing pictures! Thanks.
I like the first one.


What an awesome event! I was pulling for JR but Dmac was a monster this weekend!

Jrod was really funny this time too! I love the 'Thats some HIN points right there" comment, lol.

JTP is awesome too! Wow that Rx8 is the best Rotary I've ever seen drifting! Sounds/looks awesome!

Formula D really did it up this time, I've been to all the NJ events and this one was the best!


DMAC was CRAZY! He deserved that win. He drove the pants off that Sky roadster. The door to door action was great! They need to hand out more cowbells. This was the best year for Formula D at NJ.

Dear Forumla D,

Dont ever go back to E-Town!



What an incredible event! Go Falken!!! The battle with Darren was incredible, we both drove as hard as our cars would allow us. He was wicked fast!!!. The crowd was unreal.

Absolution- Tengku DJan beat me in the 2006 all star event. I dont even think me and Darren have ever battled head to head.


Cam, last year was last year. Tyler's new car and engineer are much more talented than the resources available to him in the past. Tyler WILL be on point in Vegas. The track at Vegas will not be the same layout and I anticipate entry speeds to lower this year. You can better bet all of the Autosport Dynamics/Falken cars will be properly prepared, as they were for this event.

Quit hating and speak to what you know, not what you think you know.


Mickey, no hate.... just looking at team falkens past i doubt this car is 100%.

Any team falken car for that matter, team falken has been one of the most inconsistent teams in drifting since the american birth in 04 (you should know that though).

I predict a good showing for Dmac and JR next round, but i think tylers sucess at NJ is a fluke.

I'm not believer yet.


Cam, I guess we'll just have to wait and see. 09 is a much different year than 04-08 where their team objective has changed dramatically. That can be seen in how they streamlined their program and brought in a couple heavy hitters. It appears to me and I think it's pretty obvious that it's a win at all costs mentality this year.

I will tell you one thing. Tyler's skill as a driver/drifter is undeniable. He has NEVER driven a car in Formula D that has been as sorted and reliable as the one he has now. I guess that is what I was trying to convey earlier. His skill paired with confidence in his team and machine are what will allow him success this year. I personally see big things from Tyler the remainder of the season and look out 2010.


Congrats Tyler! You've always loved this track and it's about time you walked away with a Podium finish!!!!