Car Spotlight>> Mariani S8

This Audi S8 has been created for those that want that extra oomph, performance wise. The engine, a 5.2 liter V10, is based on the same engine that is used in the Lamborghini Gallardo. The stock engine puts out 450bhp and 540Nm of torque, but for Mariani that wasn't enough. They adjusted the engine management and replaced the exhaust to free up an extra 51bhp.

They didn't stop there because the exterior also got a makeover. Most obvious are the wheels, they measure 19" with 255/35 rubber in the front. In the back they opted for a slightly bigger wheel, 20" with 305/25 rubber. The ride height has also been adjusted, the car sits 60mm lower than original.

The massive exhaust pipes dominate the rear of the car.

I think that the car could be a tad lower to give that extra VIP look. Although I'm not sure if that would improve its drivability.

The grill has been painted black to give it a bit more contrast. The car has that typical German ‘VIP' look, low and wide, they do share a lot of styling cues with the typical Japanese VIP saloons but I's unmistakably German.

-Jeroen Willemsen




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That is awesome...that's how a real VIP would ride...


I wonder if the staggered setup interferes with Quattro?


nice. i wish the wheel design was better though.


ok im hearing VIP this and that all over the place. And if were gonna talk vip about this and talk about ride height.....I THINK the vip style everyone goes for includes lowering the car as much as possible. but if you look at VIP roots...thats not right. A VIP car should have great handling when the time comes for such needs. this car fits that description perfectly. And the reason it shares typical jap vip styling cues is because this is where it comes from. Benz and Audi is ground zero. just my opinion, and id like to hear others even if it conflicts with mine.


OK, I actually know that ride. I live in the same county as the Car is registered to. And I'm telling you, if you ever hear that sound, you'll get "goose bumps" all over!!

Great sound, nice style! But, would please post some more Mercedes, too?



"okay fellas, we'll bolt on an exhaust, give it a new set of shoes, a chip and some lowering springs, then we'll make it seem like we made a whole new car! yays"


this is still an *Audi* S8. "powered by Mariani"? riiight. dream on fellas..


that said, other than the 4x4 stance, it is very very beautiful and i like the wheel choice


I think this car proves that Wheels and Stance are the most important features of a car's looks

One poster is correct that thats all this car is really....but it WORKS!


Actually the difference between in diameter the front and rear wheels is about 1mm. That can be easily compensated through tire pressure. I used this calculator to check if the wheels match:

As for the images, the first one makes the car look so ridiculously wide that I am inclined to declare foul play, a.k.a. I't scaled to make it look wider. I superimposed an official picture of the A8 over this one and the lenght/width ratio of that huge grill is off indicating somebody stretched the picture just a bit to make the car look that much cooler!


i don´t like the wheel designe it destroys the car shape


Mmmm I love work vs-kf.. I dont care what anyone says, those wheels are horn! But I deffinately agree with what BlueSlug said..


I agree with Val_N. I call shenanigans!


the wheels are ugly, and the color is wrong.......!!!!....maybe some BBS LM's in black chrome the exhaust though


Alfonzo and Val_N, i'm guessing all images on Speedhunters are 672px × 420px, and the source image Jeroen chose just happened not to be of that ratio, and it was scaled/stretched instead of cropped or what have you... i doubt it was any sort of active manipulation for the sinister purpose of making the car look wider than it actually is :P