Car Spotlight>> Ferrari 599xx

Could this be the ultimate modified car? Built by Ferrari and perfected by its engineers this 599xx lacks only one thing- you can't drive it on the street.

The car is based upon the Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano and has the same transaxle and engine layout, but that's where all the similarities end. The V12 engine in the standard 599 produces 620bhp while the ‘same' V12 in the 599XX puts out 700bhp. This is thanks to extensive work on the combustion chambers, the inlet and exhaust side of things. Other upgrades Ferrari focused on are the weight of the parts in the engine bay. Take for example the inlet plenums, they have all been made from carbon fibre

But off course there's much more to the 599XX- let's have a look.

The exterior has been modified after rigorous testing in the wind tunnel. The frontbumper has bigger inlets and is aided by a massive carbon splitter. Ferrari also placed several cooling ducts in the hood and fenders to increase downforce and cooling.  

In this shot you can see all the funnels and ducts to increase downforce. The underside of the car is completely flat and houses two fans that suck the air from underneath the car. The diffuser houses the twin exhausts inspired by the Scuderia F430

These wheel doughnuts are directly derived from F1 technology. They cover the brakediscs to increase cooling and improve the aerodynamics…

The wheels measure 19 x 11J at the front and 19 x 12J at the rear. The tires are made from an extra sticky compound by Michelin and measure 29/67 R19 front and 31/71 R19 rear.

A cool feature are these winglets to generate even more downforce. I just thought these are really cool additions to the exterior of the car, a big plus off course is that they actually work.

The interior looks pretty basic with lots of carbon and switches. The screen in front of the driver can show a real-time indication of the vehicles efficiency.

Another cool shot from the rear showing the winglets and the carbon mirrors on either side.  The car will be sold to a select few, and I'm sure I'm not one of them…

-Jeroen Willemsen




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Better call it the 599 XXX....... this is pure porn! :D


i would be afraid to scratch the floor boards look at those things, ferrari R and D what a job


Fans that suck it down? You mean like the Chaparral J2? The 599 XX is just badass!


This is the hottest car since the Enzo. I love everything about it with the exception of the stupid number 3 on the sides and hood. Why are they running Dale Earnhardt's number? Do they want to jinx it and have it smash into a wall at 190 mph? lol


so where the taillights used to be... those black things aren't taillights anymore? or is it just the smoke look?


@evolve S13

why? it's just furrowed steel/aluminium. that's quite easy/cheap to replase (here in germany, like 5€/1m² and 5mm thick). actually it reminds me more of some sort of construction vehicle then a racecar- but that's anyway on the floor, so when you drive it, you don't see it. expect of the "winglets" the car looks great. actually, i don't understand, why they have these "winglets" and no real gt-wing. beeing a racecar thats quite odd.


"In this shot you can see all the funnels and ducts to increase downforce. The underside of the car is completely flat and houses two fans that suck the air from underneath the car. The diffuser houses the twin exhausts inspired by the Scuderia F430"


What kind of monitors are you using that you can see all those things in that picture? I have my Samsun monitor set to cornea damaging bright video game mode, and can see nothing but shadow where the diffuser should be. It's a really nice picture, but it's back lit / top lit, and would have to be lightened to the point of making the background and top of the car almost white to show any of the detail mentioned in the caption.


Awesome car, I just hope it's in Forza 3.


@Yiso, those are actually air exhausts, so it doesn't have taillights anymore, except for the four white squares in the diffuser.


This car is a pig, so much torque, style, power combined one of the most beautiful cars, don't mensoning it's a Ferrari v12 under the hood.


Also like the FXX this is a track car only and was built solely so that a select few Ferrari customers could take it out and then Ferrari collects the data from their track days. The FXX and this car are like R&D for Ferrari with customers running the experiment, it is a cool program but I hear that if you have one (at least with the FXX) you have to store it at Fiorano or a few other select Ferrari HQ locations when your not thrashing it.


Some of you are a bit confused about few things.

Where the rear taillights used to be, Ferrari used those holes and created two long ducts that suck out the air from underneath the car (thanks to two fans, like Jeroen mentioned).

It is not seen in the pictures but they're there. (there are plenty of mags that show that).

The 599XX is much like a FXX. A track-only car. Those "few selected" folks that can afford one have a long history (and a very close relationship) with Luca Di Montezemolo (honcho of Ferrari).

Owning a Ferrari is not that simple. Having money alone it won't buy you a Ferrari. To own a brand new Ferrari you have to first own a used Ferrari, and then "move up the ladder", for lack of other words.

Both of those cars were designed to collect data for the Ferrari Team. The owners of those cars sign a contract that promises to race the car in every race organized by Ferrari, and strictly by Ferrari and not other organizers.

Both of those cars (the FXX and the 599XX) DON'T have to be stored at Fiorano, the owners can take their jewels at home.

Here are some pics:


mmm... wheel donut.


The best looking Ferrari in years.

Probably some tuner is already working out how to make it road-legal, like the Edo-Competition FXX


Lines from the heavens.


This sooo crushes the Reventon! I'm sorry, but the Rev' is just a Murcielago with a slightly different body. Underneath, it's the same as an LP-640; no new technology, no groundbreaking stuff, just a regular Lambo. THIS, on the other hand, is truly cutting edge; this is the future on four wheels. All the latest tech from Ferrari's F1 and sports car programs. Like previously stated, it's a testbed for new technology; a science lab on wheels. And it looks even cooler (IMO of course). And I've never been a Ferrari fan, so there's no bias. Besides, FR V12>MR V12.


Awesome post!! I love this car and like it moreso then the Enzo based FXX even if it is slower, it looks so tough. I hope Ferrari builds a 2010 GT1 spec 599. The 550s and 575s were beautiful racers.


Seriously- what the F is with that #3?! Is there not one of these without that on it? Other then that I'm feelin it.


Obviously Ferrari has been collecting the wrong data, considering how awesome they're doing this season.

Now we just have to wait for the Brawn GP version to come along and beat it, at half the price.


ryoga81 & Henry: Well the #3 is the number of Kimi Räikkönen car and was the same number which he won the 2007 WDC with. I can't believe you guys don't know that.....


Im sorry but I think this car is an eye sore.