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Forging a career as a Professional Creative-Person is not an easy manuever. You need to have several things working for you to achieve this. Firstly, you need to be able to excite people about what you do. They need to believe in your creativity so you better have some kind of skill in presenting yourself and your creative work. Secondly, you have to have a strong belief in yourself as an artist and your art, whatever that may be. You will inevitably face barren periods in your career, so you better have the sheer tenacity to stick with your chosen creative vocation when everything and probably everyone is telling you to abandon ship and get a regular, practical job.

If these two areas are lacking, perhaps they can be developed over time… you can develop self belief and the communication skills to talk about your work if need be. But the third and most vital component to being a professional creative I don't think can be developed. You either have it or you don't.

VISION: The ability to see into the future to know what you want to create. This is, in my humble opinion the most vital component to make it as a full time artist, designer, musician or any type of professional creative. Unless this circuit is built in, then perhaps it's time to think about a different profession.

Take this exotic car for instance. The image of creating a fire breathing super car has long resonated deep inside the soul of Horacio Pagani. In so many ways he has devoted his life to the implementation of this vision…. If you don't believe me all you have to do is look at the hard evidence.

On one side of the Pagani showroom sits this glass display case. It showcases different Pagani licensed products like diecast models and some high end leather goods…

…but what are of interest to me are these old slot car bodies.

These were hand made by Mr. Pagani when he was a child. They clearly show that he had an image in his mind from a very young age. He was on this planet to build cars!

Everything he has done with his life has been devoted to this vision. Time and time again he has shown the grit, determination and will to reach this goal.

This car started out with a Vision; an image in Mr. Pagani's mind's eye.

This image made him leave his native Argentina with his nineteen year
old bride to move to Italy… they didn't even speak a word of Italian at
the time! It didn't matter, he would come to Modena to learn the art of creating supercars.

I take great inspiration from Mr. Pagani's story. The devotion to his vision should be a lesson to all of us to never give up the fight for what we truly believe in.

To sit in one of these extraordinary hand formed cars is a great honour. I can't even imagine what it must be like to pilot one.

It certainly brings you back to your own childhood automotive inspired dreams. Right Dino?

Oh to be one of the few who know this cockpit well!

Have you ever seen a cockpit like this in your life? This car is the true successor to the original spirit of the Italian supercar.


Mr. Pagani cites handmade Italian Riva powerboats as a design inspiration, especially their emphasis on manual skills and style.

You can see this influence in the design of the cockpit components like the handbrake.

One of the AMG Mercedes V12 engines that power the Zondas is proudly displayed in the Pagani showroom. When I look at the beauty of the machine aesthetic it makes me wonder why most mass market auto manufacturers are hiding their engines under plastic covers these days. It feels dishonest doesn't it?

Do you prefer the glossy carbon fiber look on the Zonda F roadster or the matte finish on the coupe?

Pagani have somehow managed to meld handmade craftsmanship with high technology. You almost tell now that these carbon fiber components have all been lovingly crafted by a group of skilled artisans.

Nowhere is this more evident than in the cockpit area.

The Zonda F doesn't hide the structure and materials of the chassis under leather, plastic and vinyl. Instead each material and function is celebrated and given personality. The car needs some air vents? We'll let's make them a design feature! Why not?

Mr. Pagani cites Leonardo Da Vinci as a key inspiration in his life. "He was an all-round genius: scientist, philosopher, plumber, even an expert on the flight of birds. Leonardo, in other words, was able to reconcile art and technology, intellectual ability and manual skill, to perfection."

You can get sense of this influence in the dashboard display. There is a sense this is a control pod to a great 700 bhp alchemy V12 experiment.

This is a true work of artistic vision isn't it?

Could a multinational corporation come up with such a personal and wholly uncompromised automotive sculpture?

I suppose we shouldn't give the multinationals too much of a hard time here. They serve a different purpose in the story of the automobile.

For now let's tip our hats to Horacio Pagani and give respect to the man who stayed true to his automotive dreams over the course of 40 years!

PS: the espresso at Pagani is also quite fantastic!

:Rod Chong

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great article,great car,nothing else to say.


Its just beautiful


well done well done on everything great pics need some wallpapers


The Pagani Zonda is easily the most beautiful & passion filled car EVER
i look at Ferrari & if i am honest, i havn't really liked any of their cars since the F40, i think the only reason why most people still see them as beautiful cars is solely because it wears a ferrari badge, but thats just my opinion, i love the fact that pagani is proud of its achievements without boasting about it, such as not running the factory putting covers over everything, showing off the carbon fibre bodywork instead of hiding it under layers of paint & displaying that magnificent AMG V12 in the middle of the factory floor, it makes me so happy to see pagani is treating this as a passion, a hobbies aswell as a business, the stunning exterior, the beautiful craftmanship of the interior, & the stunning engineering of the engine & chassis......could this car be perfect?? in my eyes, yes =)


I will never forget the first time I saw a picture of the back of one of these things when I was little.

"Daddy, look! A rocket powered car!"

So it's actually the exhaust. I don't care.


:envy: :envy: :p


the car is as beautiful as the story of its i really want to go to Italy!


i am in love


The pedals just look so steam-punk inspired. AWESOMENESS!


I totally agree with the hiding of the engine on the newer cars, when u look under the hood certain cars all u see is plastic!....Makes u wonder if the consumer isnt being fooled


functional artwork


Material, design, craftsmanship.


just the pedals say volume of the details and thoughts given to design


Awesome story Rod. Very inspiring indeed.

Thank you for the in depth look at the Zonda. We have all been waiting on more coverage from you guys. Speed Hunting at its finest !!!!!



all three part of pagani by far the most inspiring story speedhunter ever written.

thank you very much.


epic write-up and coverage


Ok, there so much to be said about this car, art and the wonderful art of Pagani... One thing that I love is that while you might have a Focus or a Imprezza, you'd get over excited when you get your carbon hood or spoiler or fenders; now here.....EVERYTHING or the most of it is carbon fiber. It's just amazing how they managed to blend high technology with classic retro style details and design... I think it's better to just gaze at these cars for as much as your eyes can open than to try and find words to describe them..... Speachless....wonderful....


Thanks for the awesome post!!


Meh. These days anyone can build a fast expensive car out of expensive parts put together by hand. If Pagani was a true genius, he would build a car that could outrace a Veyron and still cost less than $100,000 and get 100 miles to the gallon.


What an AWESOME read and the pictures are breathtaking. I've never been fond of "Supercars", but after reading how open they were with you, I have a new respect for the Pagani. Sounds like a great bunch of people. What I would give to have a shop like that, hehe


"Chi non ama la vita non la merit" are the words written in a nondescript picture frame hanging