Last week, after we published this picture of the Red Bull sponsored 20B powered RX3, Brad Lord from NZ Performance Car mag send me an email to tell me more about this wild machine. It turns out the car was built in Auckland, New Zealand by a shop called Rotaspeed for the car’s owner, Mark Maloney from Barbados. Brad says it has an NA 20B engine setup with a sequential gearbox and a trick RX8 suspension conversion….

We’ll have to make our way to the Caribbean next year to check this machine out, but in the meantime you can get a sense of the car from these two youtube vids.




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Also keep you eyes open for a wrc Ford Focus converted to a Track Car.


That RX-7 in both videos looks immense! Anything on that?!


it wasnt immense enough to keep pace with the rx3! damn that thing was quick! why wasnt that WRC focus in THIS race....give that rx3 a run for its money.


Saw the car at Dover, WRC Focus is no match, NA 20B, Bridgeport................Rotary power at its sickest!!!!


This looks like it would be a fun track to drift!


WOW! I like the reflection of the off-throttle flames. I'd like to see more pics of it!


What a sound!


Rad, nice to see it in action!


that series looks awesome, where ccan i see more of that?


shit sound sicc


Looks like old AMS evo had a problem right at the start...RX sounds insane though.


i am from barbados guys .

u have no seen anything yet mark maloneys brother staurt malony has a very quick evo 6 which won the crrc series last was build by tommy feild motorsport.

the 2nd round of the cmrc series is in barbados at busy park on august 30th 2009.

we in the carribbean take our motorsport like life depends on it.


o yea before i forget their dad doug maloney has a ex btcc audi.

i would love to see some usa track cars in for the cmrc. i think we would gave u guys a run for your money.

if u want more info on caribbean racing go to bhp


I think the RX7 is the same one that I raced against in the Canada GT Challenge Cup, in 2002. Peri-port 13B, tube-frame, IMSA body (or something similar). Pretty quick car.


if you guys think that the audi and rx3 fast . wait until after the birth of his first child and you all will see

Roger "his hotness" Mayer and his awesome Ford focus wrc eat up lap records through out the caribbean . he is the current lap record holder in Barbados . you can also check his videos on YOUTUBE.COM


Barbados massive represent!! Hopefully you guys would get to see Stuart Maloney's Evo this yr. Caribbean cars are fast in track and rallying. The 3 countries to visit are Jamaica, Barbados and Guyana


Is this race series pretty much "run what you brung" or are their classes running in one race?


No its not rung what u brung they have some rule and regulations the following link has the rules and regulations


The rx3 that he passed is driven by Doug Gore who actually drives a evo 5 which was wrecked by this car because he couldn't keep up with the evo. So this car isn't as fast as how it seems. And i was at the track by the way, so i should know.


Roger Mayer :- Ford Focus WRC upgraded track car easily runs circles around Mark`s car they will meet in on their homeland Barbados for more battling with the rest