Reading the comments to the D1 Divisional posts, some of you were asking for video footage from Mobara.  Well it just so happens that Luke over at Hashiriya Exports sent me the link to a video he just put together. Luke is now busy editing the second part with all the tsuiso battles. Don’t forget to hit the “HD” button and enjoy the action!

– Dino Dalle Carbonare



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This could be a story before the night sleep ^^


wow! nice work.


Thanks, Dino, for reading and considering my comments about a video.

And thanks, Luke, for creating such a nice video. The red and yellow S15 at 5:10 reminded me of NOB's gorgeous D1 S15. I'll be waiting for the second video!

Dino, I believe that every non-D1GP Japanese drifting coverage should be accompanied by a video. It would be the cherry on the Sundae.


i quit at 3 minutes, where's the action?


great video.


Everyone knows there is more to drifting then just blazing tyres but no one shows it, so in this video I wanted to show what goes on behind all the tyre smoke. The video starts off slow and warm but it doesn’t take too long before we get back to the throttle smashing tyre blazing. Big thanks go out to Andy and Emily from for karting my butt around and letting me crash at there place, much love.

Part II will be just be a quick run down of the final tandem runs but it was raining so hard it made for some slow and non-eventfil action, hence why its getting its own video as to not take away from Part 1.


LOL...cfrost, everything happens like right after 3 patient mon!

Great video, and had my favorite song, "phantom" by Justice.


Great vid Luke. Maybe first part is a lil bit too long, but second is just great! Cant wait for battles ;)


^ok you win!

i just FF'd to the 4min mark... good stuff :)


Yea, I agree to what Luke said.

I like the beginning part of the video heaps. The behind scene, preparation was captured to bring out some tone of the event, instead of just skipping some introduction or beginning and direct to throttle smashing tyre blazing part.

Great filming skill Luke! *Thumbs up*


but throttle smashing tyre blazing is where its at!


top work Luke ;)


that was pretty awesome

who did the soundtrack


The beginning of the video is awesome, nice contrast from the norm. I liked the little bird landing amongst the violence. Some people just don't appreciate good stuff.


This video is awesome! I love the first part, I wouldve been happy if it just ended like that.

Hey anyone know what the first track is? I really dig it. Thanks!

Gawd i miss japan :(


very smooth and nice