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Do I spot a new trend? Hot rods mixing it up with contemporary, functional wheels? This 1932 Ford Coupe has been build by Tomas Svenningson who lives in Sweden (you know those guys with the crazy engine transplants?). Well let me tell you it's no different with this car, it's powered by 5 cylinder 2.3 liter turbo engine sourced from a Volvo 850 T5R. The engine has been mated to a Ford AWD system, giving it more than enough traction to blast around the bends.

The wheels are a set of knock off Speedline Corse in 17 inch, behind the wheels are some huge 330mm AP Racing discs with four piston calipers.

Check out a full review on Hotrod.com

Spotted at Oxigen Graphics

-Jeroen Willemsen



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My God, amazing!


Not a fan... but it must be fun to drive ! For sure !


check out the website pics.. did he just heat-wrapped the entire exhaust manifold untill the tip of the muffler?


Coolest car I've seen so far this year. That gives me so much inspiration to build my own car.


Swedes, Aussies and the Kiwis tend to do some strange things to their cars. Aesthetically not my style, at least make that rear wheel taller, just my opinion. With that said, they sure know how to make them go fast.


needs better wheels but the body style is nice


looks like a Legend racer on steriods, Christian its 4wd you need the same rolling radius front and rear or you will destroy your diffs


very well done! i dig it.


lol, thats sweet! id have made a different engine choice but, everything else is awesome... gotta love an awd rod like this


its not the first AWD 32 FORD, but I think I like this one alot more. altho some details came out pretty good in the one i found here in the states, its paintjob screamed the 80's street rod. horrible. SO i like this one ALOT more!


This car kicks ass ! I saw it a while ago on a hot rod magazine, can't recall the name of it, but my jaw dropped when I saw it.....sick car !

Nice post Jeroen.


I really like this thing a lot. I died laughing at the heater setup. hahaha. It's very clever, but just funny how it's just right in your face.


I remember reading about this in HOT ROD, its a great car, and I really like the model T grill on it


whoa thats rad!!


i wonder if it handles like it looks