Need For Speed Shift>> Bringing The Hakosuka To The Masses

Those of you who are into video games may have noticed that we’ve started to promote Need for Speed SHIFT across the interweb. Now, I’m normally VERY careful when it comes to showcasing Need for Speed content on Speedhunters as we know you are a tough crowd to please… but I am feeling so excited by the the contents of this story, I’m pretty sure that you guys are going to like what I’m about to show you!

You may find it interesting to hear that the feedback that you give us on Speedhunters does go back into the NFS video games. Need for Speed SHIFT is the first game we’ve produced where you should be able to feel the influence of the Speedhunters’ audience in some of the automotive content included in the game.

The first evidence that I can show you of this is the inclusion of the Hakosuka KPGC10 Skyline in the car list. We know you guys love this piece of Japanese motoring history, and put it into the game specifically for hardcore Japanese car fans to enjoy.

For most of us, this is as close as we are going to get to driving a real Hakosuka Skyline 2000 GT-R.

You’ll be happy to hear that the Hakosuka driving experience in Need for Speed SHIFT is a full
simulation of the real car — complete with physics driven, functioning suspensions systems. When you drive this car in-game it IS a proper virtual
recreation of the real car, no joke. We’ve collaborated with the development team responsible for the PC simulations GTR, GT Legends and GTR2, so you know the pedigree of this driving experience will be second to none.

The development team has put a huge amount of effort to replicate the visceral experience of controlling a race car… Think of Need for Speed SHIFT as a first person racer with all of the g-force, head movement and subjective effects you would expect to feel on in real life races….. This is so much more than sterile, technical driving software; Need for Speed SHIFT brings you right into the hot seat of driving this car; it’s a true driver’s experience.

In this shot, I’m struggling to keep the Hakosuka pointing in the right direction under braking… I’ve hit the brakes too hard and the rear end as gone a bit light on me and is starting to slide. It’s a moment of pure joy!

I’ve yet to modify the car in-game as I’m rather enjoying it’s stock bia-ply tires….  the car moves around so much on the limit; it’s a joy to toss its nimble chassis from corner to corner!

BTW none of these screen shots have ANY photoshop doctoring on them… This is exactly how it looks in game!

Let me know if you want to see more of what we have in store for Need for Speed SHIFT. I’m planning to build up an AE86 in-game pretty soon and can assure you it’s going to have proper style!


Need for Speed SHIFT website



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OMG! This looks incredible.


Can't wait to give this a try on my PS3


damn looking sick i hope i can drift that bad boy on the track


BRING!!! I NEED!!! This is what we all are waiting for.


ALL I want in new NFS is replays and twin drifting


It's been 9 years since the NFS crew tried to make a realistic car simulator. I'll try to keep my hopes down, but if you guys are basing this on the F1 Championship engine, i think there is no way the game won't be amazing.

Please don't disappoint.


Wow!! Can't wait for this one!!


and beautiful cars in beautiful landscapes ;)


our opinions count!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

very well then, if the game had customizable characters/drivers and friends it would be awesome! I'd make a very sexy blonde girl as my mechanic lol


Looking sweet. Noticed a shot of the Hakosuka in one of the previews, got me excited. Be good to see how your virtual AE86 turns out :)


I'm a huge Gran Turismo fanboy but I really wish you guys luck. Competition always improves the breed. This new crop of simulators should be excellent.


You have to develop so you could put new engines in the cars like in Forza ;)

And get some really good tuners and bodykit, for exemple re-ameiya bodykit's etc!


oh,... and.. Rod, I'd like to see your game AE86.. and a full list of cars


please dont have any of the gotty body kits on this game, i am a huge fan of need for speed, but i tend to leave all the cars stock, or use the auto sculpt because the kits that are on the game simply are discusting. dome some liscensed body mods or something and you have a winner. you guys always do a great job on the scenery, and landscape, even the crowd, so i definitely am anticipating the incar art on the 1st person view... i hope it is a ton better than grids in car view. since you got pull on the nfs project, please include fc's mr2's and all the other famed japanese legends.

oh, and yes i agree with the replays, and tandem drifting.


OH MY GOD amazing, can't wait to pop that sucker in my 360

i'm just curious though, why is there so much Speedhunters advertising in NFS? i understand NFS and speedhunters is kinda collaborative, but the signs are everywhere, i'm just curious


Well, the only thing I'm really interested in is the drifting.. A) What kind of cars will there be and B) Will there be japanese tracks that havent been featured in games before i.e. Ebisu or god-willing Sekia hills?


if the drifting is as sh**y as the other NFS games count me out. grid was way better than NFS on many fronts, PLZ HAVE TANDEM COMPETITION


graphics look crazy

oh n

PLEASE add the skyline 370gt to the game

i really want to cuztamize that car


damn that is nice ! thankyou verry much


This may be the first NFS game I will have purchased since Underground 2, that game was the shit. It had the 86, Sentra SE-R, 3000GT, Supra, Skyline, etc; and the tuning in that game was more precise than any other NFS game I have played which allows for some pretty cool drifting. Here is to hoping this one trumps them all.


That looks amazing! I'mreallyexcitedto see some decent cars come into video games.

But on the other hand. It might have a bit of a negative effect like initial D did with the AE86 and it will get over popular and over priced. not that it already isnt. but the Hakosuka is something special to enthusiasts and now its going to become another one of those cars on the list of all those fast and furious wanna be's.


The best drifting in games is done in modes that arent "tailored" to drifting but rather to simulated driving. I.E. take Forza 2 vs GRID, Grid has a drift mode and all sorts of things, but the drifting in Forza 2 is so much better because of the realistic physics. It would be awesome if this game was able to combine the 2


will SHIFT be able to use a logitech steering wheel?


You could and should put in some euro racing legends as well, cars like the BMW E30 M3, Porsche 917, the Mk1 Golf GTI. A down hill stage would put cars and drivers to the test... Tunning wise I hope there will be body kits to fit all tastes from the time attack style to discrete almost stock like mods...


that first picture honestly looked legit. i didn't know it was NFS untill they started talking about it


OMG i fricking LOOOOVE the Hakosuka
My favourite Car EVER, im so getting this for the PS3 lol
will there be drifting?? if so we NEED balls out D1GP style tandem battles,
also would love to see that AE86 when is done


No thanks i will stick to my Gran Turismo.


Damn, I hope it will be at the opposite of NFS Undercover, this one was a piece of shit ! I miss the old Need for speed... (I mean before Underground).

Anyway, I can't wait to test it !


By the way, about the "customization", I also hope there is a way to flush, or even hellaflush the cars, they look so ugly in the previous release !


YES!!!!! Cannot wait for this Game!


Hopefully this game isn't as dissapointing as Undercover was, everyone was saying that UC was going to be the best NFS games ever but it was actually one of the worst games I've ever played in my life.

The graphics look awesome btw.


How will the physics be in this game? Hopefully a bit more Sim inclined?

Also, on the PS# will this game take advantage of the Logitech G25 and support the H-Shifter and clutch, for some clutch kicking goodness?


I've been hunting around for Hawaii's Hakosuka, but to no avail, but I'm so glad I rebuilt my computer. I hope my computer can support SHIFT, because I'm getting the game SOLELY for the Hakosuka.


Pleeeeeeeaase put the Vauxhall VXR8 and Corsa VXR on there


simbin makes some of the best racing simulators for the pc crowd,this title is looking great so far all the best with the development


@rijbm3: Ya me to... at first glance I thought It was a Real Photo!

This game looks like a must.... quite a departure from the Fast&Furious style Street racing Need for Speeds of Past.

So Did the developement team that did the GTR/GTR2 ect Achually drive the Car (like PolyphonyDIgital does)?

Please Tell me this is going to make it to PSP!!!.... I do a ton of travel and have been waiting for a Racing Sim like this for PSP!




Simulation ? For real ? No way, it can't be. Please say simulation one more time ! just for us to be perfectly sure. My god, if it's a sim then this game will just be awesome !!

I'm dreaming about FIA GT, LMP, D1GP, Formula D, V8 supercar, ... but I think we will never see that in the NFS franchise because it's not enough street isn't it ? Don't mind, I'll wait for GT5. At least, driving these babies and NFS's regular supercars (hope Ferrari will be back for this one) in simulation mode will be very very fun. I will buy that game for sure !

All the content you have would be cool for us to get ; AE86 and other surprises....

Kisses from France.


I meant, full game is simulation (or can possibly be turned into a sim) or is it just for some specials cars ?

TougeNoMikado, Polyphony Digital doesn't testdrive all the cars. I think i read that in an interview from Yamauchi himself.

BTW SpeedHunters, your website rocks !! The cachet you give to your videos is really cool. Keep up the great work ;)


cool, but i still think NFS has a lot to prove. they have not made a decent game in quite some time now, and if there are any body mods, I hope they finally get the idea of getting licensed manufactures,


I'm familiar with the previous games these designers have made, and they are amazing, but I still really am doubting nfs being able to make a proper sim. I remember they said they were going the realistic route with prostreet, and boy was that a joke. Hopefully you guys can do it right, but I am not getting my hopes up. Also the PC version better work with a clutch pedal and H pattern shifter or it's a fail.


i'm with "sytfu lex" on the matter of body kits. great news that you're putting the hakosuka in there since it's one of my most favourite cars ever, but PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don't put gross ugly body kits on it as per recent NFS games (basically starting with Underground). Licenced, real-world body mods would be ideal, and if there are none available for vehicles like the kpgc10, maybe it should just stay stock. Similarly with the wheels selection, real wheels are best. It's all well and good that you have artists and stylists like Mr Blackmore creating works of art, but sometimes they go overboard.


all in all though, keep up the good work at Black Box!


As long as it's truly aiming for a realistic approach rather than the overblown crap that the NFS franchise has pumped out over the last 6 years, then I'm all for it.

Honestly, I haven't enjoyed a NFS game since High Stakes (which was fantastic in its day).




OMG I want to get that game lol


I must say, i have never played a game that is more realistic (physics-wise) than Live for Speed. The graphics in the game may not be anything special, but the physics of car control, tyre deformation, changes to engine, g/box, diff, physical damage to all parts of the car including being able to burn out your clutch, place flat spots in your tyres (if you lock them) and pop your tyres!

Seriously guys at Speedhunters, go to and have a look at their physics engine. If you could combine it with the NFS - Shift, you would have seriously made a huge achievement.

Although i will add, the NFS games have always been fun, ever since the very first one!

Give Live for Speed a shot, you will be impressed!


Sorry, but Live For Speed is a bit of a joke. When you can send a car spiralling 200 feet into the air by clipping a curb or a tire barrier, sorry, that's not realism. There are many, MANY other flaws in that game, but I'm really not in the mood to sit here and list them. If anyone is really that curious, just play the game and you'll see exactly what I mean.


Wow, I must say I was really surprised when I saw a Hakosuka being recreated in NFS. Aren't gaudy bodykits, oversensationalised sounds, and shoddy physics normally your guys' forte? I hope, hope, hope that this game ups the physics compared to the previous games.

GRID isn't overly good with its physics. It's as if the car rotates around a central axis, not from each corner with the tyres, if this makes sense. There's no real feel of inertia or momentum.

GT5 Prologue is the only console sim that is getting close to the feeling. Enthusia has it, to an extent, but remember this game is old now. With the processing power of next-gen consoles, I'm sure you guys can make something incredible.


Wow! I really thought that first shot was one of Mike Garrett's Tsukuba photos! Good luck taking NFS to GranTurismo and Forza. (BTW, thank you for not using Speedhunters as one big advertisement for NFS.) I do miss all the crazy exotics and concept cars of the first four NFS games. In my opinion, NFS 3: Hot Pusuit and High Stakes were the high point for the franchise. I have not been a fan of the "Fast and the Furious" style games that have come out like Underground. This looks promising.


Given the development team I can't see this not being completely awesome. GT Legends and GTR 2 are still some of my favorite games.


Wow. I came into this post thinking the pics were real. This game looks awesome. The interior shot looks ridiculously realistic. Gran Turismo 5 has some serious competition. When is this game coming out again?


Oh please include the S30 Z, old Supras and Mazda Rotaries too!


I beta tested Motor City Online and have been playing EA racers forever so this will be another reason to get a new PC lol


I feel the need, the NEED FOR SPEED!!!


To be honest, I had decided to give up on the NFS franchise after I bought, and was extremely disappointed with Undercover, but you just won me back with this post. I am now willing to give Shift a shot.




sound of it better be right and not some generic engine sound



Obviously you havn't played Live for Speed enough to understand the real physics behind the cars in the game when they are being driven/drifted properly. I understand, appreaicate & agree with you that there are flaws in the game, such as those that you stated. However, the game does display an un-matched level of physics realism when it comes to all aspects of the vehicles being driven/modified. I do not know of any other games that provide realistic shifts of weight in the car when braking hard, tyres becoming too hot and slipping on the ground, burning out your clutch because you ride it too much, etc etc. You get my drift.

Although i am hoping that the new Need for Speed game will be up there with the rest of them :)


I love how the need for speed games have started to look to a direction of simulation over arcade, and the games are just as fun still! but still i say this with some hesitant as I think major steps fowards form previous games have been left behind on recently developed games, modifications that are now almost in grain into the car community such as lowering a car and putting wider wheels on cars, I was quite amazed at how lowering your car, was left off as one of the options when modifying your car.

From Rod's review i can see that NFS is looking at including more vintage and older vehicles, I cant wait! but again i think back to previos games and remmeber that often vintage vehicles were often left out as the games fun as they didnt offer any much in the way of period correct modifications a, i can understand that this is because of licensing issues with wheels/bodykits etc, and that is where "auttosculpt" has been created to overcome these issues, but I and many believe this often falls short of what the gamer was wanting to achieve with their vehicle. Being part of a dedicated Car club with a large ammount of devotees around the world, to a particular car I am often overwhelmed with what modifcations can and cant be done, But mojority of the time I cringe at some of the visual designs of bodykits and accesories and often think how much research has been done, yet have failed and miss there mark, When faced with this I think about some of the most simplest and common modifications and trends done to a particular vehicle that is overlooked and often left out.

I hope that current modification trends will appear in the game such as stretched wheel (which was addressed in prev games), wheel offsets (and thier modifications), flaring of wheel arches and tubbing of wheels wells (tubbing I have withness but flaring of guards I havent experienced yet but was included in *i think* earlier midnight club games), Rat Rodding of modern cars, vintage and period correct wheels (if more vintage cars are included), luminescent stickers, just to name a few.

I am probably say it safe to assume that this new game is aimed back at circuit racing community (like pro street was), so some modification options will not be included, which is understandable, but for a game aimed at the modification industry it is often lacking in some basic areas. I would hate to leave a comment on a bad note, so if these comment read like a massive winge (I hope its not). I enjoy playing the games so much that I often overlook the small areas untouched that could make these games soo much better than its competitors

Sorry for the long comment,

but I figured if you read thes pages then you would probably like some feedback your games


Neat! When i first saw the pictures i thought it was of GT5!


i personally think it would be great if there was a eg civic in the game


Audi RS4 , BMW Z4 , BMW 130i , BMW M3 E92 , Corvette Z06 , Pagani Zonda F , Porsche 911GT2 , Lotus Elise 111R , Ford Mustang 2010 , Nissan 370Z , Hakosuka Skyline 2000 GT-R. are confirmed.


Thanks for considering the effects of subliminal advertising and such but PLEASE feature more on this game!


Ive noticed on most of the new games there is either...

- lack of cars but only well known ones.

- alot of cars but most of them are not used or desired

one thing that will definitely make me buy this game would be alot of well known japenese cars

like.. s13 s14 s15 r31 r32 r33 r34 and of course the r35, chaser's aristo's lexus's

you dont know how much times ive heard people say

" im sick of changing games becuz i want to drive a certain car"

i also get annoyed...

so the best way your going to sell your product is put as many cars in as you can

you can choose or post a poll etc so people can have a say in what cars they would like to see

and one thing that really pissed me off most about the recent games is freedom

i bought midnight club absolutely loving it cruising with friends i understand

that nfs is mainly a racing game

but there has to be a time where you can cruise around in your new ride

i know this may be hard due to time and budget's but even having a mode like practice day

that you and your friends can drive around freely without needing to do laps and get disqualified etc..

if i hear that either the r33 or r35 are in this game its on my list for sure

and also others were saying about twin drifting now that would be good

but depending on how much lag is involved there would be a need for country search options etc.

like i wanna be able to play without lag like playing with people in my country but i would also like to play with others if i choose to.

now talking about the modifying.

autosculpt ... remove it

people dont want premade bodykits and all you can do is make them bigger and more aerodynamic

becuz when you think of it

when you want to buy a skyline what do you think of straight away . the look..

thats the most important part in my opinion.

so definitely being able to pick what part go's where

and more of a "custom" feel to engines

like ive always wanted.. when you go into the engine section the camera pans to the engine which has

had the hood popped up you see your engine and all your parts then being able to choose which parts go in and slowly seeing your engine turn into something you would see in real life and also choosing color schemes would be kool

i know all that might seem "hard" but i think that would set this game apart from the others

inside... being able to pick your leather colors etc... wheels pedals everything that could make the car

reflect there own personality and style

also removing spoilers some people remove spoilers so that might be kool :D i really liked it in juiced 2

i know i have also written alot like JWatson but i really felt like this would be good to

really show what " i " think would look good in a game

ohh and someone said about flurescent vinyls that would be sick

anyway thanks for reading "if you do" :D



holy cow, a NFS that may be worth buying!


Don't have much to add, just that hope the game would be awesome. Don't rush into things and just take your time developing the game. See how good Gran Turismo is when they take the time to do everything right? You guys should totally do that, I'm sure the game would be far better if you guys put more time on the game instead of rushing it out like the other NFS games. Anyway, just looking forward to the next preview of NFS Shift.


should come with black watanabe wheels as stock the game looks so sick though hope the drifting is as good as the prostreet drifting, ebisu twin scrapin the pit wall haha


This just might be the first NFS game I'm interested in since Porsche Unleashed. Any chance y'all are going to include some vintage British iron? I'd love to race around in a TR3 or a Lotus Elan. Please let me race around in an NA8 or NB too! Everyone always leaves out the Miata...

How about some rat-rodding effects. It'd be awesome to be able to add rust effects, or just faded paint (so it'd look like my own car!)


by the amount of posts, u can tell that everyone is jumping to give input!

DaanNL brought up a great point: drifting is so much more satisfying if it isnt 'tailored' to suit drifting. i know it must be hard for new players to adapt to drifting. But the drifting mode kills the fun of developing the skill to drift.


looks and sounds very very promising... please don't disappoint like in the last 6 years. all games made in those years were quite crappy... carbon, underground, most wanted... yuk... prostreet was a step in the right direction, but not very well executed... gta iv's driving physics are better thant prostreet's, and that drift king, drag king etc. thing was quite childish.

i've always been a sucker for gran turismo, but please make the better gran turismo - at least, nfs has car damage, a better ai and so on.

Don't disappoint :-)


Rod, i just gotta say this - - - > PURE WIN DUDE!!

The two last Need for Speeds i REALLY enjoyed were Underground 2 and Prostreet, one because of the costumising and the other because it FINALLY wasn't just a pansy arcade-style racing game. It finally had a few simulation style touches to it.

Shift is a definite buy on my book. I'll get it as soon as it comes out.

Just got a real quick question - since it's back to circuits and realism, is there gonna be Drag and most importantly Drift events?

The Speedhunters project is serving the franchise by pointing the producers in the right direction so, i hope you really use the feedback from the site.


J-Blood or bust on that ae86.


Nice to see this car on a popular video game. I'm so impatient!

I really hope that he will be better than the last NFS,because he was non-achievied,I found!

A new page in NFS history,do it right!


I hope they have time attack and touge drifting and drift battles. As for the customization I hope it's as detailed as possible, I wanna choose my own Sparco seat, steering wheel and roll cage. Does EA have somewhere where people like me can send game ideas, I have an awesome idea for a racing game?


This epic! O_o

can we proper toyota starlets and celica's as well? O_o

or TE27 sprinters? O_o


I agree with Wayne; let's see some classic Brit machines! And as AEkyuni said, some more vintage Japanese cars would be cool, not just the popularized Hako and AE86. Maybe a vintage Mitsu GTO. And don't forget some classic American muscle and hotrods!


Hi, great news having hakosuka and ae86 ! could we have celica, the st202 or st205 gt4 pleaaase

there's none of these cars in forza 2 it's a shame, 'cause it's an under estimated car

hope to see the car list of this game soon


Ive been playing this game a lot, and from my experience in gaming (I only play racing games), its going to be awesome, its extremely addictive and has a really intuitive feel to it, not to mention the awesome car list, track list, and graphics. I've stopped playing GT5 Prologue now.. :)


No fair Carl T__T

I wanna test it too T__T


This is really something to look forward to.


so this game is still have customizable cars? that is cool...sign me up for this one..


NFS team now has a lot of response to read;)))

Hope there will be drifting in this game, cause for the team that created GTR 2 and GT L making proper simulation of grip racing is actually pretty easy task - we all want something new. So guys - Impress us, goddamit, with the proper drifting simulation on PC.

As for tuning, there're 2 ways - stupid and dull like before (lvl upgrades), or normal - like in NFS Porsche Unleashed or GT4. It actually can be even greater with smth like Street Legal Racing: Redline where you can even assemble engine in full 3d, What better way to explain noobs the difference between SOHC and DOHC than to show them? Dont need side windows - take them away. Full freedom - that's the future. Body kits, bumprs ect. definitely should be licensed and not self-made by development team. In real life almost all of them produced to be sold, so ugly variants are rare - no demand = no supply. There're thousand of variants, so you've got nothing to imagine, just model them (which is easy, compared to whole cars and tracks).

Anyway - just looking at thes pictures and reading news about this game makes me think that Undercover was the first and the last NFS game which I haven't bought.



agree..LFS is most realistic car simulator around...but, player needs proper steering wheel, on kb cars handles a bit funny...NFS never been simulation, NFS is arcade, including NFS Shift...but its still fun to play


if this NFS isnt any good then i'll give up on the series think

oh....also we need Starlet/Glanza GT turbo, nissan pulsar GTI-R, toyota chasers, R32's R33's R34's & R35's, MORE old school JDM etc


really hope that you put more work in thegame itself instead of comnmercials for it, ref: NFS Prostreet and probably alot others too, Just hope that you hit jackopt this time, been so disappopinted by your games in the past.

Got some new hope now i must say, with simbin on the team for this game which is the best in the world in simulators imo.


Just so you guys know this is being made by the makers of GTR2 and GTL, previously known as Blimey Games, now known as Slighly Mad Studios., makers of pure PC racing simulators. This game is going to be amazing.

Comparing it to past NFS is useless since this team had absolutely nothing to do with previous NFS games. There will be a nooby Arcade Mode and a Sim Mode, everybody wins. This is what GRID should have been, but Codemaster's always seems to afraid to add a pure SIm mode. Also I have more info at my GT Blog, check it out if you guys want.


you got to have the old skool rotors like rx7 1st gen n 2nd gen rx3 n rx2 then the game would be offtap


This is what I mean by real NFS and this is what I'm waiting for. REAL SIMULATOR! Finally another real simulator is coming!


video ? VIDEO ??


This car is so gorgeous.


Can you please ask them to put a 87-92 Mustang in the game. And will there be drag racing also?


*Cough* JZX90 Rod, you know you want to do it *cough*



ability to put smaller tires on wider wheels, to stretch.

real fitment, ability to change offsets.


old japanese four doors.

engine swaps.

any kind of engine swap, say 1jz into s13, or 2jz into some muscle car.

mostly shit that people do on this site, or featured in stories.

boso style cars.

ability to remove spoilers.

roof spoilers to add on cars.

bright te37's.

240sx to silvia swaps.

basically front end conversions.

REAL clutch feature.

able to tune cars, ie turn up boost.

lots of negative camber adjustment.

roof racks.

tuning like forza.

ability to have different sets of wheels and tires on front or rear of car.

old jdm wheels, like ssr's and even cheap wheels like sportmaxx's.

deep lips, offsets.

i think that should be good.

also, able to change color of specific body panels, like fenders. and overfenders for cars, no gay body kits.


also need to be able to SLAM the car.







origin body kits, all real japanese body kits for roots style cars.


Yes that is correct, Live for Speed is a simulator and you do need a proper wheel (like the logitech g5) to have the real effect of the game.

NFS - Shift does look to be a very promising game, but you guys need to take your time in developing a game like this and implement things from all other games, ie, physics that is un-rivalled, the ability the change & customise the car like no other games, etc.

@JOSH: yes that is what the player needs to be able to do within this game.

If you look at the Gran Turismo series developed by Polyphony Digital, they take an incredibly long time to develop each game. Sure, for us customers, it may be a bloody long time to wait, but in the end, it is worth the wait. Yes, there are still flaws in the game, but there is so much to do, so many races, etc. If you guys think about it, when Gran Turismo 4 was released for the Playstation 2, GT4 used a dual-layer dvd totalling (approx) 8GB on data. Polyphony Digital had to remove some content from the game as it was not going to fit on one dual-layer dvd. This is what you guys @ Need for Speed need to do. Sure, your customers might bitch and complain, but at the end of the day, when you release a game that has had a few years of hard work and taking in consumer feedback, then you will have a GLOBAL winner!

I hope you guys are reading this feedback from all of us and attempting to make the best changes for the game!




Hi brill work so far,,, i think some rally cool things would be a boost controller on all the car with forced induction but it should come as a cost too much boost and boom ..:) also id love it if there was a mode where you could just drift real touge and race other drivers up and down the mountains of osaka please make this happen would be amazingggggg thanks luke


i just love this game...simulation is best...please add NISSAN GT-R R35 ..the best car ever


hi, this game looks to be good. in order to win my vote it needs to have of the features forza 2 had plus more. eg.

engine swaps

real world body kit brands (none of those terrible ones you designed, sorry but its true)

wide range of car genres

vinyl types and capacity of forza 2 including editor

good engine sounds, when im driving my blown 1969 R/T charger i want to hear its imposing growl and listen to purr at standstill

realistic clutch

realistic drifting physics (should be exactly the same as circuit mode and rely on car tuning and skill to make it drift) and if no drift mode i dont mind as long as i can tune the car to drift in track mode

lsd swaps (1.5 way, 2.5 way, and fully customizable race version)

autosculpt of wheels

some things id like but are not nessicary for me to want it are things like

exhausts change car sound

holden commodore R8

alfa romeos

evo x

mercury couger

also i am a car concept stylist/designer and produce car designs, such as aero fashion (bodykits) and going into the industry. if you are interested in my design opinions for kits i am happy to produce some concept art and show you some of my work. you can contact me at under the name "xtream chop"


correction i meant 2 way lsd lol


This game looks amazing!.


what about some 70's and 80's german machinery?

what about:

bmw 2002 tii (including authentic alpina tuning kits)

bmw 3200

bmw e30 (m3 and/or 325i, last one preferred in pre-facelift shape) -> including bmw m62 v8-conversions if engine swaps are possible

bmw e34 (m5 or, better, alpina b10 bi-turbo)

(if you include any classic bmw, you HAVE to include alpina wheels too ;-) )

audi ur-quattro

audi rs2

porsche 930

and what about those?

volvo 242

ford escort mk2 rs1800

alfa romeo giulia gta

abarth 1000

would be very cool if you'd include championships for classic cars only...


what systems is this coming out for


i don't kno if this has been said because this story honestly had a ridiculous amount of comments but i would like to see more classic japanese cars (i.e. the s30 fairlady of celica)

still im a huge supporter of need for speed and have bought every game since hot pursuit; this will be no exception.


You guys should in clude a sort of "up garage" in this new game. Like being able to get used wheels, body kits, coilovers, lsd's, seats, steering wheels, etc...

WE should also be able to "store" our parts that we buy somewhere, just in case we want to use them some other time. We should also be able to strip and paint interior's.

Next, you should include different trim levels for 180's, S13's, S14's and S15's. And be able to do sleepy eyes on an S13!!!

Be able to put different exhaust's on stock body's!!!

Swap out tail lights, for clear lenses, etc...

Real licensed bodykits, wheels, spoilers, hoods, fenders, etc...

And do all the other stuff people said!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...thank you.


Awesome!0_o I think that it will be one of the most NFS games ever


Tx for the comments guys! Lots of great suggestions in here!


Will the game work with the logitech g25 steering wheel for pc and support the clutch and H pattern shifter


Porsches! 959 and a 964turbo S(3.6L) would be nice!


Id be so keen to see an A31 Cefiro in a game. Then you could have "Supermarket" and "School Run" and "Scare the Grandparents at Xmas by Getting Sideways in the Wet" modes! I saw a sweet A31 yesterday at Knight Ferrari (for some reason) and Im missing my old one I guess. Sigh...


I really hope this isn't all ricey and shit like NFS games in the past.

Tasteful and practical modifications please! No clear lense tail lights or stupid chrome wheels etc.

From what I've seen, it looks amazing! More retro cars!



the car choice and the fact of doin a realistic game makes hope for more

i'm a real GT5 head. but if you do a good job, im in for this one^^

pics look good and i'm curious to see more

i wasn't into NFS since some years now, but this coud change it :-)

a realistic feel would be great

and real licensed bodykits would be cool too

i'm also more into functional tuning

not this ricey stuff like in the older parts

and 80's and 90's cars

older Hondas would be great

like 92-95 EG Civic SiR

or 96-00 EK9 Civic

and stuff like that

I'm in for more


isso é bom


I am so excited to see that nfs is really putting something together on the simulator becasue i liked prostreet even though most didnt and love gtr2 but something i really want in shift is replay during the race like in gtr2. cant wait for shift to come out and sure hope that it has lots of tracks and every car i can think of especually a car like the bugatti veyron and cars like that. tuners own and hope they do a good job with the ae86 and make sure they use a 4age motor in it becasue in prostreet i dont know where they got the hp but it was less then all ae86's i know. mine is a stock bluetop with 115hp and thats the worst of the 4age's. and really want them to use real engines and you can swap and and just change headers etc. wat would be cool is if you have to maintain your car like change oil etc.


what i think is basicly whatever you can do to a car for example install an lsd or change the clutch or change the seats in the car etc. everything you can think of doing to your car you can do in the game like change the muffler or put a hole cat back in there. or use slicks or street tires or bald tires if you want to go drifting at any time with any car as long as it would fit the car. and what i would appresiate lots would be drifting is straight up drifting because in prostreet you could feel that the game is helping and its not all your skills. everything you do to the car is all sky is the limit. and you have a wide variety of brakes and tires and clutches and you name it and its in the game at the same price you would find it in stores.


i know im getting anoying but ideas keep comin. anywase something i always wanted from gtr and f1 and all those sims are that you can have a real life mode. so if it was an f1 sim they would have hamilton and button and they would be driving like they would in real life making the exact same times they would and have made in real life. so real pro racers in the cars they actaully drive making the same race times they would and have made. and if there is a drifting they would have real pros drifting the way they do in real life. you can have dilidaly modes for those weiner racers but what about those actually really good racer or those unkown racers that can only afford to race in a little track in their city


i dont know if this has been said but this game needs morning,evening,night etc. dry at 40degreesC,dry,slightly wet,pouring rain etc. and in rain effects there has to be build up spots of rain to make puddles like in the real world becasue that just makes things even more interesting. add all effects like when you shift downshift at such a crazy high rpm that the back tires are about to lock up and the car is weving everywhere and you feel the the tires almost losing grip but you still got it going straight. also in prostreet abs was forced onto the drfit cars and i like to use locking up the brakes as an advantage becase if you are in that perfect spot where if you can just slide a bit more but the only way is to lock the brakes then i can. normal drift cars normaly dont have abs. and on what you are able to do to the car like you are able to change one spring or caliper on the car to feel how it is. espcualy the things that you would want to do to your car in real life but dont wana wreck your car then you can do so with the car in the game


updating cars and everything as patches like new shocks or new cars that you want to add on etc.


please make this game like a gtr3 mixed with a gt6 or whatever mixed with a forza 3 etc. all the next games so what they were missing and had include it into this game


adjustable arms, so you can have more steering angle.


This game looks so awesome and you guys have the best racing games ever anyways since day one! I am a huge fan of Need For Speed games ( always have been and always will be) Thanks for the pics!!


O_O this looks AWESOME!!! Beeeeaaauuutiful!!!


shift NEEDS rally racing. just to say if you guys didnt already put that in


i thought this was GT5 but when i found out that it was nfs shift i was surprised these graphics are the best of any nfs game ive ever had


i thought this was GT5 but when i found out that it was nfs shift i was surprised these graphics are the best of any nfs game ive ever had