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I don't know what it is with the Swedes and their engine transplants. I just got these pictures from an event called Bilsport Performance & Custom Show, held in Jönköping, Sweden. As you can see, the show was full of quality builds and crazy engine setups. There were many unusual and unexpected cars present, like this carbon fiber Saab.

I know the Saab as a family car, but when I look at this example, I don't think it will be used as such. This thing looks out of this world with its carbon fiber body and crazy engine. The base car is a Saab 9-2x and I'm pretty sure it wasn't delivered with this engine from the factory — haha!

Here's a nice EVO built in a Time Attack style. I especially like the grey (Audi nimbus grey?) exterior together with the black rims.

This car should look familiar to some of you. This Volvo Amazone was unveiled during the SEMA show in 2006 and features a 600bhp Volvo engine and a custom interior.

This E30 has looks to kill and power to back it up, check it out in the next shot.

This bay is full! I'm so terrible in identifying engines, can anybody help me?

This Ford Escort MK1 is packing some serious punch. For a car from 1974, it still looks very good by today's standards with its white Compomotive wheels.

The owner is not scared of any purists because he makes no secrets about running an Audi 20V turbo engine. Mated to the light-weight Escort chassis, it should result in some serious performance figures.

There is even a build up thread that you can find here.

This green machine could as well be a catalogue car for Varis. It could do with a little bigger spacer in the back but otherwise these black Ce28n wheels looks spot on.

Check out the engine powering the green machine. I especially like the AST suspension dampers attached to the strut brace.

This Volvo doesn't seem to be finished yet, but already it has a lot of potential.

… especially when we take look inside the engine bay. Is that a LS1 engine? It also appears that the owner has worked magic on the suspension system.

Ah yes, the car that got me posting this article. This carbon fibre, tube chassis Audi should have been in the Mad Max movies. It is an Audi S2 with a BMW M5 3.8 liter engine that's being force-fed thanks to a huge turbo.

A seriously clean E30. I'm getting to like these cars more and more. I want one!!

This is the first modified C30 that I've ever seen. I would have settled for a less modified version because this one looks crazy. It even has a side exit exhaust!

Where did the engine go? All I see is a huge turbo, haha

To end this show report, I have this Ford Escort Cosworth — again, on a set of Compomotive wheels. The perfect combination.

Thanks to Peter Hellberg for providing us with these pictures.

-Jeroen Willemsen



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More info on the side exhaust, "no engine" C30 please!


The engine powering the grey beemmer might be an B230 2.3 liter Volvo engine.

And btw, the orange thing is an 9-3, 9-2 is a subaru with saab badges just to set things straight ;)

Is a lot of writeups on cars like the ones you have featured here and the show itself in the Bilsport magazine and on their homepage http://www.bilsport.se ;)


That Ford MK1 has an Audsi engine.


That saab at the top looks to be running a volvo "whiteblock" motor... either 5 or 6 cylinder, it's tough to tell. And yeah, that one E30 has a (absolutely nuts) volvo B230 in it... that manifold is awesome!

Good to see some volvo love on speedhunters!


The green EVO sports Moton coilovers, not AST.


ahhhh that audi S2 sliced my jugular upon viewing! I liked every other car here except the green evo, ugh.

That SAAB looks great without the hood on, add a core support and done! no wheel wells please! ahah fcuk areo!


Hey Jeroen, do you have any more pics of the Audi S2 engine bay?

I'm interested to see how the coilovers' pillows are attached to the cage.



Looks like wheels from the first shot are pretty popular in Sweden, because you can find them on this red C30 as well)) Really nice design, btw.


First off... ya plz more inpho on the C30!!

Second off... this buld quality is completly 1nsane/ over the top awsome.... krazy sweeds... .but after all they gave us The whole Getaway in Stolkholm and the Ghostrider

And 3rd off.... so thats a Saabaru (the first pic)? and what motor is that?... 2.0 Boxer?... no..


Dang! That white E30 w/S62 is just sooooooo sick. Reminds me of pictures of that rolling chassis E30 w/twin turboed S62. Whatever happened with that anyways?


I'm sorry, but why the F you need to change S2's original engine to M5's?

That's an insult to Audi :(

I'm sure it does go fast as hell, but dude.. I do not approve ^^




Wow just wow

can't wait till i get home to workk on my car !!!1


lol that e30 you cant identify the engine on has a m10 which is a sad motor but iguess it runs perfect when boosted. its also the the engine the e30 was designed around so it handle pretty good with that


definitely not an M20 in that E30. most likely a b230


some MENTAL car here lol
i love the look of that S2....need more


the C30 has an engine, you can see the cam gears and exhaust manifold. it's just obviously been pushed WAAAAY back into the firewall and dashboard, for sure an ambitious build! it's too bad that massive turbo isn't actually connected to anything though :( definitely some extreme engineering at play.


and the V8 in the Volvo 242 is indeed an LS1, albeit with some fun forced induction :D


finally, that mk1 escort must be a beast! like that engine will make even a porky brick like the Audi 100 fly, this thing weighs nothing it should be monstrous


The Saab is bulit for drifting and runs and Volvo engine. Lundgren who built it also have and carbon Volvo 940 built for drifting. We have some well build cars in Sweden. Like Bmw E30 with M5 v10 under the bonnet and Some 2jz and 1jz powerd 200sx/240sx


THose E30s are gettin me excited I might have to get one real soon!!!


diggin't the red cossie... :-)

wtf is going on with that grey e30? it has the m3's rear window frame and the trunk lid, but there are no wide-body fenders...


This cements my view that the Swedes are NUTS!!! I gotta go there someday! Sweden's national motto should be "The land of crazy engine swaps". Completely carbon Saab? Check! Audi powered Mk1 Escort? Check! C30 with a turbo'd engine sitting in the driver's lap? Check! Please More!! Is there a site where I can look at more coverage?


C-R-A-Z-Y cars! Love it!

Would like to see more of the 2-door Mercedes next to the Audi S2, if possible!


Thanks Jeroen for the pic.

great coverage BTW.

Post more if you have some !


Jeroen is there anyway I can contact you? My email is stanwu001@gmail.com. Thanks.


nice stuff!!! i like the swedes and thier crazy rebuilds some speed the whole winter in a shed. BTW. the 9-3 sport estate is certainly not a rebadged subaru thats the 9-2X and was mostly sold in the US. drives mutch beter than a subaru dough because of saab enhancing the under carrige.