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It's been a good a while since we've ran any pro drifting coverage from New Zealand, so we thought you might like to see some of the action from last weekend's NZ Drift Series opener at Manfeild Circuit. All of the familiar faces from the New Zealand drift scene were there to compete, including Mad Mike Whiddett in his Madbul FD and Gaz Whiter in his S14 Silvia. As usual, credit for the photos goes to Brad Lord and our friends at NZ Peformance Car Magazine.

For some reason you don't see two-door R34 Skylines being used for drifting too often. I thought this green car had a pretty nice look to it.

I don't think I've ever seen a Mitsubishi Galant VR4 drift car before. This is one is driven by a fellow named Mark Burling who converted the car from its former life as a rally machine.

It looks like Adam Richards' A31 Cefiro has been made over since the last time I saw it. An interesting color combo here for sure…

This good looking AE85 Levin driven by Jonathan Bennett is powered by a Honda F20C.

The 500hp LS1 under the hood of Johnny Udy's Holden brought some muscle to the event. It has a bit of a V8 supercar look to it.

Mad Mike's car wasn't the only FD competing in this event. Hmm…I suppose it's a bit unfair to compare the style of other cars to the Madbul.

Steven Sole's camo'd R32 Skyline sedan has been a common sight at NZ drift events for some time now. I've always thought this car had a nice style to it.

Mad Mike and the Madbul would end up finishing second place in this event.

And the winner? Gary "Gaz" Whiter in his Toyo Tires S14. Gaz qualified in the top position and cruised through the Top 16 to a first place finish after defeating Mad Mike in the final.

Round two of the '09 NZ Drift Series will be held at Pukekohe Park Raceway on July 12.

NZPC Magazine

-Mike Garrett



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Is that Robbie Bolger's old Holden?


Nope different car


nice post, Mad Mike's car is super nice, also cool to see a holden V8 drifing, i remember a topgear episode where a japanese visitor (kazama) go's sideway's with a monaro, to bad monaro's weren't sold on every continent.


mad mikes car sexy as always.


I take it that Mad Mike is no longer competing in Japan in the FD?

I thought the reason for his RX8 build was so he could ship the FD to Japan and enter D1GP.

Kiwi's are great drifters.


if mickey was to actualy do some research he would notice that robbie bulger is australian not new zealand. and that ls1 put out next to no smoke, quite shameful realy


Your Bang on there Mike, that other FD is almost embarrassing next to MADBUL. And it does a lot of straight lining in NZ drift comps, shameful really!!


gaz s14 also desveres credit for the smooth style, looks very clean even tho it got lots of stickers..

would love to see some more footage of his car ;)


There's a couple of VR4 drift cars here in NZ, a newer shape E84A competes in the Drift South Series, looks very weird. Too bad no pics of Will Cooks TRD Supra


Gaz whiter seems untouchable this year he has won 6 out of 8 events in this new car and qualifyed first at all 6 events he is def on top of the sport in NZ . he blow a motor a week befor this event got a new motor sorted the day b4 and won congrtats gaz keep it up the man to beat


will cook didn't compete. all fd rxs have trouble with understeer with cold tires and mad mikes rx8 has got the motor done, 20B T51R fed just needs the body work completed


you guy are all idiots you obiviously have no clue yes mad mike is competing in japan in his fd and yes the rx8 is finished and i do have to a gree that daynom templemans fd dosent have the looks but if you were at the last round of the stil vodka nz drifting he was doing top class drifting and hes only done 4-7 events, plus jonny udy has a crap car like jyna said but at least hes trying =] i think drifting is really evry year dominated by two people last year carl and steven and this year so far out of 3 events its been gaz and mike yayyy!!! kepp it up


Daynom has actually done more events than that, plus his background in various other motorsports helped him pick up drifting quite quickly. No one was starting any arguments but obviously you are, and have done it in a way that makes you sound like a 15yo munter.


Bring back Sean Falconer...


sean falconer reigns supreme