Desktops>> Lamborghini Reventon

Here is the first of the Reventon desktops, make sure you grab the standard and widescreen versions on the Desktop section.

- Dino Dalle Carbonare



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Oh. My. Lord.


wow... that's just outstanding photo!! Beautiful dino!


Ok, 7-th vote for a pack, please!

About this car..... I was getting kinda borred of Lambo.... like, yeah, yeah a facelifted Murciellago.... and so on..

But this car... this one makes me thing of the F-117 Nighthawk as well as of a new twist to the Batmobile :)))

Wouldn't it be cool if someone made a Batman movie again and use this car as the Batmobile? What do you guys think?

Would it need extra-styling?! Personally, I don't think so, this car is a killer just the way it is.:)


This thing is one of my favorite cars but as far as the Batmobile goes it does not get much better than a rocket propelled tank that shoots missles in my book.


Well then how about those "mods" on this platform, a stealthy, sexy, mean looking Revengton such as this one, with a rocket that morphs out of its back or something, weaponds and stuff coming out of its armor, I'm sure movie makers can get preety creative. As for the tank, personally I still am not very fond of the last Batmobile. Looked more like a vehicle deployed on the insect plannet:)) How about that old-school flava of that hyper-car of the 90's batman movies? I think that in that perspective, the Revengton would make a perfect platform:)


BTW, what if it could spread wings and fly in the movie like a stealth aircraft!? :))) This car really captures ones emotions and imagination, doesn't it? Wich, in my oppinion makes it a great car bound to be a classic and a legend from here on out! Just like the Countash or the Miura, if not even more so, who knows? we'll see.