This a video from 1993. A time before the internet got a smell of anything close to becoming mainstream, and before the invention of drift video with loud and obnoxious rock music. The recipe was simple: rear wheel drive sports cars, the procession of tire screeching and a symphony of engine notes. And for many of us, it was love at first sight.

-Linhbergh Nguyen

Speedhunters April Drift Features



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Such a cool video, feel the love


wow great vid, KNOW YOUR ROOTS!, those rotaries sound great


Sometimes I wish I COULD go back to 1993, so I could have a sweet mushroom haircut and it would be acceptable. And 15J +35 Mesh wheels would be considered cool.


I love drifting in this era, when dudes cared more about the fun of the sport, rather then the offset of their wheels. Also, was it just me or was that red Levin the Rough World Levin?

And at least back then someone paid attention to the A70's capabilities for drift, big ups to the guy in the silver A70


Yeah! Good vid and MR2 AW11 spotted also :D


Excellent find Linh!


times were so much simpler back in the day......LOVE IT!!!


You gotta love the low-key cars, the lack of flashy decals and bodykit-less.....just regular Joe's having fun.

Like Five~M said, "I love this era when dudes cared more about the fun of the sport, rather then the offset of their wheels".....AMEN !.......then 10 years later came the hipsters and their c0ckyness....and ruined the sport.


aw11 LOL nice

s13 DIRT DROP!!!! nice


I wonder where these drivers are now...


so whats wrong with rock and metal? anything onvplving cars, rock/metal is much better


Looks like USA drift days today. So we're about 20 years behind. ;) But catching fast. They were all about fist pumping and peace signs even back then. ha ha


it is crazy to think that these cars were a year or two old when this video was shot.


hahaha I was waiting for that guy in the purple 86 to lose it that whole video, lol He kept quickly sticking his arm out the window really fast then pulling it back in. in the last shot it almost looks like he tries to crowl out the window before losing control, lol

Great video, funny to think about what hechtspeed said about our drift days today. I guess we should enjoy it while it lasts.