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What better way is there to experience the broad variety of the Japanese car scene, than to be dropped right in the middle of it. This is precisely what Andy at Powervehicles is trying to do with Powertours. The idea is to offer the tour of a lifetime to those wanting a real taste of JDM life. Imagine coming to Japan and being able to drift at Tsukuba or Ebisu with a specially tuned 380+ PS JZX90 drift car. 

Andy will take you to circuits like Nikko, one of the most popular venues for real grassroots action, with events happening on a daily basis.

If you plan it right you will be able to take in the crazy drift matsuri, a week-end of non-stop drifting at the Ebisu circuit compound (BTW action form the first drift matsuri of the month is coming up next month!)

The crazy drop into the main straight at Ebisu Minami. Must be experienced at least once!

D1 events will most likely be the most popular ones, held at circuits like Fuji Speedway.

You will be able to take a close look at the D1 machines during the open-pit walks.

Not to mention plenty of action. 

No this is not a race track, its a public mountain road! Andy knows all the best touge spots… 

A visit to Daikoku Parking Area under the Yokohama Bay Bridge is one of those things that HAS to be done while in Japan. If you are lucky you could witness a turn-out as big as this RX-7 meet!

There is really something for everyone in Japan!

Twing Ring Motegi is home to the Honda Collection hall where you can see the complete production and racing lineup of the company, both of cars and bikes!

They even organize drag events on the straight part of the oval track.

If you plan to come over late in the year one event that should not be missed is the Nismo Festival at Fuji.

Let's not forget time attack events at Tsukuba!  There is just so much going on throughout the year that Andy guarantees an action packed week from the Powertours package. Depending on the time one decides to come over Andy will make up a proposed schedule, arrange hotels, transportation and events. The proposed schedule can then be tailor made to suit your interests and needs.

You can even take a look at the Powervehicles workshop and drool over the massive amount of cars there at any one time.

Plus, with Kazama Auto opening their brand new RC track next door, you can even learn how to drift RC cars! In fact there is probably a good chance you will see me in there trying to learn how to avoid destroying my poor Yokomo Chaser against the walls!  

Dino Dalle Carbonare



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Andy is a great guy and this would be a once in a life time holiday,

Hey Dino where abouts you based in Japan? You have a contact email?


Sto rosicandooooooooooooooooo!


When I arrive in Japan next year I hope to make one of these tours. It seems like it would be the tour of a lifetime.


Some of those pics look OLD !.....I haven't heard from Kazama Yasuyuki in a LONG time......last time I checked Katsuhiro Ueo drove his green S15....


DOPE post !!!


LOL.. that second last picture. ive photographed that white s15 behind that another s15 with black wing. And soon i will capture that orange rx-7 .. both are in finland now imported by


Was that 7's meeting on 07.07.07 at Daikoku? Epic!

Really wish to go to Japan.. *dream*


well I definitely know what im saving up for this winter! I hope they still have this by then. This does sound like the ultimate japan experience that i have been wanting.


How much and where do I sign up!!!


Probably have to be a biiiiig bawler to afford a trip/tour like that. But to say the least you could die happy!!!!!!!!!!! I think this is what every japan freaks wet dreams are made of;) Would be crazy awesome to do. I'd hit up every track and touge site in Japan starting in the south and heading north! (kinda like monkey man did in one of his vids) Would be Bosso?:) (and apparently and I forgot the name of the shop/retailer but there is a V-spec/Nismo dealer that only sells GTR's and displays them all out front every day, I would stop there too lol:D )


definitely will try to check this out when i'm there in august!


Wow. Sign me up. I'll take the Time Attack Tour.


sweet...i'm thinking about going around TAS time.

those cars are packed in tight....look at the red ae86 coupe with the pushed-in front.


I went to japan a few weeks back, but I didn't do much car stuff =(


Wow. :P That would be EPIC if I could afford it...='[


here's a website where i collect all my drifting R/C stuff.....check the forums....youll be surprised on what you see


Dino this is sick, man. Kudos to you for posting some really interesting content.

I used to live in Japan when I was about 15 while my dad was stationed over there. At the time I wasn't interested in about kicking yourself in the ass.