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If you are a budding artist in Europe, you may be interested in this competition, run by Dunlop.

The task is to design an ‘art-car’ livery for the Dunlop sponsored JWM Ferrari F430 GT, which will run at Le Mans in June. Three national winners will be elected by an expert jury, a fourth winner will be the one that has received the most votes from the public.

Twenty designs will enter into the European semi-final that runs between 14th May and May 30th. Semi-final winners will be guests at the 24 Hours of Le Mans race, where the design of the final winner will be presented in front of the world motoring press and a cool addition to your Portfolio.

You only have 11 days left! Dunlop have full instructions, logos and a Ferrari template on their site.

Note, you have to be a resident of Great Britain, Portugal, Spain, France or Germany to take part……No Canada….dam!

- Andy Blackmore

Competition website



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"resident of Great Britain, Portugal, Spain, France or Germany"

Yeah, thanks loads Dunlop, how about other countries in Europe!?

I'm gonna' pay them back by being mean and saying: "I'm not livering anything else but Porsches anyway! :P"


At least Dunlop are running this competition. I expect its funded by national divisions etc.


Damn. I would have liked to try my hand at this one.


I'm definately giving it a try.

Andy, any tips for the livery ? You're such a proffesional.


ha ha! as if :)

OK, I havent read all the rules and regs as I can't take part, but I notice the term 'art-car' is used quite a bit, so I expect they are thinking of something a little different to the tradtional livery.


Normally, I would have used the bodylines, make sure things flow with the form of the car, but the 'art-car' term could make that irrelevant.


couple of tips. Try and integrate the number panel into the design. Not always possible, but I never like it was you have a livery and then chuck a white number panel on the door, so thing about integration. I would also remember, the No1 purpose is for Dunlop to advertise their brand, so make sure thats nice and clear and make sure they is some space around the logo. I would suggest yellow is the dominant colour.


If anyone does enter, drop us a line :)


I'm from Portugal! YAY!! For once we weren't forgotten!!

Gonna check out the regs, but my skill isn't really that good... I can imagine good designs, but acutally showing them out might be tricky... xD


Hey Andy thanks for highlighting this comp, I'm going to give this one a bash.


OK. That's funny. The contest is about an ITALIAN car... and Italians can't partecipate?!


I'll try to come up with something, but probably do it just for the fun of it since I lived nowhere near Europe lol...


What if you're not from Europe and your design is chose?


it wont be, rules are rules


Thank you Andy...I was wondering how I was going to get my arse to Europe...guess I don;t have to now.