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Take a moment to glance at this photo a little bit longer than you normally would have. Did you grip that mice a bit tighter? Or, did this photo somehow give you that edge-of-your-seat feeling? This photo holds a sense of absolute tension and drama. However, the drama does not originate from the MOPAR Viper, but instead from the photographers. Notice their body language. They've been anticipating the car to pass and this is the exact moment of release or, for some, at the apex of taking their shot. This is the power that photographs have over any
written word.

All these shots, in this second installment of
the Art of Formula D Long Beach, were taken with a 35mm camera and
black and white film. There has been no post processing of any sort
with these shots. Any post work would take away from the magic that
film holds.

The magic is produced by a film camera is intangible and nearly
indescribable. These Falken girls would look completely different (mass
produced even) on a digital, but on a film camera and at the right
moment, they look exceptionally elegant, classy, and loving that exact
moment in time.

There's something raw and completely gonzo about this photo. The drama
in the above image is on the two main characters on stage, and
everything else around it are just spectators to this opera. Take a
moment to take in the next two images, put on your favorite tune and
just sit back and stare. The photos somehow leap from the screen and
become alive in your mind –that is the intangibility that I have been
speaking of.

A quiet moment spent with the beautiful, the otherwise busy, Lisa Kim Flemming.

Here's a snap from the battle between Rhys Millen and Stephan Verdier.
There's so much energy and passion captured in this photo. Who
would've known that the drama between them would end up being an upset
for Millen and a huge victory for Verdier!

There's an abstract nature to this photo that I love. The play with
abstract shapes reckons back to the post-modernist era of art with
artists like Gustav Klimt, Frank Stella, or the early cubist work of Roy Lichtenstein.

When a lot of these girls saw me come up to them with my camera, they
would immediately get into their practiced pose and smile. I had to
tell them not to pose and really, hang out as they were before I came.
A few of them had trouble with this, but a few others did not mind at
all. I was able to capture great moments of intimacy with these girls.

The best moments in life are those moments that are quiet. The ones you
have the time to take the moment in and remember it –really remember
it. We tend to not remember the moments like when we ask these girls to
pose with us for a picture. But we do remember those genuine smiles and
seductive kisses. These are those moments that we keep warm in our

Here's our lovely SpeedHunters Creative director, Rod Chong, having his quiet moment and doing what he loves.

A genuine warm smile…

…and a genuinely warm sunlight.

Drama, pure drama.

moments like this when these girls are at their most beautiful –when
they're at their most natural state just being themselves. These quiet
moments have their own little dramas behind them.

is everywhere in life. Drama is the fundamental reason why we're gear
heads. Without it, we'd be have soulless hunks of metal. It's the
people that are behind these hunks of metal that bring us the
excitement and drama that we all crave for. Photographs taken from film
cameras brings a side of drama that very few of us ever get to see
–it's the magic of the analog mediums. I'm sure many of us still have
those VHS tapes with Power Ranger episodes, and copies of old Option
videos sitting on the shelf. There's the dust of nostalgia that
blankets those tapes. Photographs shot with film definitely still holds
that magic of nostalgia, even if the photographs were taken during the
present day.

-Linhbergh Nguyen

Speedhunters Formula D Long Beach Coverage



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Awesome shots again Linhbergh :)


wow. awesome photos.

anyway we can get a desktop of the first pic?


That abstract photo that you speak of...the hips are great, but what kind of car is behind them? It looks like an FD3S to me, but I can't be sure. Other than that, great shots and great eye, man.


Something magical about the first and second pics. Wall on either/both of them, though I'd prefer the tires just cause I can see it perfectly on my screen.


You sir are a legend


Great pictures; they do bring with their silence the mood and magic of the moment!


The 1st pic isn't successful to me due to the framing and shutter speed. They're pretty decent though, and 1 or 2 are excellent.


Some really nice shots! That slightly abstract one with the hankook car/girls is a favorite, although it reminds me much more of Paul Strand's photography more than any of the artists you named -

good stuff


damn...I've been into photography my whole life, and these pics are some of the best that I've ever seen.


nice photos man, some of them turned out really well


Automative genius...


so in a nutshell what you're saying is... Jeri Lee is pure drama, at least someone got a picture of her without her mouth all wide open.


Wow this is one of the best Speedhunters posts yet, great great great shots Linhbergh. I like how your writing style seems like your so wrapped up in your work that it makes you talk like an obsessed madman; for those of us that share this obsession your posts stop being weird and instead hit home with force of a thousand tornadoes. Keep doin what your doin homie you keep this shit REAL.


Mr. Linhbergh Nguyen, you sir, are a great photographer. Please keep up the good work.

These are the types of photographs that I've loved. From the framing, the subjects, the style, etc., everything, is what I love to see in photographs.

I agree with you, when people or subjects are at their natural state, that is when the most beautiful pictures can be truly captured.

Again, good job, would like to see more of this types of photographs from you in the future.


I love all the photos whith the girls ;) love it Linhbergh you could make a big wallpaper of this girls ;)


awsome photos and story

we could use a lot more stories like this guys


Linhbergh I have to say your one of the very few photographers that is a great inspiration to me.

Fantastic photos. I've always wanted to have ago at drift photography with a my old Olympus OM10 35mm, can i ask what camera you used exactly?


@Ben H: I've grown up and was taught as a fine artist, the artists I named are the ones that I personally draw my inspiration/influence from. But you're right, Paul Strand definitely is a closer fit for that photo.

@F3INT: Thanks for that comment! It really touched upon exactly how I go about doing what I do in life.

@Daniel B: I shot these with a Canon EOS A2 with Kodak B&W 400

Thank you everyone else for your comments. I will try my best to keep posts like these coming! I'm definitely glad you're all enjoying them. :D


That is pure passion that can only come from a photographer! The insight, the detailling, the choice of words, all the thought put into each and every frame, each and every line and expression. That is pure passion! Excelent work!


damn feelin that 8th pic with Rys and Stephan. Has a feeling that the picture was taken in the 50s.


Linhbergh... you are sooo EMO!


Sweet shots. I really agree with the girls and their quiet moments. They would be more attractive just being themselves than flailing their assets at all times (which by the way was captured nicely). It's the pigs of men that make them do what they do for money. Hopefully your of artistic shots will grace the covers of "HotRod" type magazines one day.


@WhiteBoyFunk - thats the good old Apexi FD. It has new livery.

Nice pics, I cant say I'm impressed because I've seen so many pics of this nature before. However, they are quite fun to look at. Good Job! Best one for me is the one with the FD and Hankook models.


Beautiful photos and writing deserving of such.

Keep up the good work!


linh brings boobs to the table. great job as always


i dont know about u guys but there is something evil about that jerry lee pic that i luv. even though shes super nice. great shot man.




Your a machine, i luv your work!!!


Nice way to break the mold of the norm. Having the ability to transform negatives to pixels is one i'd like to gain someday. Keep up the artistic view on driving. Maybe less words next time? Pictures are more than speaking for themselves. Ciao


This is probably the greatest post I have read on speedhunters. Ever.


Could we get a desktop of that Jeri Lee picture?? Honestly I'm digging the hell out of it


Great photos and great post!


I like the shots a lot. Makes me want to bring my 35mm to rd.2 seeing as I have some rolls of b&w from film class just sitting here. I have to agree the candids beat the poses hands down.


your giving peter a run for his money with these shots Lihn!


Thats AAA shots here - Absolutely Amazing & Awesome! Wallpapers for the abstract "RX-7 & girls" shot, please!

@Rod Chong and all Editorial - I beg you to make support for higher resolutions shots in posts! It sux to see such a beautiful photos just like small rectangles on a big screen:'(


Thank you...these photos are amazing....I agree with not posing too...thanks again! TEAM FALKEN