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The Speedhunters mailbox is always full of emails showing interesting cars and automotive happenings from around the world, and although we'd like to post everything we get, it's just not possible. With April's theme being drifting, we have been keeping a special eye out for drift related material and we have been getting plenty. One of the emails we got this month was from Giedrius Meskauskas, who's a member of Lithuania's first drift organization, . Gledrius sent some photos and info about the cars in the team, and we thought you guys might enjoy this little glimpse into Lithuanian drifting.

The first car in the team is pretty basic, an RPS13 200SX with an SR20 swap that makes around 360hp.

So, is there anywhere in the world where you won't find people drifting the Nissan S-chassis?

The next car is this BMW 530 which has been swapped with a soon-to-be-supercharged 4.4L V8 from a BMW 7-series. Plans are to take the drivetrain from this car and to swap it into another widebody and caged 5-series that's being built right now.

Finally, we have this Opel Omega sedan. Right now it's powered by a non-turbo 4.0L inline six that makes just under 300hp, but a 2JZGTE swap is in the works. The Opel is sitting on KW coilovers and Giedrius says that it's had a lot of custom chassis work.

If this car looks familiar to any of our American readers, that's because the Omega shares a chassis with the ill-fated Cadillac Catera sedan.

Hmmm…LSx-powered Catera drift car anyone?

Thanks to Giedrius for the info and photos.



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Nice to see some European coverage here! Thanks!


Refreshing, and I am diggin that S13! Cool Wheels.


I am happy, that Speedhunters wrote a little bit about Lithuania drifting :) - in this Bastunas gallery you can see some more photos from Lithuanian drifting. - official Lithuanian Drifting Championship website :).


Love the 3rd photo!


Sad that in France drift is even not close to that.

Appart from 2 or 3 wannabes that drift R33's with ROTA's on...


At first- big thanks to SpeedHunters for adding us to your web-site. Its real honor.

Second Thanks to Bastunas ( ) and Giedrius ( ) for pictures from events.

Also, if you guys are interested in participating in any our (Lithuanian) even, You are more than welcome to come to us and drift with us!


p.s. our team is looking for sponsors.

i hope SpeedHunters will not be against this "ask for help".


awsome report


Awesome to see some material from my country!

Looking forward to Saturday's Drift Day!


I think the Omega would fit into the mold of "odd drift car" from yesterday's post! Cool 5er, too! Man, that S13 has MONDO camber!


That odd omega won the 2008 Lithuanian drifting championship ;) the car is not the main thing in drift, the driver and his experience/abilities ;)


I hear great things about Lithuania...This is the first I've heard of drifting there, though. Cars and the great ratio of women to men make this place a tempting spot to visit!


One of the lithuanian workers got en magazine about these cars, but since its written in that weird language i couldnt understand a thing.


guys, in month or less our web-page will be reborn for new season. It will also include english part. I hope to translate everything to english for the new start. for the championship information you can visit :


who dont understand our wheird languge, try use Lithuanian>English,

not all but some things can understand