Event>> Dtm Presentation In Düsseldorf

Last week Düsseldorf hosted a spectacular DTM event to show over 210,000 fans how rad DTM is. They put down a short course through the city center where Audi and Mercedes could show off thier goods.

Burnouts, donuts, and acceleration sprints were the excitement of the day. Imagine the sound of those uncorked NA V8's ripping it up to their redlines.

Not sure who this dude is, mascot of Düsseldorf? Maybe just move over so we can see what AMG is bringing to the table in 2009.

2009's lineup of drivers from both Audi and Mercedes are essentially unchanged with drivers moving from older cars to newer cars, but with the lack of change, there should be some really awesome rivalries this year.

The 2009 DTM season starts at Hockenheim on May 17th, stay tuned to SpeedHunters for coverage of the maiden race of the year.

- Carl Jarrett



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desktop of that mercedes blazing the tires please!!


Is it just Audi and Mercedes Benz racing each other? No BMW? VW? Porsche? The cars look great but not much varity. Kinda like nascar (except for the looking great). Wouldn't it be cool for the DTM cars to race in SuperGT? ALMS? Ect?


Are those V8s really NA? Then why the "I love turbo" signs on their front bumpers? Or is it an "I love french horns" sign?


Geez, I love DTM. Its too bad we rarely get to see this on TV.


Richard. I'm fairly sure your turbo sign is "I love German post"

It's their postal service's logo.


I think that is the icon for the German Post Office.


Yep, its a sign like Rod said


@ EJ25: at the moment it's just mercedes and audi racing against each other. I also think it's a shame for the competition that the other manufacturers like opel cancelled their participation in the DTM. I know that some DTM cars are sometimes used to take part in Nurburgring 24h. And audi doesn't want to use the A4 as a SuperGT or ALMS car because they are going to use the R8GT3 in that series.


Nothing can race against GT500 super GT cars because they are the fastest GT cars on the planet.


desktop of that AMG plz! very nice.


@ EJ25: Its not a "I love turbo" or "I love french horns" its just "I love Post". Its just the Posthorn you see.

Its called Deutsche Bundespost.


i would love to see the mascot picture being posted as wallpaper :D


Thanks for the explanations about the "post" signs, guys!


Let's not throw any crazy prefixes in there - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Deutsche_Post. I've never heard it called the bundepost, but I guess it's possible. Funny observation though :]

There are definitely some nice machines here. It would be nice, as mentioned, to see some other competitors - although I think Audi will take top places.


DTM's look awesome. to bad there aren't more companies in it. i know BMW use to be in it...i think.


Daniel S R: yea BMW used to be in it, but it was before the crazy body style tho. I miss the old school DTM class with 6 cyclinder and AWD....Alfa 155, Opel calibra and C-Class DTM


didn't know Benz has angel eyes headlights too? 2nd picture from top down


Please a widescreen wallpaper of the white AMG Benz smoking it up!!!


the fromder dtm (deutsche tourenwagen meisterschaft = german touring car championchip) has nothing to do with the new dtm (deutsche tourenwagen masters = german touring car masters). to be honest, bmw, or alfa never had car's for the new dtm. opel had some cars, but they were to slow. the cars are anyway not fit to be called touring car's anymore. they all have a fr layout. the engine is a v8 ist the same specifications. only bodywork und forntaxel have differnt desgin. the cars actually have nothing to do anymore with theire roadgoing brothers. the nice part of the former dtm was, that they were pretty similare to there roadgoing counterparts. even though, i believe from 1993 onwarrds they had to have v6 engine's and stuff and in about 1995 they hadto close the old dtm., because runing cost got way to high and technogly was more advanced then in formel 1 with aktive aerodynamc's and you could change an engine in under 3min's or somethink like that. anyway, the point is, that it got to expensive. (sorry, for my bad english, i'm german)