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Despite not being quite ready for competition yet, I thought you guys might like to take a little look at Ueno's ¥30 million D1-GP BMW project. Last month I dropped by the SUI•VAX workshop to take a few shots of the 3-series, which as you can see looked very much completed, aesthetically speaking. The project was based on a 320i, which was completely stripped down and build from the ground up. The body is custom made by the guys at T&E and features some pretty mean widened fenders, aggressive front and rear bumpers, plenty of dry carbon and cool paint from Maziora.

Here it is at Ebisu the other Sunday being unloaded from the transporter. Since the engine was not running yet ,it had to be pushed by the mechanics.

It's all about big power these days in D1 and this 3.1L 2JZ might turn out to be one of the most powerful out there. That is an HKS T51R Kai BB turbine, a blower capable of flowing enough air for 1000 PS. The fuel system is the last thing that needs to be sorted out. The 2JZ was already fitted with the HKS fuel rail and 1000 cc/min injectors, but the fuel lines were not hooked up yet. 

I can't wait to see this car in action. Once the engine is working Ueno will be off to the track to set up the suspension and geometry. They are saying the car will be ready for Autopolis on the 26th, so fingers crossed. Once I have some action shots you can expect a full car feature on this mean drift machine.

D1-GP Japan

T&E Website

Dino Dalle Carbonare



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I love it. It looks like a touring car. I'm looking forward to seeing and hearing it in action.


is so boss ... i would love to see the car without stickers to enjoy the kit ..


is so boss ... i would love to see the car without stickers to enjoy the kit ..


ditto on the kit. bummed these guys ditched the bimmer 6 cyl, but I understand why


Lovely car.... :D

Too bad D1 doesn't allow to modify (cut) the firewall; that way Ueno could have pushed that sucka into the cabin for better weight distribution....


I had though they had swapped out the M3 engine... but then i read it started as a 320i. Phew..


This car's both hot AND original. More Eurocars in drifting is a good thing.


japanese engine bays are so clean


I always love a Euro car with a JDM engine!


Finally it has been revealed..I was so excited to see some photos of it going sideway in Round 1 D1GP, but it was not and so curious about it..

It's a bit sad that Ueno-san change his JZZ30 to an European car with Japanese engine..anyway, it's a nice work!

This drift machine completed yet? there are 2 big holes at the wheel housing in the engine compartment..or it's so? o.O


The engine bay is so clean, almost looks like it could have come from the factory that way!


Engine bay looks sick!


yuck city


¥30 million? Come on...Where'd did the rest of the money go? Sure as hell not into that car! Must have hired strippers to stand around while they built it!

They could have started with a BMW Motorsport 3 series Chassis instead of building something up and it would still work out cheaper.

Either way, over AUD$400,000 i can't believe...