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The colours you see are more commonly found on a Ford WRC car, or on one of many of Eddie Stobarts haulage trucks. But for 2009, Japspeed, Stobart and Maxxis Tyres have come together to prepare this Silvia S15. The car is driven by Irishman Shane Lynch and will compete in the British Drifting Championship and the Prodrift Super Series. However, what is amazing is that not only have Japspeed prepared this car …

… But they have prepared it's identical twin which will be piloted by another Japspeed driver, Danny Eyles.

Some of you may remember the horrific crash the two old Japspeed R33 Skylines had at Silverstone last year. Well those R33's have been offered up to compliment both these S15's. I'll go into that a little bit later on …

The car's are clad in a Vertex body kit, painted white inside and out with a carbon bootlid and bonnet. They are differentiated by their graphics, Shane's car is in the Japspeed/Stobart colours, whilst Danny's is in the full Japspeed colours.

The wheels are Rota Torques, with D2 brakes behind them providing the stopping power, 8 piston calipers on the front and 6 piston units on the rear.

The car sits slightly higher than would be aesthetically better, but this is a competition car and excessive lowering will have a detrimental effect on the vehicles handling. The car uses Skyline front and rear subframes, with a Skyline steering rack, Kaaz differential, Japspeed coilovers and adjustable arms with Driftworks front and rear lower arms.

I love the two different sides to this car, really reminds of Matthew Wilsons Ford Focus WRC car.

Another element saved from the R33's were the tried, tested and proven Nissan RB25 motors, providing around 400-450bhp.

The interior is all function. Corbeau bucket seats, alloy doorcards, hydraulic handbrake and a modified dash, that hosts a rev counter, oil temperature, pressure and water temperature gauges.

I love these centre consoles, just so purposeful with no excess. They're there purely to do a job and nothing else.

The cars use a custom fuel tank mounted in the boot (or trunk for our American readers) with braided fuel lines that run under the car.

When I first saw the cars driving at Donnington, they had only been completed the day before the event, but the developoment of the cars over the course of the weekend was astounding and a true credit to the Japspeed team. Every run out, Shane and Danny were getting faster, more aggresive and pushing harder and harder. I look forward to seeing the cars compete at the second round of the Prodrift Super Series at the end of the month !

- Paddy M – The project build thread



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Nice but Rotas??.=(



good read paddy, love the Stobart colours, think they look better on the s15 than they do on the focus


that gas tank just gave me a great idea...


I believe that is a neo 25 btw - plastic CAS.


Wallpaper for the first and fifth picture please! =D especially the fifth!


Nice, but without deep-dish wheels, pretty meh.



come on...


Looks like an attempt for a big company (Stobart) to make a Drift car with advice and build from someone on the cheap - Rota's, D2 brakes (haha) and an RB25 under the hood! EPIC FAIL


You look wrong ...

its a company called japspeed who built these cars .. with a sponsor of stobart ....

rotas... not a bad sponsor seeing as they make good wheels...

and D2 brakes actually are good and are very good - probably too good for what its used for ...

i think your comment fails as you sound like you know nothing ... RB25S15 awesome build ...

keep up the good work ... do japspeed have any other cars featured on here??


Is there guna b any desktops? cuz that is sum mean photos, i love the 2nd and 3rd pic!! if u were 2 desktop those wud b the pictures

@ DK u epic fail, as DK-H8-er sed RB25 S15 is an awesome build, and D2 brakes are well just lyk he sed they are very good


How exactly is this a feature car?

It's an S15 with an RB25 and some cheap ass rota's budget D2 brakes and a body kit. Big Whoop.

You can see better spec'd nicer looking cars in your local Tesco's car park!

Forget Japspeed, more like CheapSpeed.


Looks totally different from when they first started on the S15. Good to hear that they got the car competitive this early already. The car is awesome no doubt, but the spoiler looks freakishly high in that 1st pic....


Rotas and D2's suck but..'s only words, and words are all i have. LOL.


This car will be competing in the European Drift Championship too.

Awesome looking car. The other one (Danny's) is really ugly though.


Ugly car for a total pr*ck of a bloke.

Danny Eyles, one of the single most hated person in drifting. It’s a disgrace he's even allowed to compete a championship after his behaviour and general attitude. He has serious anger problems, thumped (hit) a fellow driver in the face at one round of BDC a couple of seasons ago and that's not an isolated incident. Massively surprised Japspeed even kept him on.


have some balls!!!!!!!!!!



1. jealous resentment against a rival, a person enjoying success or advantage, etc., or against another's success or advantage itself.

2. mental uneasiness from suspicion or fear of rivalry, unfaithfulness, etc., as in love or aims.

3. vigilance in maintaining or guarding something.

4. a jealous feeling, disposition, state, or mood.

5. having a japspeed bad ass s15 to drift with 450bhp!!!!


Daniel Eyles

Im sorry you have to write something like that on a car feature for Shane Lynch.

I admit i made a terrible mistake 2 years ago, but myself and the driver involved have resolved the situation, shaken hands and moved forward.

I believe that was an isolated case, and if you asked 99.9% of people they would say i couldnt be further away from having serious anger problems, and that im actually a very friendly person.

Great review of the S15's, I can tell you they are awsome cars, and will only get better!

Its an honour to be driving for such a professional team like Japspeed.

Well done paul & Co!


Nice cars. let the haters hate.


Here's that horrible crash for those who haven't seen it:


'Everybody hates Danny Eyles'? What a load of rubbish. The guys a top bloke. I've never heard a bad word said about him from any driver. Both sides had their faults and its in the past. Maybe you should comment on something you actually know something about next time?;

The cars look great. Pure function and looked; and drove awesome at Donnington.


I think that Japspeed have done a great job and are trying to push the sport on by building the cars for the drivers. If only more companies could see this potential....... it would raise the whole drifting sport up. Why do people have slag them/ him off. Do you not want sponsors? DO you like spending all your cash on racing rather than having some1 else footing the bill? If you do then your retarded. Danny is a a top laugh and good guy. People some of you obv dont know him and just listen to gossip waaaaaaay too much and it was years ago and the two drivers have made up now. Come on lets sleeping dogs lie. Danny has been kept on as a driver becuase he is good, young and talented. The uk needs more compaines like Japspeed to take the step into the sport of drifting but if you all act like school kidsd slagging them off and calling names why should they bother????


Danny, Shane & all at Japspeed - take a bow. Mega builds given the budgets and time scale and a VERY professional outfit. Big Congrats also due on introducing Stobart, one of the WRC's biggest sponsors, into drifting. Already the cars are getting huge publicity. Bright times definitely ahead for these boys. Keep up the excellent work.


Lovely cars, totally proffesional outfit and it shows in the build quality of these cars.

We all know how much Eddie Stobart is heavily involved in the world of rallying, for Shane and Japspeed to secure a sponsorship deal for drifting has to be commended.

It also shows that competing in the toughest championship in the UK (The Falken British Drift Championship) sponsors are realising the benifits this can bring.

Best of luck to both drivers for the rest of the season and i hope the attitude shown above is treated with the contempt it deserves.

Number one BDC fan.


to all the people who said bad things about danny, the team and the parts used. ITS ONLY BECAUSE YOU CANT AFFORD TO HAVE SUCH AWESOME CARS AS THESE YOU SLAG THEM OFF!!!!!! rota's are the most popular wheels for driting for a reason, they very good value and the designs are awesome. d2 brakes are not crap!!! if you call d2 crap then your calling k sport and other makes crap too because there the same and if they were crap then why the hell do they run them in time attack on 800bhp track cars. and as for japspeed being crap, get a life because they are far from it. if japspeed were no good then why the hell do they supply soooooooooooo many people with parts. go back to driving your mums crap ass micra saddo's!!! good luck dan :) nuf said


if you bother looking at it properly it is not the 25 neo engine at all. its a spec 1 r33 gtst lump, the cas is painted black :) should have gone to spec savers


so... they spent money on neon and strobes, vertex aero, a sparco steering wheel (all unnecessary amenities) and then skimp out on wheels. not to mention they're using fenders to fit terribly fitting wheels with 4x4 stance. come on...