See JR make smoke!!!…. The camera operator must have been pretty dizzy after taking this shot!





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Seriously, lol. Pan right, back left. Pan right, back... left... Pan....

Congrats Vaughn. Maybe Falken'll make longer lasting tires and you can smash it again.


mmm, like watching paint peel.


stupid... he made fun of the last guy for doing donuts and he went out and did donuts.



So..........he basically did the same thing that he gave the first record holder shit for doing?


And the video is gone!


justin shreeve and Erik, did you not listen at the beginning? He said he would *first* break the current 'record' and then go out and set what *he* would define as a drift, since obviously Guinness's definition is a little lax.


Are you sure you're understanding this right? He just IDD set what he thought was the proper new record - i.e. what he gave the last guy shit for. Not to mention he talked so much smack on the last guy that it can't justify only beating him by less than 25%...

Well, there's JR for you.


LOOOOL! The music just makes everything feel so dull yet funny!! I wonder how was JR feeling when he was doign em donuts?? "am I done yet.. Jeez, this is dulll!! Im breaking a record.. whoopie -_-"


GREEK music !!!! HAHAHAH .............

Must be pretty dull doin donuts ... but no other way to beat the record ...


I cant see how that is a drift? Maybe he should turn to the japanese and have them show him how it is done properly....a continous drift around ebisu circuit is what is needed!


how gay was that i think many of us here can say we have drifted way longer than that


I agree with almost everyone in here.

Kinda makes me want to:

go get some all seasons,

call up the Guness book,

do a giant donut for 4minutes,

And become the "drifting world record" holder.


Wow, so useless, drifting around a cone circle, what an achievement. I wanna see the "tough guy" in Ebisu with the POS mustang.


i <3 JR but this was lame. this is just as pointless as big black's donut eating record on rob and big....


Errr. Boring. How can this video made its way into Speedhunters?

Looking forward for Mustang drifts Japan tho.


Comments quality here is coming close to youtube level:

useless..blah blah..japan..blah blah..ebisu..blah blah..proper drifting..blah blah..i can do better than that you suck..blah blah


I had headache watching him going in circles XD


Wow tough crowd....


For real Rod... Tough crowd is right...

It's a world record guys, it doesn't matter if it's boring or ridiculous - it's a world record. And i really hope JR gets the Guiness to recognize the record officially.

For all you ungrateful bastards who can't appreciate a video for being a little different - don't bother commenting dudes, not unless you prove you can do anything HALF as boring as this video may be for some of you.



The music, for those that commented on it, is straight from Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels.

Naga, here's the issue with that kind of thinking: you want us to be a crowd of fanboys that stand behind the "Stars" no matter how hypocritical their actions are. If you look at it, it's not that it's ridiculous or "different," it's flat-out pathetic for someone to talk that much sheer smack on someone else's actions and then go out and do the same, only with corporate backing and barely outdo the last guy.

I don't mean to be a part of the "tough crowd," but if i'm honest - that's how i'd come accross.


JR knows sooo much.....


There's a reason why JR is driving a Falken sponsored drift machine and breaking world records while you're at home on your computer watching youtube clips of him.

Give respect where respect is due.


There's a reason why JR is driving a Falken sponsored drift machine and breaking world records while you're at home on your computer watching youtube clips of him.

Give respect where respect is due.


I had to break the current "record" and be the record holder in order to petition to get the definition changed to what a real drifting world record should be. In my eyes one single drift as long as possible without intersecting your line is what I feel the definition should be. Sorry if some were confused I thought the video spelled it out pretty clear with the to be continued.... Yes it was pretty much like la-la-la while doing it anyone can do that and the record is limited merely by tires and the surface of the tarmac, thats exactly why it shouldnt be a record and why I am taking the time to make it right for drifting as a whole!


domi, it didn't look like it required much effort, looked like he could've gone for days if tires could last. And so could lots of others (what i'm sure JR realizes) which is why there's not much respect for the record. As a marketing idea, pretty clever from Ford imo.


WOW. You all are taking this waaaaaaay to seriously. I was on hand to witness this record and it was done to essentially show that what was claimed to be a drift world record IS NOT. I thought it was pretty obvious that JR clearly stated that. He also mentioned that he would break the existing world record in a stock machine and then set a real drifting world record according to proper criteria. You guys are ridiculous. This was done simply for fun and quite honestly it is A LOT harder than all you armchair quarterbacks think it is. In fact, I challenge you to properly break the record and I would also bet money 98% of you cannot. Now go put your money where your mouth is.


Sorry for posting again so soon, but - MICKEY SAID IT ALL!


@ domi - dude, i don't want you to "be a crowd of fanboys that stand behind the "Stars" no matter how hypocritical their actions are" - i want to you to stop being fanboys of the Japanese D1GP drivers and open your minds to global drivers (and all kinds of motorsports which most people here don't, as proven the huge dissing of NASCAR the other day).

Think globally and give credit to the people who do different stuff. Hell, if you think this was boring, what's up with that video on Youtube of Mad Mike burning a truck until its axle breaks? Why is THAT cool? Both of them are cool vids, don't be so serious all the time people...

BTW, i'm not a really big fanboy of the "stars", in the Red Bull World Championship i was rooting for James Deane (the kid doesn't even have a drivers license!!) ^_^


harry muller from bavaria holds a record for a drift around the same size circle. The only difference he did it for 2 hours and 30 minutes. If your wondering how he did it... Wet track


Sorry JR, germans did it already and they did it for hours.

Real World's Longest Drift


I think the record is pretty stupid. But I got to give credit to JR for trying, even though I'm sure many of us agree that it is "not" a proper drifting world record attempt.....


I like how the majority of us feel the need to defend our bold statement.

I said it before and I'll say it again. This is gay ! There was/ is absolutely no reason to that.

While those chumps at Guiness world record consider a drift to be like that. There is also no f reason to challenge those deuches; hence, the comment gay, why bother in the first place? Why JR had to porve a point? Are you guys (whoever was involved in the making on this clip) any better men now? It doesn't fucking matters honestly.


I watched the clip Mooboy (and "um sorry") posted and I agree that Mr. Harry Müller (the German dude in the blue 350 zed) indeed has the record for the longest "drift" (huge donuts) but JR didnt need to beat his record because his Isnt Guness book reconiczed.

But ya.. now that JR has broken this silly record.. time to get the real drifting records going.


My only issue with the video, as stated repeatedly is that JR regarded the former recordholder in a way that wasn't justified by barely topping the 'record' by a quarter. He made it seem so insignificant and easy, that i expected him to at least double or triple it, which he didn't. Just calling 'hypocrisy' on that, is all. Obviously it wasn't as simple as JR imagined, if his tires barely lasted 5K ft...


Why do you guys were here? to me, because of quality and soul that Speedhunters always deliver. To cum across this video in Speedhunter is, dissapointing.

Nothing wrong for JR to have fun and making joke of other's so call world record. I love cars, drift, Speedhunters. JR is a very well respected and capable person, everyone knows that and I would welcome more of his video. But,still, this particular soulless video doesn't deserve a place in Speedhunters. Thats all.


No, seriously, tough crowd. It's like everyone here can't appreciate the efforts of a man and have to disprove him. The Genesis, SH's top 10 Drift cars, and now JR's record attempt. Haters.


Wow some of you really aren't getting it... JR realizes this was a LAME record! He had to break it in the way it was originally set by Andy Bell which was by doing circles. Yes it was lame. He knows.

He fully intends to set a new REAL record that is not donuts after Guinness confirms it official broken. I record that does not involve doing donuts for hours on a wet track... because that is lame too... sorry germans