I’m a bit confused by the UK drift scene at the moment. There are now 4 different drift series running events across the UK: Prodrift (who also organize events in Ireland), European Drift Championship, British Drift Championship and JDM Allstars. Each are competing for drivers, sponsors, media coverage, and fan interest. Each has their own strengths and unique qualities, and several have conflicting dates. Personally, I question how long this scenario can be sustained, especially given the economic problems currently hitting the UK.

At any rate, we do need to pay our respects to the Prodrift crew. They are innovators in European drifting, and certainly have some very cool cars running in their series. Have a look at the video to see what I mean. From their Irish base, they’ll have one of the best European drift championships going in 2009.


Prodrift Website



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We had the same problem in norway a few years back, It was originally "Driftbattle" then a couple of the head guys ditched the "pioneer" Fredrik Sorlie aka. FSR and formed "Powerdrift" which won the race of fans,money and the works, a big shame as Fredrik sorlie was the guy really working for a series in norway to happen and make the it an official motorsport.


I think the UK guys should come together and make a much bigger SINGLE competition. There's no way to justify 4 different series...

At best they could do two different classes IN that single series. You know, open trials and such to distribute licenses - first places get a PRO license and go in one class, a few of the rest go the second class.

Not that hard IMO...

BTW, Prodrift rules!! - I'm a sucker for O'Sully's F20C powered AE86! Also, big fan of James Deane!


It's not bad to be fair, although the UK is choc-a-bloc full of series'.

You have to remember that Ireland has nothing to do with the UK, it's a seperate country on a different island. In Ireland you have three primary series'.

1. Prodrift Series - Irelands first and premier series.

2. Drift Battle - Although still competitive, it's slightly more relaxed than Prodrift and is usually a starting ground for a lot of drifters.

3. Ulster Drift Championship - Northern Irelands premier drift series. Features amatuers and pro's alike, most of the pro's compete in either Prodrift or EDC aswell.

In the UK you have three main ones aswell:

1. European Drifting Championship - The UK's big series

2. British Drifting Championship - A sort or semi-pro series, that is now linked with the Prodrift Super Series.

3. JDM Allstars - A sort of 'Best of' Irish, UK and European drifters, invite only events.

To add to this Prodrift have another two series', the Super Series and the European Series. The Super Series is the first inter-Ireland and UK championship and is linked closely with Prodrift and BDC. The European Series is as its name suggests, it's a European wide series with rounds in Ireland, UK, Sweden and Finland. Expect this to be expanded in 2009.









we have a situation like this in australia atm the big series lost its sponsership and was unable to run a proper series this year and are only running a single event and in its absense many people have thrown there hat into the ring to try and build a series but most are just a small amount of events rather then a large series its crap so far the separate states are doin a better job the tasmanian series is probably better run then the DA was


Rod, i think you should make a trip to each event in the uk this year then make a jugdement.

As you have been covering on speedhunters there are a few "full on" builds, then all the impresseive builds that are being done by "privateers" which some could rival the pro outfits which are gonna be competing in the UK championships.

BDC is aimed more towards the drivers and having a championship for the drivers, not as an exhibition. Pretty sure the "pro class" is full already. The BDC was in its first year last year and is an extrmely professionaly run series.

EDC is suppose to be the big series in the UK with rounds taking place within "tuning" shows in the UK.

JDM allstars is more of an exhibition based contest pulling in the best drivers from around the world and the events are not to be missed.