Talk about a star studded Japanese tour huh?…. JR is down with the Drift King hmmm…. You know, I saw Tsuchiya on the Billet Train after the Super GT race at Suzuka last year …. didn’t have the guts to introduce myself to him though LOL.

Wetness.. blech…The 2010 Mustang looks a little sad out on YZ circuit in the rain doesn’t it? Well at least JR is getting the full Japanese drift experience!

BTW I’m reading on Twitter that JR is now on his way to Ebisu… that I’m quite looking forward to!




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Singing with Tsuchiya-sensei? Didn't you mean hanging Rod? ^_^

I wish i could meet Tsuchiya in person ate least once... I would probably frame his autograph if i could get one! Put it in my living room for everyone to see!


I wanna see JR and Tsuchiya twinning around Ebisu. Cant wait ^^


The title was a play on "singing in the rain" :>


mad skills! controlling that big ass mustang like that in the rain, wow. Was the Tsuchiya or JR?


LOOOOOOL Sorry Rod, didn't get that one ^_^'''


?!.... Was that Taniguchi's helmet? Looks like the one he wears for Super GT.


Rod, do you know if any of the previous street/touge drifting action, experienced by JR, will be included in the Hot Version DVD?


B2K - Its not easier to drift in on a wet surface, its just easier to get the car sideways. There's a difference.


It's actually a lot easier to drift on a wet surface, so I don't know what you guys are talking about...


I'm sure tis easier to get side ways on a wet surface but look at the precise control there! most people would have probably spun out or gone off track.


Drifting on tarmac, water or snow is basically the same, the only thing that changes is the speed. The slipper the surface, the slower the speed of the car and maneuvers involved. So all I'm saying here is that for pros like JR or Tsuchiya drifting in the rain must be a piece of cake. It's easier for me anyway...


There is one thing that gets harder tho - it's stopping the car once you make a mistake or spin out...


B2K - Try drifting on ice. The car will go sideways, but the trajectory will still be the previous line unless you have EXCELLENT throttle control.

Btw, if it's easier to drift on the rain, why is it that on Drifting competitions every single competitor keeps looking for better GRIP, it'd be "easier" to get some old tires since they don't have much grip...


jr looks great drifting in the rain!! haha



have fun at EBISU



I never mentioned ice, doing anything on ice is pointless - zero grip. And why are they looking for better grip in competitions? Because they are COMPETITIONS and the point is to go the fastest possible and have the most control... If you just want to have FUN or PRACTICE, drift on a wet surface OMG!


we all have our different preferences on drift set ups and difficutlies on different surfaces. i prefer wet if i wana save tires but ive learned that dry is more predictable for me and usually a better show due to tires smoke


Im glad you all are enjoying this trip too! I just got Back from 2 days @ Ebisu!!! What a dreamland. words cannot explain it!! Videos and pictures are coming!

That was me driving in the rain. That course is so sick! I wish it was dry but I def had my fun!


Yeah, looked like you had some difficulty getting used to the wet + a smaller circuit layout.

the road looked pretty slick, haha , still mad props.

i would love to meet Keiichi Tsuchiya ;D