Random Snap>> Remmo’s E30 V8

It seems that Falken is heavenly involved in drifting around the world; I've lost count of all the cars that are sponsored by them. What I do know, is that this is one of them that comes from Holland. The car has been seen before on Speedhunters, but back then it was orange and had a sort of Ferrari Testarossa bodykit. Remmo wasn't real happy with how the car looked in the end so he decided that a new bodykit was in order. While in the process of updating the car, he also secured a deal with Falken for the 2009 drift season.

A second new European Falken car will be shown shortly. It's one the first Car Features that I shot myself.

-Jeroen Willemsen

Remmo Autosport



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i'm curious to see what this second vehicle is, and how Jeroen fares behind a lens!


as for this one, i think orange suits the car far better... it might not look so out of place if the front rims were a colour other than white. on the whole though i can never EVER say no to an E30, especially if it's an m3.


^ but it's not an m3

But what a good move to ditch the ghastly looking reiger kit. Oh and jeroen, I think you mean heavily and not heavenly ;)


i still think the best falken sponsored vehicle is the 69" drifting camaro


one thing i like about Falken liveries normally is the keyline around the logos. Small thing, but it gives a nice co-hesive look and makes the logos readable. This car needs that.


I think it looks hot as hell


The car looks way better without that cheap Testarossa "sidething"!!!


I've seen that car at Street Power Zandvoort and was wondering if that was the same car as the Rieger kitted one. Turns out it is, good job Remmo! Now for a better looking rear spoiler..

I still prefer his other, standard kitted orange M3 though.


I can't wait to see your new photos Jeroen! I've always said you had a good eye for composition. Let's see those skills! Let me know if you ever need anything.

I think this E30 looks wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy better now that the Testarossa side thing is gone. I love E30s! Very nice! Please tell your friend to outline his white logos in another color, like dark blue or metallic dark blue or something, so they pop out much better when people take photos. It looks much better visually.

Ohhhhhhh I bet this E30 would look awesome with some white 16x9s. Hmm... maybe like the 16x9 Compomotives....!!! Cool and European style.


I've heard this BMW on the circuit and it sounds great!


From looking at the picture, I'd say it is definitly an E30 M3, just look at the C-pillar and trunk lid. Either it's a legit M3, or a damn good conversion!


The next Falken car Jeroem shoots is probably the best looking Falken drift car in the world end off......cant wait to see these two cars together


Big improvement over the hideous TR kit. I love E30s as well! What V8 does it have? (Please say it's not a Chevy SBC!!) It would be awesome if it had the V8 from the E39 M5! Or the E92 M3.


Somehow I think I'd like it better if the rims matched :P

However, it still is an awesome car.


The second car is probably Lennard Wanders' BN sports widebody S14A


Ben said:

From looking at the picture, I'd say it is definitly an E30 M3, just look at the C-pillar and trunk lid. Either it's a legit M3, or a damn good conversion!


thats easy to replicate. common


Nooooooooo! Now it looks EXACTLY the same as Lars Verbraeken's car.


@AutoFotografie.nl The cars are other cars.... the orange is remmo's one,

the falken car is lars verbraeken's one