Random Snap>>hks Drag 180sx

In keeping with the "cool cars in cool garages" theme we have going this month with all the build stories on the site, I wanted to add this shot of the HKS 180SX drag car. When we arrived at the garge where the CT230R and some of the other HKS cars we boring stored, I was delighted to see this RB26-powered monster sitting there in one of the service bays undergoing some work.

With all the focus on the drift cand time attack cars that HKS has built, you can sometimes forget about the incredible HKS drag cars. The HKS 180's 1,200hp and seven second quarter mile times are just as impressive today as they were when the car was first built.

-Mike Garrett



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Desktop please! Also, is it right or left-hand drive? I know one of heir dragsters was built in the US.


Are they rebuilding the car? and use it again on the strip?


i had so much fun with this car on GranTurismo 2...


Only time i've seen this car in action is in Gran Turismo 2


I believe the drag 180 appeared at the Sema show sometime around 2003. It seems each year HKS's presence there gets smaller.


It's a left hook Sean, you can see the tachometer in the picture.

Sick car.


I loved the looks of this car in GT2 but it sucked while cornering so I never bothered to use this car in GT2. I always found it a shame GT2 did not get the originally planned drag courses...

Incredible to see a picture of the car IRL. ;)


@everyone referencing GT2 : The 180SX wasn't in Gran Turismo 2, it was the R33 Skyline....and yeah, the handling DID suck awful, but at least they kept it like the real deal, which isn't exactly running 58 second laps around Tsukuba....lol. (^_^ )


@ryoga81: Actually both the R33 Skyline and the 180SX was featured in Gran Turismo 2 ;)


It has been spotted at Garage Saurus ;)


yeah, in GT2 , adjusting the final drive ratio and getting the car near 270mph.

One of the coolest drag car ever!!


Man...I thought the car was kept in HKS Thailand?