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The last couple of posts have all been about the motoring, but I know there's some keen photographers amongst the Speedhunter ranks, so I thought it might make a nice change to talk about the setup and the lighting for this latest Speedhunters desktop image.

The car was located at the back of an old barn, having no running gear or suspension, it was going no where so I had to make to do with the location. Interestingly it turned out to be a pretty cool location and one that I may return to in future for other shoots. The barn was well covered over, with only some daylight seeping in from behind the car. I tried to balance out the light with a Nikon SB800 Speedlight at camera left on 1/8 power, shooting through an on flash diffuser. Camera right, I had a Canon 580EX II on 1/4 power, shooting into a reflective umbrella that was high above the car. This was all shot on a Canon EOS 40D with a Sigma 10-20 lense. If your interested, the EXIF information should still be attached.

It may be a long time before this car breaks cover, but I have an awful feeling it'll be worth the wait …

BTW Martin would like to thank his sponsors for their help : Origin Europe, Plastics 4 Perfomance, Dragon Performance, HSD Ireland, WKD Imports, KM Crash Repair and Wexican Motorsport.

Hit up the desktops section for the download.

-Paddy McGrath



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Sweet tips :) Just started to get into photographing cars, and any help I can get is great. Off to Oulton Park in a few weeks for the UK Time Attack and EDC round 1 event so hope to be up to speed on a few more tips by then.


Thanks, wonderful desktop. That single image embodies everything that racing's about. Backyard workshops rule, f*** top-class, super-tidy shops where you could eat your dinner off the ground.


Cheers Paddy its always good to know the techniques and setups for these pics


thank you Paddy McGrath !

amazing picture!!


Wow, this race car looks serious. Check out the single nut wheels. I wonder why it was left alone in an old barn? Weird.


Altezza's like this are so bad ass!