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When Rod asked me to write an article on some up and coming builds from Ireland, I already knew what and who to write about. Some of you may remember Martin Ffrench's Altezza build from January, some of you may have seen him drifting the Race of Champions track  on the new Redline Magazine DVD and even more of you will be aware of his talent behind the wheel. I've known Martin a few years now and I've come to learn that he won't settle for anything but absolute, one hundred percent perfection. Add to that, the imagination and technical skills required to build not one, not two, but three Altezza's with different configurations for 2009.

You know about the SR20 powered road car, you know about the SR22 powered Irish drift car and the 13B Rotary drift car for the United Kingdom. The car pictured above and below, is none of these …

Martin ran a round of the Irish Time Attack series last year in his infamous S14.5 drift car, setting fastest 2WD time on the day.

This brought him back to his earlier point to point racing days, that quest for the perfect time from an inch perfect run. This is where the fourth car comes in …

This is something special. What you see is an SXE10 shell, wrapped in a full carbon fibre and kevlar JGTC kit. Carbon fibre doors, wings, quarters, arches, bonnet, trunk and kevlar bumpers front and rear. This is Martin's 2010 Irish Time Attack car. I've been speaking to Martin briefly about this build, but the main point is it needs to be not just fast, but have the ability to absolutely decimate the Time Attack scene.

Over the next few months, Martin will be closely examining the rules and regulations of Time Attack to build a legitimate car that will be unstoppable. He's currently exploring his options of not just what engine to use, but where to mount it.

Obviously, it's going to be light and sub 900KG's is the target. He doesn't just want it to be fast, he want's to put the fear of God into the other competitors before it's even unloaded at the track. Power, presence and capability.

More updates on this and other builds on Speedhunters soon …

-Paddy McGrath



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Damn...Im fearing God just looking at the shell...


this is going to get intersting


Wow! Amazing. Will this be better than the HKS time attack SPL Altezza? What about a boxer engine? or a longitudinally placed FMR 4G63?


Oh... my...


That shell is already an amazing piece of art! :o


this car is just incredible...


I think he should put a twin turbo 1UZFE, smooth power all the way and crazy amounts of tourque :)


Please post up his other cars. THey sound noteworthy as well!


"He doesn't just want it to be fast, he want's to put the fear of God into the other competitors before it's even unloaded at the track."

- theres no doubt in my mind it will do just that, get the boys at RCM some new undies!


That first photo is SO FRIGGING GOOD in SO MANY WAYS


thats just so sexy.


The word GNAR pretty much sums those snaps up pretty well.

Both the car, and the locale.


wen i saw that first picture for the first time
i actually choked on my coffee & shouted holy sh*t

theres only a few cars that have ever had that effect on me

PLEASE follow this build & PLEASE desktop the first or second picture


Hot damn! We MUST get updates on this build..


first pic, wallpaper NOW! please


Those wheels are nuts! I'm excited to see the finished project! EPIC!




Someone has money.


I need a change of pants and underwear...........................


Reminds me of that old carbon HKS Altezza. Neat.


Its going to have to be quick to keep up with Andy Gallacher's Focus that is also running in the new Unlimited TA class, Looks awesome so far.


Thanks for all the coments much appreciated. This is on the back burner for a month or two till i get a few things done with the other 3 projects. All sxe10's.

The photos are by the one and only paddy mcgrath big up to him. (awsome)


i hope he shows up to the track and M-M-M-M-MONSTER KILLs the competition, looks like it has some amazing potential.


i'm curious as to which powerplants have been tabled as options... i would be looking at things like: audi 20v straight 5 (like in the old quattros), cossie engines :D, basically small boosted engines


Awesome project going on. It looks like a lot more work needs to be done to the chassis though.

I say a 1JZ is WAY too heavy.

A simple 3S-GE boosted fits in perfectly. The firewall is already cut, push it back 4-5 inches (like the Drift Works S15). Lower the block as much as possible, and run a dry sump.

OR, relocate the engine in the rear, like the new JGTC cars.


If you could write a small post on his s14.5 time attack car that would be awesome!


those wheel arches are wierd

dont think seen them on a car where they curve back into the wheel lol


I agree the JZ series motor will be too heavy, maybe a new v8 motors? Like they always say there is no replace for displacement, a 5.0+ liter V8 with 12:1 compression? haha just a idea. Can't wait to see what this beast will do on the track.




yup, jealous


If anything, he should be using something similar to the GT300 Supra's - A worked Beams 3S-GTE, or perhaps a decently tuned SR if his previous efforts are anything to go by. That way he wont overpower the chassis. The object is to be fast around a track, not to fry tyres.

Typerex187: Not totally bagging you, but that saying comes from a time when you did need a whopping V8 to make any sort of power over 150hp. Nowadays, a 1.4L VW Tsi engine will do 200hp from factory. Even back in the 80's and 90's this comment was outdated, with various small engined cars totally mopping the floor of 5.0L V8's. Time to lay that saying to rest.


Some of the pics on your blog, are just soooo f*****g amazing! I'd really like to download them in wallpaper size, or even buy them and print some posters! Like the first pic in this post! Soooo beautiful!!!!!


I'll get a desktop of the first image to Rod shortly.


I covered the Time Attack event for Prodrift Series back in March last year, here's a link to the original article ..


I'm just lost for words, that is one of the sickest builds I've ever seen coming from Ireland. Even better than D-Mac's carbon AE86, bar none. Can't wait to see the finished product....

As for the engine, anything Toyota wise could be good. 2JZ-GTE, 3S-GTE, 4A-GE 20V, 2GR-FSE, 1GZ-FE, the list goes on and on....


Is this build even legal for Time Attack competition?

Looks like the shock towers have been completely removed.

Have you been speaking with Andy and Glen to see if this car complies with the UK Time Attack rules?


First pic needs to be wallpaper for sure


Who said anything about competing in the UK ?

Wallpapers will be up shortly !


Okay.... competing, somewhere...



Somewhere else in Europe?



the original strut towers and chassi is still there and the car passes timeattack regs just hav to reinstall the bulkhead. (and car will be based in ireland)


wow. speachless


Yesterday we looked at Martin's 2010 Time Attack project . During the middle of the article I mentioned