Random Snap>> Enjoy Rain With Na Works!

The rain isn't all bad. Sometimes the rain is a good thing, especially if you like conserving tires!

Check out this photo, featuring an AE71, aka nana-ichi Corolla Levin from drift team NA Works. NA Works has been known for having some of the coolest looking TE71s and AE71s in Japan for quite some time. Back in the days when I was shooting for Hashiriya Battle Magazine, NA Works was in BM like every single month, with their medium gray 4AG 20v AE71! And with good reason! Awesome cars and awesome driving.

-Antonio Alvendia



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WTF is a donk?


weriz all da DonKs At?

My BoY LiL KriS HaS oNe dEm SAme Nissanz HellA DonKd Out. KLean LikE da oNe In Da Picta.


Will someone please flag and remove my coment regarding donks!.... I must admit I had no intention of posting somthing as ridiculous as that here (well at least not with my name associated) ... Im indeed embarrassed. ill try and flag it down my self.


Antonio, I see that badge with the letter C on some E70's from Japan. I was surprised that I saw a Corolla DX, as it is called here in the Philippines with that badge on my way to school (I see many E70's on my way to school dunno why). On what model/year did Toyota put on those badges?

And, I might sound stupid for saying this, I looked over the post for the word "donk" and did not find any. What the hell does "donk" have to do with this post? LOL.


Hi Kevin, I'm not exactly sure, but I think Toyota used that same exact "C" badge from 1980-1983 on certain models of the TE71/72. (Don't call it an E70, it sounds like you're talking about a BMW!) TE71/72 or AE71/72 is more precise.

Anyway that C badge is a more modern evolution of the C (Corolla) badge from the mangos - 1971-1974 Corollas. The name Corolla came from a piece of a flower or something like that... therefore the 1971-1974 Corolla badges that came from Japan used a C with two flower petal-like shapes on the sides of it, with three stars above it, which kind of resemble those __________ (I don't remember what you call it, it's been a while since I was in Biology class) stem-looking things that come out of the middle of a flower.

In the early 70s, Toyotas that were exported to the USA, Philippines, Australia, Europe, etc used trim pieces and emblems that were more similar to their Japan counterparts. However, in the early 80s, Toyota Motor Sales USA began branding Toyota name more in the USA, and since they wanted to develop the Toyota brand, the cool Japanese "C" emblems were replaced with a lame US-version TOYOTA emblem on the grills of the cars. This is why the US version TE72s and AE86s have that TOYOTA badge on the front, instead of the "C" or "Levin" or "Trueno."

"Donk" is a term started from the "urban" car community (mostly itim) for the ridiculous (redonkulous) looking 1980s American domestic sedans that began popping up in the Southern States of the United States several years back. I remember the first time I ever saw one of these cars... we were at a club in South Florida (Coconut Grove to be exact) for the Drift Showoff Miami event/D1 Driver Search in 2004, and we saw a bunch of these cars driving slowly down the street.

They were brightly painted (alot of bright gaudy colors) and had 24 inch chrome rims, colored underbody neon bulbs, loud stereo systems, and the cars were actually RAISED like a 4x4 to fit those huge redonkulous wheels on them.

This was a more ghetto-centric movement that kind of stemmed from the DUB and lowrider crowds, but a little bit more ghetto. Most DUB style cars and SUVs are newer, and they just put those huge wheels on them, with or without lowering the cars. Donks are always RAISED. so sad.

Back in 2005 or 2006, Harris Publications, the makers of the awesome 0-60 Magazine, as well as RIDES Magazine and King Magazine (urban focused mags) fused their urban lifestyle magazines with this new car movement to create the "DONKS, Boxes, and Bubbles Magazine" which basically kind of solidified the name for the movement and the style. I can't stand those types of cars personally, but the photography in the magazine is actually really good - thanks to Rides photographer Tony Harmer!

DANG I can't believe I just did a breakdown that dropped knowledge on 1970s/1980s Toyota car names and emblems and the history of Donks in the same comment.

LOL this is crazy. (BTW, I think that original Donk comment was a joke, dude.)


That "C" emblem was still used on AE86's...in the centre of the steering wheel :)


I have to agree, drifting in the rain is extremely fun and good for budget drifters! haha! ^^


Benson... is that so on Aus/NZ or UK AE86s? Didn't know that. US domestic versions didn't have them. Damn it.


Wow, thanks for sharing man. That was a long reply. Hehe. I see, i see. Now I know more about these Toyotas because I'm planning to get one after I save up and renew my license. Hahaha! I call it E70 cause I'm not sure if they are AE or TE or 70/71/72. I've seen a couple of zenki TE71/72's in here with round headlights but they don't have the rectangular trims around the headlights like the JDM model. Round headlights look way cooler. People always laugh at me when I tell them that my dream car is a Corolla DX, but I feel sorry for them because they don't know the magic that this car holds. LOL. We own an EE90 Corolla with that crappy 2E engine. The ride is very uncomfortable cause of the engine I think. Feels like an old Isuzu diesel engine found in many jeepneys. Any tuning ideas for that one? or should we get rid of it? And yeah, in our city, there are no tuned TE71/72's done up JDM style, all I see are tuned Hondas with fake Mugen and Desmond Spoon wheels. That's a shame cause these old Toyotas can look way better with a set of nice wheels with stepped lips.

About the flower, you mean, the stamen? Hahaha!

Oh, I can recall seeing these donks on some magazines, TV, etc. So these are called donks, now i know. These are popular in Atlanta right? Bling bling dubs with spinners are redonkulous. Hahaha.


Haha thanks Antonio, that was a really in-depth answer lol I'm guessing this whole "donk" thing must be a US only style huh? sorry to side-track your post though...



thats a very nice picture right there.

i want one of those. XD


haha yes, I'm happy to say the donk style hasn't spread to europe yet. although there was a donk cressida or something at the 2008 Tokyo Auto Salon. i think it was a joke though.