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As another perfect weather weekend in Southern California finishes off, I find myself thinking about Japan more and more. Looking through one of my terabyte hard drives full of photos, I spotted this JZX100 in my D1 Street Legal folder. I was lucky enough to see and hear this in person… it was awesome. Just remembering the incredible sound of the turbocharged 2JZGTE engine roaring at high rpm, with the hollow sounding 6 cylinder exhaust note bouncing against the legendary blue walls and pit garages of Ebisu South Course… it makes me feel the need to book a ticket to Japan asap.

So, what do you guys think about the orange wheels? I like them, minus the stickers. I know D1 cars are pretty much ALL stickered up, but for me, you just can't beat the clean look of a Kanagawa style street drifting car. I love clean 4-door Toyota drifting sedans like this. Maybe I should sell my AE86 in Japan and buy a JZX100 to see what it's like.

Which body style of JZX100 do you prefer? I prefer Chasers for sure, but it's just one opinion… I wonder if there's anyone out there who would rather have a Mark II or Cresta?

-Antonio Alvendia



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Chasers look very dope, but Mark II looks just as cool. We all love JZXs in Speedhunters! What about some Supra posts? or Altezzas? Toyota month's been like Toyota Drift Car and Toyota Racing History month. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE all these posts but it's just a part of Toyota tuning culture. What about some newer Toyotas, like Wangan-spec Supras, touge-spec MR-S's. stuff like that.


I love 100 Chasers the most.


Chasers for sure its my fav Toyota


81/82 or 110

everything in the middle is just eh


JZX 100 Chaser For Life


i love mark 2's. too bad the chaser and mark II were never released here but I have a cressida that i'm building thats going to be pretty sick by summer of next year.


Chasers are the model for me. I swear Toyota always hold all the good stuff from us in the States.


I'm realy a MarkII man, chasers are awsome to. But if i could choose it would be a JZX110 or GRX120!


Kevin, thanks so much for your comment. Man I have a friend who owns two awesome Supras..... JZA70 and JZA80 but the guy hasn't called me back yet!!!!!!


I own a factory manual E-JZX100 Tourer V Chaser - it's my 2nd, I love it to bits, a lot more than other cars I've owned: R33 GTR, Evo 7, S14 etc, it just ticks all the boxes for me. I'll definitely email pics of it to one one of you Speedhunter guys when I finish it.

Always love seeing pics of them from Japan, so much inspiration. I quite like that Traum/Real Dream kit with the Origin bonnet <8<8<8.


I prefer Chaser for the JZX100. The taillights of the Cresta looks so off.

As for the 110 the MarkII is my choice.


I love those orange wheels.... but Im still debating If I love them on that car.... I certanly like em tho.

To put it in prospective, If the wheels were a girl, I would go to dinner or the movies, and I would certantly sleep with her, but she wouldent meet my friends.

as far as what JZX100 Do I perfer?... I must be retarted but Ive alwease had a hard time telling the JZX's apart. And Looks wise I achually perfer the JZX90.

But really Ive achually had a secret crush on the Mark II Blit ever sence It came out. And furthermore Ive never seen one done up to any extent worth noticing. If Only I could optain one.......


TougeNoMikado: you're hilarious.

For the JZX90 kyumaru, in my opinion, the JZX90 Mark II is the best one. Hands down, no question. It's all about the long, sleek taillights.

For JZX81 hachichi, I think the Mark II is also the best by far, especially because of the long trunk and rear roofline. Very nice!!!

For JZX100 though, it's all Chaser, all the way for me.

Hmmmmm JZX110, yeah I never really thought about it much, but the MarkII does look pretty damn good, like what Warren said. Especially after watching the Magician JZX110s on our last trip to Japan. Damn!!!


JayZEDex100: haha judging from your screen name, I'd guess you're in Aus or NZ? Well, Canadians say Zed too, but they don't have JZX100s.

haha 4AGZedE. 350Zed. I'm still not used to hearing it, hehe


Yea Antonio, I'm from New Zealand :).


i have a jzx100 chaser and im also from nz, love it to bits, if anyone wants more ideas etc you should check out the jzx90/100 world forums

good bunch of guys there and some top notch x-chassis cars

once im done with my 100 i would love a 110 verossa


can you link us to the forums pls?



Pic threads:

X90/100 Chaser pics: http://www.jzx100.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=1107

X90/100 Mark 2: http://www.jzx100.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=1108

X90/100 Cresta: http://www.jzx100.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=1109

X110 Mark 2: http://www.jzx100.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=3115

X110 Verossa: http://www.jzx100.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=3116


you have to sign in tho to see them all

rgds jarred aka flawles


Definately JZX100 Chaser.

Id love to have one here in US.