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When Toyota first launched the Scion xB (AKA Toyota bB) in the US several years ago, it was marketed heavily to those who like to "personalize" their car. That means that there's lots of modified ones out there, and unfortunately a lot of them are quite tacky. Luckily, there are also a lot of tastefully done versions out there, and someone recently gathered a bunch of them up or a photoshoot. I spotted this photo in the Clubroadster.net "Dope Sh*tzzz!" thread, but don't have any other info. Any of our xB readers have more info on this meet? Whatever the story is, it's quite a display.

Source: Club Roadster



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This is so funny looking piece of style )


got camber?


Though I've never been a huge fan, I think other companies could learn a lot from Scion's personalization programs. I think it's a cool idea to be able to customize your car right at the dealer, and most importantly, still retain a full warranty.


I know these things are not very functional (you won't see any bB's running 59 sec at Tsukuba), they have tons of style, especially done up right. These bBs/xB's look great. Makes me want one. Love it!


I <3 bB's, known about them since they were fresh on the streets in japan, that makes me OG :P


seriously though there's something about this car that really appeals to me. maybe it was the fact that you could get a subwoofer as an optional extra from the factory. ;D


Nothing better than seeing a clean bB/xB slammed to the ground on some deep dish wheels with the perfect amount of negative camber. Good way to start the Toyota month!


Here is the link to the thread where this picture came from.


Oddly enough it's on HondaTech. But enjoy.


those are my fellow bB owners from http://www.bbsquad.net check it out... some of the hottest bB stateside!



I was gonna say it was the bbsquad. They even have their own billboard somewhere in CA!


Awesome crew..


looks like somebody is watching Family Guy in the passenger seat headrest of that bB


oh wow I assumed these are Japanese cars, my bad.


except thats where the driver sits


Those are the bB Squad guys. They are pretty much the epitome of the vip styled xB craze in the US. Love their boxes. And that wasn't a meet, most of those guys hang out regularly and take pics, but always sick pics.

here is my box, im not bB squad.




Its really too bad that Toyota didnt bring the REAL new Bb to the US. The American new model Xb looks like crap garbage.

How sick is this thing: http://www.kenstyle.co.jp/info2.php?id=177


Yup thats us. some of the socal peeps and las vegas peeps came together for a small shoot. Antonio actually shot my car a while back. Visit bBSquad.net. and look out for our first shoot of 09 coming soon!


man this is so tight. I am a member of bBsquad and thanks much to all for the props. but you should really check out our site there is much more sexyness there from our members and non-members :D


what style? box style?

it looks like vintage volvos ;D lol


Damn this is sick!!....I'm very proud to be a Squad member.... we doin it big fellas.... we stretch frmo east to west coast.... we even have non-squad members as far a s russia! (DuDe)


how more info you want? lone Chicago member checking in


yup... nothing like family guy and a shoot to spend the day!! it keeps the kids entertained!!


@ bobberz: I don't think anyone's prepared to give you a warranty with that amount of camber. They do look very nice though. :D


I am not a bBSquad member and will probably never get an invite as they are invitation only, but I am a member of their site and they have some of the sweetest rides I've seen. but don't forget about us little xB guys out there for Toyota Month.





Proud member of the Squad here in Vegas... Thanks for all the kind comments, dont forget to check out the site...


no jim im with you in chicago! holla


bB Squad member here reppin Arizona with the now retired creater of the crew. This is pretty cool getting recognized outside the forums.