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2009 for a lot of people, myself included, has gotten off to a bit of a poor start. It seems that every day brings more bad news: the world economy is in a meltdown, people are losing their jobs, their homes and we're not sure if several of the world's automotive companies will last the spring. It's all doom and gloom isn't it?

So when I'm feeling a bit low, where can I turn, to make myself feel just a wee bit better? Aside from the affections of my lovely lady, I quite enjoy immersing myself in automobilia. I collect both motorsports books and die casts models…. and one of the best places in the world to find these items is Wilkinson's Automobilia in Vancouver, Canada. It's a little slice of happiness in a seemingly dark, moody world.

Collectibles for Gearheads… sounds like heaven to me.

Inside are cases and cases of die cast joy…. my wife was comparing my growing 1/43 Group 5 race car collection to little candies….I'd have to agree with her…. 

This appears to be a Le Mans and GT themed cabinet.

A nice cross section of racing history: A Group 6 Lancia, Godzilla R32 touring car and a 1997 FIA GT Mercedes CLK-GTR…. all very fine models.

Le Mans meets JGTC meets ETCC…. nice one…..

Moving across the shop we find ourselves at the Rally cabinet.

Do any of you collect WRC cars? The entire history of modern WRC seems to be here in one spot.

Hey in Japan do people day Fairlady Zee or Fairlady Zed?

I was looking for some vintage Toyota pins but didn't see anything…. Mazda is well represented though.

And on to the 1/18 scale displays… Someone has a fetish for Daytonas I see…. One of my fav Ferraris.

The next display over is devoted to dragsters, rods and muscle cars. Anything appeal to you?

Love this Mickey Thompson 1/24 scale Vega Funny Car… makes me feel like I'm 4 years old all over again…

… if I had to drop some cash on one of these models it would be for a '33 Willys Gasser…. so cool…

I am trying to contain my die cast collecting to only 1/43 scale Group 5 cars…. this 1982 spec Lancia Beta Monte Carlo Turbo is currently keeping me awake at night… I would prefer the Martini version of the car though….

I did end up picking up the blue Pioneer Ferrari 512BB LM in the second row…. if I was a full on Ferrari fan I'm sure I'd be bankrupt by now! Look at all those vintage sports cars!

… some 1/18 Auto Unions. Amazingly detailed models… how come there aren't any high quality drift or time attack models like these? If such models were available would you buy them?

Other parts of the shop are devoted more towards vintage automobilia like these old Hot Wheels. I used to have a few of these cars.

In the shelf above, are these Matchbox and Corgi models… something I've personally never gotten into.

I remember when I was a kid I would spend hours hanging out at the local hobby shops looking at all the model kits. Large scale models were always on the top shelf; well away from my small arms… they always seemed to be made of unobtainium…. Wilkinson's follows this trend by mounting these kits far, up near the ceiling…. thus increasing a sense of desire no doubt!

I'm pretty sure that Scalelectrics are not geared at all to kids are they? How many 7 year olds are going to be pining after a 1979 spec Group 5 Lancia? Not too many I'm sure…. Me though on the other hand…..

If JCTC slot cars are your thing then there is a fix for you….. or Group B rally cars? No problem…

This 1/18 Mazda Cosmo stopped me dead in my tracks. Looks like a beautifully detailed model.

Of course model cars are only a portion of the joys on offer at Wilkinson's. They have a great selection of new and vintage automotive books, manuals and magazines to cover any of your car interests.

I usually have a close look at the hot rod section….

See anything you like?

The British car section is quite in depth…. You would expect UK-ish people to spend a lot of effort cross-examining their automotive history and culture…

By contrast, the Japanese book section to me feels like it has less depth. Perhaps the scene is not old enough for a wide selection of serious cultural or history books to have been produced? Not sure.

I did quite like the look of this vintage Datsun 280ZX book though. Love the cover illustration.

There are shelves and shelves of vintage magazines and service manuals at Wilkinson's… quite incredible no? I feel so blessed to live a few blocks from this fantastic shop.

So can you link us up to your own local automobilia shop? I'd like to know how many stores like this exist around the world.


Wilkinson's Automobilia Online Shop



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People in Japan would probably say Fairlady ZETO.


ok, you've sold me...i'll have to pop along and have a look. just need to leave the wallet at home :)


My favourite toy store - I've a room dedicated to just the toys I've gotten from there over the years. Great collectibles, fantastic staff and car people to boot. Visit and bring money, you'll find something you love, no matter where your tastes lie.


Ohh wow.. I would spend so much kash In that place.

On the one hand It makes me wish there was a shop like that here... but on the other hand maby its ok I cant find one because I must have seen 20 things alone in this post that I would buy like that.

But If I do find an awsome shop like that in the SF bay area ill post it up. Last one even half as good as that one that I ust to go to closed down.

In japan its zet, pronounced as ? ? ? wich sounds as Fuearedei Zeto, rather then zee or zed.


Not as rad as Auto Motif... but definitely awesome.


WOW, i would go crazy in there. i have always dreamed of having a collection of 1:18 race car models.

No road cars just racers from all walks of life, rally to nascar to f1 to le mans to v8 supercars (here in oz) to GT1/2/3. i think i would need my entire spare bedroom covered wall to wall in glass cabinets.

Ahh... i can see it now.... the shake of the head from the wife is most prominent!


I recommend 1/43.... they are easier on the wallet and the selection of cars is infinite....


This place is amazing. I would like to display my collection like this someday.


Hey Rod, I think that model is a Mercedes not an Auto Union, either W125 or W154 I can't quite remember. Awesome models anyway.


Just checked, its a W154. Nerd alert!




Somehow I'm glad there's no shop as awesome as Wilkinson's within a 500km radius from me; I'd go very broke just buying those sweet models and I'll never have money for anything else!


This guy needs to put up a website to sell his stuff.


It's pronounced "zeddo"( ???).


R E S P E C T! :D


hechtspeed have a look at the link at the bottom of the story :>


In Japan we pronounce Z as "zetto," so we call Fairlady Zetto in general, not Zed, Zeto or Zeddo.

Believe me because I am Japanese.


40 now. My most magical memory from childhood, was the hobby shop with shelves & shelves of corgi die-cast cars & racers. Not for decades now have I seen such a shop, but for my fading memory that I cling to. Until now. Its a fair bet, that were I to live nearby this magic kingdom, I would loose touch with all things outside, and resign my life to living "in" this little shop. What a treasure!! At the very best, Vancouver will have some new tourism from us, for the lone specific mission of spending time in this hall of awesome!!

Superb article! What a treat indeed!


My collection is mostly 1/18 F1, Imports, Ferrari's, and GT race cars. I would definitely buy 1/18 Drift/Time Attack. Suprisingly my favorites are Muscle Machine Import Tuners which are kinda ricey, but lowered with good stance and not expensive. The orange Alfa (No. 83) above the Daytonas would be bad for my wallet.


Definitely have to go check it out.... I didn't know there was such a jewel in vancouver


Isotta-Fraschini pin *___________*


i'm going to canada pretty soon; i'll have to check this place out!


This collection is really nice!!

Them Hot Wheels are called "Redlines",they are really exclusive and usually expensive...and they are just beautiful!


Man, it's so hard to find good Automobilia shops here in the USA (so I go to Japan for my fix - LOL). Quality diecast in general seems to be neglected, in favor of Hot Wheels and cheaper produced large scale models.

There's a couple of major sellers and a bunch of minor players for literature online & on eBay (Johnson's and Walter Miller, I think).

Here in So Cal there is a diecast & model shop called Prestige Hobbies located in Anaheim (good for NASCAR, Dragsters and Hot Wheels), and then there's Jay Leno's favorite local shop in Burbank, Auto Books (plenty of books, magazines and some diecast).


did you see any CRX'es in 1:18 in there?


Nice nice collection !!!


So much cool stuff I wouldn't know where to begin! My personal weaknesses are vintage sports car and hot rod magazines from the '50s-'60s and those vintage pins. I don't have enough $$ to think about buying die cast models, but if I won the lottery, I'd probably buy the whole store! Too bad I don't think there's anything like this in D.C. :(


Never knew there was such a cool place so close to me!


Yeah I love that place, and as a bonus it's 5 blocks from my house


??? - Ya my bad I for got the extra t or ? (my speaking is ok but my writing sucks)


Remember how fantastic childhood birthdays were? I remember I used to have huge parties when I was a