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I'm going to be completely honest here. Back in my high school days when I spent Friday nights cruising with my buddies in a 5.0 Mustang, if someone came up to me and said that in a few years I'd consider 1980's Toyota sedans to be "cool", I would have laughed at them. In those days, I saw cars like the Corolla and Cressida as nothing more than beaters that parents handed down to their kids.

However, when I picked up my first AE86 a couple years later, I started learning more about other vintage Toyotas and they joined my growing list of "cool cars". Whether you are talking about Soarers, Crestas, Mark II's, or others, there's something great about these boxy Toyotas – especially when they are sitting low on a nice set of vintage Japanese wheels.

For this post I'll be showing a few of the late '70s and early '80s Toyotas I've spotted in Japan over the past year. As you'll notice, a great deal of these shots were taken at JCCA New Year Meeting, which is one the best places in the world to see classic Toyotas of all types.

The X30 and X40 Chaser/Mark II is one of my favorite body styles from this period. This one is looking right with overfenders, SSR Mk.II's, and a chin spoiler. There's actually a guy in Japan that drifts a two-door version of one of these cars. Unfortunatley he lives down in Kyushu so I haven't been able to see it in person.

The simple, boxy GX71 is of the most popular cars in the kyusha scene. There are a few different body styles of the GX71, with the Mark II's headlights and roofline making it one of the more "sporty" versions.

The Corona has always occupied a strange spot between the smaller Corolla, and larger sedans like the Mark II and Crown. You really don't see "fixed up" Coronas too often. This one looks pretty cool lowered on a set of widened black steel wheels. If you squint your eyes, it actually kind of looks like Hakosuka GT-R sedan…

You can't talk about '80s JDM Toyotas with out mentioning the Z10 Soarer. It's simplistic styling lends itself well to the classic "shakotan" look, or to heavy modifications like long nose conversions, aggressive fender flares, and giant exhaust pipes. The Soarer was also one of the primary cars from the Shakotan Boogie manga series.

Here's a properly done nana maru Corolla with an set of negative offset Work Equips and custom fender work. There are lot of nice 70-chassis Corollas out there, but this car is one of my favorites.

Then again, this one is pretty nice too. You might remember it from my MSC Nikko coverage last year.

Or how about a home-built turbocharged Mark II wagon taking laps at Tsukuba Circuit? Toyota actually kept this body style of the Mark II wagon in production through the late 1990's. Like the Nissan Sunny Truck, it proved to be a popular work vehicle in Japan.

Here's another Z10 Soarer equipped with period style aero parts. Unlike newer models, the customization parts for these old cars usually have to be one-offed or purchased from small specialty shops. The customization also extends to the interiors which will be filled with old school Carrozzeria or "Lonseome Car-boy" audio equipment.

I'm not sure how many colors Toyota offered the GX71 in, but about 95% of them seem to be white. Obviously the purple on this Mark II was not a factory color choice…

Finally, another shot of the 1JZ-powered GX71 that pops up regularly at Kanto area drift events.

Well, so much for hand-me-down high school beaters.

-Mike Garrett



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Cool stuff. I'm starting to love these 1980s boxy cars more and more.


Great posting! :)

I'm really starting to appreciate the older Mark II and Chaser models since I started to blog about Bosozoku styling. I agree with you: especially the X3/X4 are the best styled Mark IIs! I even posted about the X3/X4 this morning:

BTW: this is part two, I must have missed part one, but I couldn't find it... Got a link to part one for me?


Is that an oil cooler or something dangling the front of a couple of those cars?


In the first picture is a LHD Subaru Brat. Is that OEM pinstriping? Wow.


Second picture.


I love the enthusiasm that these guys put into their cars. Hopefully when I get to Japan next year I can

catch the bug and get crazy with a car of my own.


you litterally just made my day.


@MYL yes, in most cases that is an oil cooler... Real bosozoku style. ;)

(in some cases it is just show... )


Ke70 ftw I love it


Ke70 ftw I love it


I love that white GX71 Mark II so bad!!!

It's super sexy!


The white KE70 4 door Corolla drifting at MSC Nikko looks fun. White Z10 Soarer with 80's aero also looks cool. I used to drive a slammed '85 Celica coupe that would fit Showa Toyota Style. It looked very similer to the car in the following link:

I miss that car :(


Oh! @ the 4th pic again. I remember those factory hood vents as well, and quad round lights and that infamous Corona emblem. I'll never forget those! I thought they looked really classy.


4th picture! I just gotta childhood flashback... Man, my family used to own one of those back in the Philippines. 1975 Toyota Corona! Flesh colored kinda like an off-yellowish taxi. I remember it having a lot of rust. My mom had the body sorta restored with new sheet metal on the rust spots. Then, had it colored metallic-steel-gray-like. And added new 14" alloy wheels (unknown brand) which looked liked those Alpina wheels on BMW's.. Multi-spoked, plus offset, with a cover for the lugnuts. I thought it looked cool back then. It was 1989 or 1990 and I was 12, I think. I would like to see more of those type of Corona's. Even the newer, 80's Corona's looked great. I remember those having quad rectangular headlights. I hope to see some of those as well... Sorry, I'm reliving my childhood memories of those cars.


Oh! @ the 4th pic again. I remember those factory hood vents as well, and quad round headlights and that infamous Corona emblem. I'll never forget those! I thought they looked really classy.


Influenced by the Toyota gatherings done by SpeedHunters, A few Toyota owners here in Jordan decided