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Nogami Project, or "NOPRO" as it's better known, is one of Japan's biggest Roadster specialty shops. The NOPRO catalog includes everything from hardcore chassis components to GT style wide-body conversions. For a smaller company, NOPRO is extremely active in motorsport, and its biggest achievement has to be the 13B-powered Roadster that ran during the mid '90s in the JGTC (now Super GT) GT300 class. The shop's website has a number of vintage photos of this car in action, and my favorite was this shot of the car being chased by a pair of Castrol Supras and Lamborghini Diablo.

Check out the site for more.

OK, time to get ready for my busy weekend which includes going to Fuji Speedway for the HKS Premium Day, and then to Odaiba for the JCCA New Year Meeting. Wish me luck!


-Mike Garrett



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I blogged about this last summer as well. For more pics and info on Nopro click here to see two different posts I did about it (including my personal pics of a newer generation Nopro demo car and a sick fire shooting picture of the car pictured above):





A Diablo in JGTC??!!! Awesome! A Miata IN FRONT of a JGTC Diablo? Unbelievable!!! I imagine he's about to be overtaken;)


Wow not 1 but 2 TOM's Supras!!! I like how the roadster is being chased by the big dog cars that's a nice sight not often seen enough these days, and holy wow ftw gotta love that Diablo its SO WIDE haha.


great photo!


ah, the good old days of JGTC. Great photo.


Wow...... never imagined the NOPRO JGTC Roadster would look like this. For one I always thought the car would have some over the top wide body kit and a mean stance like all the other JGTC cars, but it just looks so stock! Apart from the front bumper, rear wing, hardtop and the wide fenders it basically looks just like a normal Miata.


Look closer, the dude is checking his mirror.


a car almost as mythical media wise as the kraft (1JZ powered) trueno~


Did anyone think of the (likely) possibility that the Miata isn't on the lead lap? The Supras and Lambo are probably the lead traffic lapping him and he's checking his mirror to make sure he's out of their way.

Cute car though.