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A few weeks ago when I went to Tsukuba Circuit to get some extra shots for my Temple of Speed story, I happened to arrive just as a big RX7 meeting was wrapping up. I didn't know the event was going on and I was kicking myself for not coming earlier and shooting it for Mazda Month. There were a few cars still hanging around in the paddock though, and one of them was the RX8 demo car from Fujita Engineering. There are a lot of tuned RX8's in Japan, but this one is probably my favorite. I love circuit-tuned street cars like this, and I don't think there's a single thing I'd change if this were my car…


-Mike Garrett



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tony angelo's Formula D Rx8 is by far much sexier and awesome.


nuff said!


this car is super sexy... as of late ive been much more into the circuit look than the drift look..


Further proof that the mandatory licence plate plinth in the UK totally ruins the front end of the RX8.


Indeed that is one of the Finest Street RX8's ive ever seen!

Hmm If it were mine (wich would be bloody awsome) Id go for some differnt colour wheels..... eather black with red acents or floresent yellow... other wise I think it looks fanbleadingtastic!


I would say I agree. The FEED RX7 from the Option Vids of the Touge Battle is my favorite RX7 and this RX8 by FEED is one of my favs too. Thanks for posting


Tony angelo's RX8 is pretty ugly to be honest. The FEED RX8 is probably the best shop/race RX8 out there. Too bad its pretty slow compared to other platforms. I liked this car better when it had AVS wheels on it.


VERTEX makes an awesome RX8 kit too. You see it on the JIC D1SL RX8.



you must be high on JDM fanboy. not suprising reading most of the pots on speedhunters. swinging.



that rx-8 rulz but is not too fast...

But what is the code of the rx-8?


i think its SE3P.

anyway, i love this RX8. the graphics reminds me from those of nismo though.


dousan, compared to FEED RX8, that drift RX8 is ugly. Its not about being a fanboy, its just stating the obvious. Look at how clean the FEED car is. Sick kit, clean color, Advans, brides, boosted, big brakes, baller GTwing, and I bet its still streetable.

That pic you posted just proves my point, thanks for that. Its just another trashy drift car that people with 0 creativity built so they can travel around trying to be cool. Dropped a FD 13b with some bolt ons and a BN kit. To me, no big deal. I'm more of a street car guy and working with what the car got from factory.

Mazda heads please let the 787B colorway die already, its not cool.