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Damn. Just a few weeks after we reported that Honda had halted developed of the next gen NSX, there's word that they are scrapping some of their other projects as well. According to an article published on, Honda is stopping development for the S2000 replacement, the CR-Z sports hybrid, and rear wheel drive luxury sedans that would be powered by a new V8 engine. The toughest news has to be the demise of the S2000 replacement, as it's been one of the most popular Japanese sports cars out there since its debut 10 years ago.

The last time Honda really updated the S2000 was back in 2004, and it makes you wonder how long the aging model will remain in the lineup. As expected, Honda cites the poor auto market as the reason for these cuts. Sad news, but at least this guarantees the popularity of the current S2000 model for quite a while. Now might be a good time to pick one of those up if you were waiting on the now-dead replacement.

Source: Autoweek

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I saw the most recent Top Gear and the Honda Clarity I feel is a huge development in the automotive world. I think Honda is concentrating on more practical developments that can apply to the masses. The hydrogen car is really something to celebrate about. A supercar is just another supercar, and the current S2000 is no slouch still.

I hope other companies like Toyota follow suit, and hopefully even the American companies use this opportunity (and the huge bucks the government gave them) to scrap their current garbage production lines and concentrate on hydrogen cars, low production numbers, but to look towards the future (something they obviously couldn't do before therefore leading to their demise, perhaps they'll follow Honda and look to the future and do the right thing)

I hope to see more hydrogen family cars and vans etc, and more hydrogen pumps. The petrol cars can be used for us car enthusiasts!


Shame that Honda are having to pull the plug but if it is a choice between that and their ultimate survival I think we need to just grit our teeth and bare it. Give it 10-20 years and we might get a Hydrogen Fuelled NSX because Honda took these difficult decisions now :)


I thought the S2000 was already removed from the lineup, 2008 being its last model year?


From what I've read on MotorAuthority, The CR-Z is still a go, it's just the convertible variant that has been dropped. Maybe in a few years I'll be able to afford a used S2k CR.


Honda, as far as the car manufacturers go, only dropped by 6% which is such a miniscule amount. THe reason such a little loss occurred, I believe, is because Honda always brings new, fresh, innovative, and EXCITING vehichles to the table. So by shelving these cars, they're actually hurting themselves....WHY????????


Meh, first the Honda F1 team, then the next gen NSX and now the next gen S2000. If Honda really need to save money they should just cut the Acura brand altogether. I mean most of the Acura cars are based of the Honda counterpart (if not, all of them really...) and with the economical downturn in America, that would probably be a sensible thing to do. Doesn't matter really, all the company are in the same situation as Honda, but at least Honda has already made the move to save themselves before anything else happens.

Just hope that the sale of the Clarity is a success and lead other manufacturers to do the same. I mean hydrogen is definitely the way to go rather than electricity......


It's sad to hear that Honda is killing another great project. The s2k and nsx were my favorite...

It is refreshing to hear that Honda is finally stepping up its game and moving away from fake wheel drive econoboxes to focus on some more real wheel drive sedans.


No NSX.. No S2000 replacment. Feels sad to read this!

Also the new Toyota FR (Toyota/Subaru hybrid) seems to be on ice.



yet another surprise, but how shocking? not very with all the latest announcements. I'll continue to cherish the Hondas of yesterday and today even more, seeing as how Honda and automotive motorsports are seemingly no longer to be supported from HQ. for now at least.


well at least this will give the AP time go get cheap


I think you got it a bit wrong,

I am quite sure they keep developing the CR-Z, but they are not doing a convertible version any more.

I hope they just pause development on the new "NSX"... If you have listened to the sound of that VTEC V10 you will most likely understand!