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By the time you read this article, I'll likely be in the sky somewhere over the Pacific Ocean on my way back to cold and damp Vancouver, Canada. I need to leave for the airport in around 40 minutes so I'm going to quickly show you photos of all the beautiful classic Japanese cars from last weekend's 4&Rotary Nationals in Auckland New Zealand.

Hmmmm I wonder how much this Mazda 1300 is selling for. Looks completely mint…

I was quite taken aback to some degree at just how many cool vintage Japanese cars were on display at the show. It's not necessarily billed as a vintage show per say, but still these cars took up at least a third of the floor, if not more.

What do you think of this Celica? Pretty fantastic all around, no?

I'd say maybe a third of the vintage cars were completely stock, although this old school Corolla seems to be glowing from the inside. Perhaps it has a hydrogen cell powerplant?

Ahh another person for Antonio to become friends with, if this is your car get in contact!  Antonio will be your friend!

In talking to the NZ Performance Car Editors, they told me that the Rotary scene is probably the oldest Japanese car community in New Zealand. It dates back to the 1970s…

The rotary popularity was pretty clear at the show. Would our NZ readers agree with that?

Some big rim styles….

Or are small rims the only way to go?

This RX4 was mint. Reminds me a little bit of the Kenmeri Skyline…

Just sooo clean…

I'm not used to such empty engine bays. Check the oil filler cap…


It's a nice touch..

I would have to say that the vintage Rotary scene in NZ must be one of the strongest of it's type in the world. Does anywhere else in the world compare? Australia maybe?

This post is pushing my rotary knowledge to the limit! A stock RX4 if I'm not mistaken….

And another….

A vintage truck like this would look very cool slammed with stretch and offset…

Another 808 wagon with a RX3 face conversion.

The owner of this Celica opted for the big rim look. The fitment of the rims is tight though…

A very cool Nissan (Datsun?) Sunny. Or is that Datsun 1200 for Kiwi folks?

What do you think… are the wheels working?

Too big or just right? I think this might be one of the better examples of the Oceanic big rim style on old school cars.

If I can work out the graffiti,  this says "Rotang Klan". A crew of around thirty rotar-heads that the drifter Mad Mike is a member of…

You have to commend just how clean the engine bays on these cars are kept.

Can you name all the cars in this shot?

OK I have to catch my flight…


:Rod Chong



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Great shots! Those are some nice oldies. Haha, it's acutally warmer in Calgary for once!


The rear wheel fitment and size works. The front looks funny. Too narrow. I prefer a medium wheel, 15-16.


big wheels + old car = no!


the grafitti says,


sexy cars as usual.


I think the big wheels work okay on that red Capella, but still agree that small to medium size, vintage wheels work much better on these cars. I like the look of vintage Japanese cars slammed on 13-14" wheels that are almost as wide as they are tall sticking out past the wheelwells with bolt on fender flares. That yellow RX4 reminds me of a '68-'69 Ford Torino shape-wise. Any more pics of that little red truck?


Please, for the love of god stop intentionally spelling Rotary incorrectly, ROT-A-RY, not ROT-O-RY. It even says it on the signs in the event.


lol at "FLACID" licence plate on that white car in the second shot


the rims on that Capella are nice in and of themselves, but on that car they're just too big and modern in my opinion... the staggered offsets are, well, off-setting :P


annnnd let's see.. lol clockwise from bottom-left i'll try my best:


rx-4 coupe


rx-3 (black)

too hard to tell (blue)

dunno (light blue far far bg)

dunno (White)

dunno (orange)

808 sedan (red)

rx-3 (yellow, duh :D)


Cheers for the pics Rod, keep it coming with the old school cars.

As for the last pic, from the front RH side, RX2 sedan, RX3 sedan and another RX2 sedan. From the front LHS, JC Cosmo, don't know about the white car, blue KE20 Corolla and a grey RX2 coupe?


I think those big rims look ok when done right. they can't be ostentatious though. Flash=bad


mr. kang, it is definately ROTANG KLAN.


Reading your views on the way our rotary scene is displayed has been quite interesting.


In regards to this comment;

"The rotary popularity was pretty clear at the show. Would our NZ readers agree with that?"

The 4&R would likely be called the Rotary Nationals were it nor for the fact that the early Rotary vehicles also came in piston equivalents and no doubt those owners would feel left out if they were not included. Though yes, Rotary powered vehicles are quite popular here. It's to be expected that there would be a large turnout of them at what is essentially their event.

As for this comment;

"In talking to the NZ Performance Car Editors, they told me that the Rotary scene is probably the oldest Japanese car community in New Zealand. It dates back to the 1970s..."

It simply shows how out of touch with the reality of anything pre-1980's that isn't rotary powered, NZPC is. The largest oldschool scene's in general are obviously the British, America and Australian. Often to the point where Japanese vehicles are looked down upon. Though it's only in recent years that there's more of a known "scene" for Japanese classics in NZ, there has always been one for most Japanese manufacturers, in the same way that the 510 (Datsun 1600/Nissan Bluebird) because famous in America, so it did over here. The B110 and to a lesser extent B210 (Datsun 1200/Nissan Sunny) was the same for fan-base, to a point where NZ had it's own version, a 1200SSS, why would there exist a vehicle were there not the market or "scene" to support it. The Toyota Celica was also a proven performer on tracks in NZ which in the late 60's and early 70's where the cars were often driven to and from the track it almost goes without saying that a street scene developed with a lot of late 60's early 70's Japanese cars, I certainly wouldn't put the rotary scene as a pioneering one. They're simply another segment of the pie. Let's not forget a company called Croydon's who were the importers of Prince Motor Company cars bringing in the Gloria and Skyline in the 60's and racing them on the track, these were the beginnings of a Skyline fan-base that still exists to this day, despite NZ missing out on the subsequent C10.

In this same way, the 4&R and the cars that attend are only a segment of the oldschool car scene in NZ. Often as with shows of any nature, all across the globe, the best cars are those built in garages for a purpose other than to have shiny paint and an appeal to women with looser legs than methamphetamine addicted Vegas prostitutes.

Though in it's infancy, there is another Japanese Car Show trying to get off the ground, it started last year and it's second meeting was around the time of the 4&R, it's a small knit of people at the moment but over times things will improve, the diverse selection of cars that attend although in such small numbers if likely to rival that of the 4&R whose primary participants are that of the RX variety.

Hmm, perhaps I went on a bit. However, it's done now.


Those are my mates cars on the bottom, mine unfortuantly was still stting in the garage (wiring issues!)

From top to bottom

RX3 sedan (blue) Toyota Carona (white)

RX3 coupe (black) RX2 sedan (orange)

Toyota SR coupe (blue)

R100 coupe (white) 808 sedan (red

Cosmo (red) RX2 coupe (yellow)

The black RX3 is running a RX8 motor


HEY NZ PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!

Do any of you guys know how I could contact the owner of that dark blue TE27 Corolla? It's the 1973/74 one that has the "SR" emblem on the grill.

Anyone know the owner of this car? Please help!



Antonio, I know the owner, he is a good friend of mine, the car is running a 13b turbo motor from a series 4 rx7, he's done a lot of custom fab work on it.. please drop me a line and I can get you in contact with him.




To "Mr Kang" says Rotang Klan dude. Not Rotary. I guess inspired by the hip hop influence of Wu Tang Clan. Lol....mad mike definitely chose a cool group of guys to be apart of.


What colour is the...

Another 808 wagon with a RX3 face conversion


HAHA!!! Stoked that my dark blue 1973 Toyota Corolla Deluxe (KE20) made it onto your site! It makes me even prouder of it to know that you guys thought it worthy of a photo and place in your article.

Cheers Rod and everyone else involved




mazda fans Uh, are you retarded?
It's a 1200 coupe you dickhead.