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As I continue to go through my photos from last Sunday's JCCA New Year Meeting, I'm finding it quite difficult to choose what I want to post. There's just so much good stuff to choose from. Anyways, I'll open with this shot of a GC210 Japan Skyline parked alongside some mini-bikes. Looks like it could be ripped right from the pages of Champ Road, the monthly Japanese magazine dedicated to two and and four-wheeled kyusha and the lifestyle that surrounds them. This reminds me that I should do a Champ Road feature for you guys sometime…

Here's another one of the Body Shop Happy Lotus Europas. This Europa, like most of the "Happy" cars is built for track use, and I've had the opportunity to watch these guys run at events like the JCCA Tsukuba Summer Meeting and the Interclub Historic Car Race. I'd be interested to see what percentage of the world's remaining Europas are in Japan, because there are tons of them here.

Here's something a bit out of the ordinary by Japanese standards. A Mazda Savanna RX3 with a set of skinny 'n wide Weld Draglite wheels. Also looks like there's a front-mount intercooler peaking out from behind the bumper.

Well-used headers, a bucket seat, and some RS Watanabe wheels found in the swap meet. Some of you guys were asking how much this stuff was going for, and that's a bit hard to answer. It was definitely cheaper than what you'd find outside of Japan, but you won't find any sets of 14×9 -10 SSR's for $300. These guys know what they have, and there's still a big market for these rare and desirable parts in Japan compared to overseas.

Plenty of 510 Nissan Bluebirds on display, including a few LHD Datsun versions from the USA. Like most of the cars inside the show, these were primarily original or lightly modified restorations.

Generally, the older Skylines will be done pretty similar to each other, but there are always a few that stand out. This four-door Hakosuka with extra-wide Watanabes and over-fenders is one of them. Obviously this car was inspired by the PGC10 GT-R sedan race cars that dominated at Fuji Speedway.

Parked right next to the Hakosuka was this jaw-dropping black S30Z that looks like it could come straight out of the Shakotan Boogie comic book series. G-nose, works flares, SSR Mark I's, and so much more. This was one of my favorite cars I saw all day, and that's saying a lot considering the company it was in.

And the rear view showing the Kenmeri Skyline tail light conversion. Awesome.

Intruders Car Club representing on a drop top '68 Impala lowrider.

A nice example at one of the most famous touring cars ever, the Lotus/Ford Cortina. Oh how I'd love to have one these in my garage some day…

Another fine-looking Celica LB rolling out with some its buddies. The cars would pull up to the gate where the traffic officer was, and he'd direct them out as they revved up the engines and burnt rubber while blaring their musical horns. Sometimes you just have to love how easy going things are in Japan.

Alexi from was fortunate enough to get a shot of the awesome-looking owner of this works style 240Z. Lucky.

Here's another nice example of the "El Camino" of the Japanese classic car scene, the B110 Nissan Sunny Truck. Nissan actually kept producing the Sunny Truck into the early '90s, so there are quite a few of them out there.

This Hakosuka Skyline caught my eye because of its unusual body color (orange), and its SSR Mark I wheels.

A few examples of Subaru's first passenger car, the 360. Have yet to see one of these with lowered on a set miniature SSR's…

Nana Maru Corolla wagon done right.

Old school toys from the '60s.

Another interesting parking lot find was this Ford Falcon with a '60s style pro stock drag look to it.

A simple and clean "yonmeri" Skyline sedan.

And finally, another nice TE27 Corolla for Antonio.

Hopefully you guys are enjoying this coverage as much I enjoyed the event,

-Mike Garrett



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What will we ever do without you MIke? Thanks for the fantastic pictures and coverage!


Damn that dark blue Celica and the B110 Truck is hot!


I love the Kyusha/bosozoku style cars!!

I didn't know the "Champ Road" magazine so thanks for mentioning that magazine!


Fantastic pictures! :)

I love the yonmeri Skyline sedan. Too bad the steering is on the wrong side of the car. ;(

Oh well, maybe I'll just move to the UK then. :P


The "mini bikes" are Honda's Monkey Z50 model and has a story with a first model back int 60s ! They are also very vintage aroun the world .... And does the yellow one has a corolla badge on the tank ????

Silver Skyline and black Z with SSR's are trully fantastic ! You are the man Mike !!! keep it up .....


Actually i think some are banks Europas, made over here still, one version, type 47 is a replica of the oe lotus one, the other type 62, is sorta a hybrid (or sim to that race version etc), with wide arches extra intake etc!.

just about any engine options etc.

I personally think a Altezza Beams engine would work well, or even a 280T.

Or a S2000 engine etc, hell even a skyline.


If I'm not mistaken the mini bike are Honda Gorilla... love those Celica LB and Nana Maru Corolla wagon...


Banpei, there was no C110 in this photo set, just a couple C10's and a C210


And for you, Mr. Garrett, a (mk2) Lotus Cortina rally car from a couple months ago :)

it was no slouch either, and i've seen this thing competing at the same event for a number of years now, i think it's awesome :D the mk1 looks a lot nicer and i definitely also wouldn't mind one in my garage one day


mike i think* the rx3 has a oil cooler, the fins look a bit tiny? maybe im wrong?



Yeah, it was pretty lucky! I couldn't believe how awesome his Regent was. He looked like Shun from Shakotan Boogie.


I cant get enough of the SSR MK I, II, & III's. If I could just afford some.

Excellent coverage.


Wow, excellent post, excellent show! So much cool stuff- that black Z, Falcon gasser, blue Corolla, Lotus Cortina, and I think I spotted a Citroen 2CV in the bg of the 1st pic. I do believe a shop tour feature of Body Shop Happy is in order, those Europas are awesome!


Yeah the RX-3 has an FC oil cooler. Almost positive. MAN I would love to attend on of these get togethers!!


I know pretty much about the 240Z from Phalanx.

This super cool Z is really fast and used to drag race at Yokohama Nanbu Zero-Yon.

The colorof this car was originally dark-maroon and gun-metallic, but later the owner changed it into this tricolor.

The owner is pretty cool, somewhat Yazawa Eikichi oriented like other Bousouzoku guys, but he is not really a Bousouzoku but a street drag racer.

I still remember I saw this Z at the street drag racing and some Japanese car events at Sagamiko (Sagami-Lake) Picnic Land Yokohama Daikoku Parking long time ago.

Sometimes your blog makes me miss Japan a lot...


im about to join the military just so i can be stationed in japan


Thanks for the continued coverage Mike, always appreciated..

No B310s yet :( ... :D


great cars, great coverage of the event.


You guys have to stop posting pictures from these shows...

Makes me just miss my 71 datsun b110 even more...


BlueSlug, There's a GC110 second from the bottom.

Another nice selection of photo's, thanks for sharing!