Here is a quick video I wanted to share to let you all feel the speed and fun of the Red Bull course (better late then never??) The over the left shoulder cam was my first run, which I nailed pretty darn perfect and the in car was my second run, in which I entered a bit to early and put me on a shallow line.

To me seeing the RPM warning aim lights on my dash was pretty cool. I don’t ever see them when I’m driving and I never realized how close to the limiter I am the majority of the time while on course. The other cool thing to me was after the first turn sweeper when I switch back to the left you can hear the car bite and load the motor even though I never lift, man old Betsy was working good!!! Looking forward to dialing the new car in like that!!

I’m at Barrett Jackson doing exhibitions right now but I have some pretty cool “off season” stories to share in the near future!!!!

-Vaughn Gittin Jr



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truely amazing

nothing more can be said


(Updated with better quality videos) - Thanks for those,Vaughn


I know everyone likes to bust out the rap or hard rock music, but I prefer the music in your first vid. Cool vids! I like seeing the hand and foot work of good drifting.