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One thing you might notice about Japan is the "team spirit" of its car enthusiasts. Whether its drift teams, VIP clubs, or even ita-sha groups, there are organizations dedicated to every type of car and model out there. Sometimes the clubs will be a broad group of friends that simply enjoy driving and hanging out, and other times they will be dedicated specifically to one type of car. If you are an RX7 fan, or fan of classic Japanese cars in general, you might have stumbled across the group known as "22C Works". As the name suggests, 22C works is a club for owners of the first generation SA22C Mazda RX7 from around Japan. There are lots of cool 22C's in the group, but we found one in particular we had to showcase this month.

This particular Showa 59 (1984) RX7 is owned by 22C Works member "Sassy" who comes from the Chubu region of Japan. The car is done in the so-called "works" style which replicates the racing cars of the '70s and '80s.

The first thing you'll notice will be the IMSA style wide body kit. Couldn't find any other info on the kit, but it's definitely rare to see on a street car. Any of the SA22C fans know anymore about the kit and whether it's one-off or made by a company? Whatever it is, it looks great and is complemented nicely by the the semi-gloss black paint and period style logos.

The rear view really shows how much the fenders and the rear spoiler widen the car's stance.

I'm sure you noticed the wheels as well. SSR Formula Mesh 16x11J -27 up front and 16x13J -57 in the rear. Pretty crazy. Tires are Dunlop, complete with matching yellow lettering. No interior shots, but if you look close you can see a cage and bucket seats inside. Unlike a lot of the cars that just replicate the racer look, Sassy's SA22C is functional as well.

In fitting with the car's theme, the engine is a carb'd NA 13B with auxiliary ports.

Without a doubt this car is one the coolest first generation RX7's out there.

Thanks to Koji Yokota of 22C Works for letting us showcase the club and this car. Make sure to check out the 22C Works site for even more early RX7 coolness.

-Mike Garrett



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Holy moly, this RX is a f****** masterpiece !!!


The fenders and kit make this rx-7 like its an rx-7. To me the first gen RX7 is too small. Mostly it appears really narrow. It needed to be wider. This car def' has that de mais. Awesome!


Mike, dou you know if these photo's are taken with the tilt shift technology?


Jeroen Willemsen: seems to me that the lens blur was faked in photoshop

really badass car


man, this is awsome. The widebody is insane!


Technically, 79-80 are SA22C, 81-85 are FB331 or FB332 (12a and 13b respectively)


Ive always wanted one of these, and sadly, when looking at those for sale in my area they are either terribly maintained OR done up as a drag car (yes, V8 engine and all) , which partially annoys me, because these cars have SO much more potential, as so beautifully captured in the above pictures. Great car, awesome choice!


widebody makes this car what it is

the normal body is too skinny

looks like a banana on wheels


anon-e-moose I think this is only the case for the USA.... correct me if I'm wrong but the cars were called SA22C in the rest of the world until the FC showed up.


Awesome FB. I have to say, the SpeedHunters blog is my favorite... Mazda Month is the BEST!!!!!


That thing.

Is so good.


damn it feels good to see a SA22C done up to this extreme


the best first generation RX7 i have evera seen !!! props Mike ...


That said, this car is almost perfect!


I think that it depends where you are as to whether the original body looks too skinny. On a narrow Japanese street it looks fine.


Well done. I love how the Japanese tune their cars.


Classic old school tuning!! I want my SA and FB back!!


This is soooo fucking hot.


This has to be one of the "worlds" dopest 1st gens ever, on the road today.


Sexy Time!!




thought previously the original spoiler is too wide, but playing dominant yellow sticker on it and the whole car make it looks nice, good job!


As good as it looks, I wonder how does it perform around Tsukuba in time attack or in the race.

Mike: Does the 22C Works club ever appear in the Idlers meet or held a track day before? Would be awesome if they did....


This one is incredible


soooo sick.


wow..the first gen always looks cool =) love it


Wow. I am not normally a fan of the first gens but that is killer.

The second from the last shot reminds me of a slant nose 911.


That front view of it looks absolutely incredible. It feels like I'm looking at a model of a car that raced back in the 70's and 80's. Absolutely gorgeous, best SA22C I've ever seen. Period.


Back in January when we did Mazda month, we ran a spotlight on this IMSA-styled SA22C RX7 out of Japan. At the time the car was done in semi-gloss black, but it's since been repainted in a glossy red. The guys from the 22C Works website sent us some


Back in January when we did Mazda month, we ran a spotlight on this IMSA-styled SA22C RX7 out of Japan. At the time the car was done in semi-gloss black, but it's since been repainted in a glossy red. The guys from the 22C Works website sent us some


I'm sure you are familiar with "Sassy's" SA22C RX7 out of Japan. We've shown the


Here is mine
Set Up on the car
Innovate AFR.
ECU Adaptronic 440 select and luvin it
Twin Bosch pumps
FuelPump.JPG Bosch fuel pump Bosch 910 Fuel Pump Specs:
Bosch Part Number: 0 580 254 910
Minimum Current: 4.2A 12 Volts
Operating Pressure: 72.5 PSI (5 Bar)
Minimum Flow @ Outlet: 34 GPH (130 LPH)
Fuel Pump Location: In-Line one per rail
gravity fed fuel tank with micron filter
Fuel injectors primary 700 cc Bosch low impedance
Fuel injectors secondary 1650 cc Bosch (0280150842)
Fuel rails big bore home made from marine grade alloy
Pintle cap adaptors double seal marine grade alloy with
silicon o rings
2 x 12 mm fuel line input
10 mm return line
Aeromotive 13101 - A1000 EFI Regulator
Aeromotive fittings and hoses
T04 Garrett hybrid
Cast exhaust manifold
BOV Turbo smart 50mm pro
Dump valve 60mm Turbosmart Pro
* Exhaust *
Exhaust down pipe 318 76mm Stainless steel Ceramic coated in
and out
Mid pipe 76 mm 318 Stainless
Rear silencer handmade (nice sound To Big)
Cooling custom radiator 3 core aluminum
Cooling Fans twin ex Audi S6 with separate thermo switch and
system to handle the load that they pull
Oil Cooler std series 2 (NA)
Oil metering pump manual off the accelerator pump to the
throttle direct
(carburetor model 13B)
Oil feed to turbo 4mm restrictors in line (hope its ok and
not to much oil
for the turbo)
*Drive Train*
Clutch and flywheel OS Giken Super single
Gearbox series 5 standard
Prop modified to suit
Diff and axle Standard for 1982 ( will upgrade not sure what
to use)
First drive


Mariah Motor sports do a pretty Good job at making this kit I think, For a decent Price Two XD