Car Spotlight>> Norris Designs Swb Evo @ Autosport Show

After looking around the Autosport show (most stalls were still being set up) my jet lag was getting to me so I sat down to rest at
the EDC/Time Attack booth…. But within a few minutes I heard this intense engine sound edging in my general direction. To my surprise, this wild Evo9 appeared along
the carpeted walkway… The freshly rebuilt Norris Designs Time Attack SWB

The car maneuvered into its parking position at the EDC/Time Attack
booth but I could only gape in awe. This, ladies
and gentlemen is, simply put; the wildest Evo on the planet.

Notice that the car has been converted to be a short wheel base 2 door coupe…. Eleven inches has been removed from the wheelbase.

Notice that the roof has been chopped…. I am speechless…. ack…. ack….. ack….

I can’t wait to see what this car does on track….

I want to point out my friends, that this 900 bhp car is STREET
LEGAL… and its owner, Simon Norris isn’t averse to taking it out on roads, normally occupied by regular folks like you and me.

Are you conviced?… if not follow me…

… and look at the engine setup. The first thing you’ll notice is that the engine has been rotated 90 degrees… now why would this be? Well it is attached to a Holinger RD6 Sequential transmission and the complete drive train from a Skyline GTR… madness!

Current output is 928 hp @ 739 lbs-ft but Simon is building a new engine to push the output to 1100hp…

Here’s the cockpit… I can only imagine what kind of nutter Simon must be, to go to the trouble to build this entire car…. Respect…

The only contribution I could make was to add a Speedhunters sticker….

Much better…If you want to see more details on this car just ask….. I can found out more info if you are interested.

Ok that’s it from me for now… This a pretty crazy time for the site with me at the Autosport show, John Brooks in Dubai and Mike Garrett at the Tokyo Auto Salon…. Fun times.



Autosport 2009 Coverage on Speedhunters



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Someone just picked it up a notch, I can`t wait to see this car out on the track. Let`s just hope he brings it to Norway again :D


I just bought the issue of Redline magazine with this on the cover.....Absolutetely the best Evo ever, most innovative and functional



not the first 2 door evo, and hopefully not the last, will it see any sideways action?


wow,totally the most evo and best looking evo on the planet,seems no one apart norris has pushed evo designs and performance to another level....the voltex parts are so wicked too bad the rear doesnt have the voltex rear diffuser,norris must contact voltex to get a custom one done since the car has been chopped....waiting for some more info & feature this car please once the show is done...

PS: Plus include a wallpaper...

This car has gone lots of transformation.


This is the God of evos....such a hugely innovative machine...But the doors look odd lol


somebody was a fan of the Group B Audi S1...

looks awesome


Yeah I agree Joe the car looks absolutley magnificent but the doors look like they don't fit right. Good eyes.


Wow. O_O

Sick looking evo.


What are the wheel/tire specs? Amazing! I wonder if there are project in process pics of the wheelbase chop and roof chop? Thanks for posting!


Interesting to see the GM type Electronic colomn mounted PAS system used on the car too. I've been tempted to use the exact same setup on one of my cars, I've got all the parts here ready to go but I'm unsure what to do. Maybe you could get some info out of Simon for me Rod?


Simon's old SWB evo was much better looking though, what's up with that color? The roof chop isn't very cool either, lookswise. Still gotta respect the changes with the engine and drivetrain he's done!


Nice Evo, but never really done that great in time attack etc when compared to the competition.

Did you get permission to add that sticker? ;)


Jesus, what a monster. It's hardly an evo anymore though, is it?


I've seen this on the back of a trailer.. It is soooo awesome =)


Sick Sick Evo! & i want those stikers too! ;p


Major props in regards to the engine and drivetrain work. However, I feel as if the front end of the car is aesthetically too heavy for the rear. The front end has all that great Voltex aero but the car's status seems to just drop off after the front fenders. Maybe a rear diffuser would help balance it out. That is just me speaking from a style point of view though.


how do i get speed hunter stickers?!??!???!


The wheels are Hyperzero1 - & they run Toyo Tyres in Time Attack


Let's see, chopped Evo coupe with longitudinally mounted 900hp engine mated to GT-R drivetrain with sick aero=the most ridiculous car ever! I love it! And I'm not even an Evo fan, but the engineering to make this possible is simply mind-boggling! R-E-S-P-E-C-T


this car is a mitsubishi mirage which was a coupe, converted to evo 9 exterior + motor. At least i know that the old shell was from Norris, dunno if this is a new shell, but i would think that they used the same approach.


wow, that is wicked nasty. so it is AWD? using a Skyline transfer case to the factory Evo front hubs and stuff or every little bit is Skyline?


I actually like the longer wheel base look. But I want to see a lap time as a comparison basis. 900hp + SWB are all mooo points if this car doesn't lap quicker/close to the HKS evo. But still magnificent work, respect as bobberz said.


Haha, INSAAAANE! I remember when the engine was still on a transverse position and it didn't have a Voltex kit, and I already thought it was the craziest EVO on the planet.


This car is not new by any mean. Yes it does have a brand new paint job and a body kit (even though Voltex came out with this body kit few years ago).

Norris Chopped this frame in a half few years ago or so, so technically it's not a news.

Regardless, this car has not an ideal purpose. It is extremely well built.....but it lacks a purpose.

Time attack cars require stability at high speed. To achieve that, you would need a longer wheelbase (ideally the EVO has a good wheelbase in stock trim), I have no idea why Norris chopped it, making it only 2 doors.

Making the wheelbase so short, it will help the car to rotate much quicker around tight courses (such as auto-x, and gymkhana), not around a regular road course.

On high speed courses, a car like Norris' EVO will be extremely unstable.

On top of that, he had already a very potent 4G63 (making 800+ hp)......there is absolutely no reason to squeeze more power out of it.

We all know that the highest hp EVO belong to those folks at AMS (making a bit over 1100hp), but their car is setup for drag, not time attack.

We also know that time attack cars don't necessarly need a gob of hp. The blue Subaru Impreza featured on here not a while back owned by Team Tarzan/ Cusco/ Voltex, made about 500 hp on tap. And so does the EVO HKS 230R.

What I'm trying to say is: time attack cars need balance.....and in my opinion Norris EVO doesn't have one.

Another thing that hasn't shown any advantages is the chopped roof. Sure it lower the canter of gravity, which in term would make the car handle much better......

In Japan, Garage Hito chopped many Subaru Impreza's roof (they never broke any record, despite the 450+ hp they have).....even though they set fast lap times....


Please don't tell me they did all that work, used Voltex aero, and then threw on cheap-ass CST wheels... :(


those wheels are the bomb.


big respect for the engine and drivetrain work bravo


Hope Simon comes to Norway again this summer. Should perform a little better then last time :)


And still cant beat the HKS CT230R. Anybody has any idea why there are such a huge gap in term of performance betweene HKS Evo compare to the others?

Nicely built Norris.


i'm headin up tomorrow, so it'll be sweet to check this out in the flesh. but yea, its nowhere near new i have a pic of it from autosport 1 or 2 years ago, but still awesome. pointless, but awesome


@ tis:

Yes, I know. The HKS 230R supposely cost around $500,000. I garantee you that the Norris EVO did not cost that much. Those $$$ come from R&D mainly, and wind tunnel tests and testing new parts.

As a matter of fact HKS does sell their body kit for the EVO 8-9. (it cost $60,000) No that's not a typo. Norris didn't do any of that. And despite the fact Voltex (great company, great product) provided Norris with their body kit, I guess it's not as good as the HKS.

As "cool" as the Norris EVO looks with the chopped/shorten chassis. Norris cut the chassis in a half and re-welded back on. No matter how many gusset, plates, rollcage bar the car has, THAT point where it was cut, remain the weakest point in the chassis (read, flex). Chopping down the roof also reduced the strength and integrity of the chassis (consider that Norris had to allign the A-Pillar, and the C-Pillar to match the OE spec)....that's no good.

What HKS did with their car was BALANCE in mind. An extremely light weight chassis (with dry carbon fiber panels). Using the least amount of tubing for the rollcage (more tubing means more weight). They carefully welded the cage only where it was needed. they modified the spindles to change the geometry of the suspension, and the pick up point (something Norris didn't do).

They also have Nobutero Taniguchi that test/ race their car. (NOB Taniguchi is an excellent driver)......I don't know who's been testing and driving Norris' EVO, but....

And like it's been mentioned before. 900hp is WAY too much for a time attack car. Not only the Norris EVO is gonna have a very hard time to control that power and put it on the ground, but I bet you that with so much power that turbo doesn't spool that fast either (loosing precious time).


tis, because HKS has a pretty unlimited budget on the car, not to mention a big team of professionals who've built and set up the car.


id be interested to see what it could do on tsukuba... but, i really doubt itd b anywhere close to the top cars... bet asm s2k could stomp it with its teeny 305 claimed horsies... and also i hate the chop and shortening of the car.... looks like a pygmy evo


are those advan t7's?

couldn't tell from the pics...



My doubt actually went the other competitors also besides Norris'. So, since both of you guys mention budget, seems that its really important. But, is it that hard to do what they do? (read - COPY) and yield the same result? Even the Cyber evo/Voltex did wind tunnel testing, and differ for 4 or 5 sec? Cant remember on this. And those cars in the US. 7-8 seconds. I just cant accept this much.

It bothers me a lot on what HKS did to the 230R but others dont to their machine.

Hey, Alex, why dont you build 1. hehe.

As for Norris, my opinion is, he is just showing what he is capable of. More like marketing strategies. He do admit the shorter evo is a beast to handle. And, its the only 2 doors Evo in the world. Hows that for a status?


Wow, all I can say is wow. They really pushed that damn envelope. Unbelievable.



I have NO problem building a car like Norris did. I have the knowledge to do so.....I just don't have $500,000 laying around.

As far as money. Like I said, HKS spent about $500,000 for their CT230R.....I bet you Norris isn't far behind with the R&D he put in.

Bottom line is, it's not all about the power. And like someone said, I bet you the ASM S2000 would be SUPER close to what the Norris' EVO could do at Tsukuba.

42 the hood