Video>> Street Style @ Msc Honjo

I'm not sure how many people are currently aware, the motorsport of drifting just took at step forward this past weekend. The reigning Formula Drift Champion, Tanner Foust represented the sport at the Race of Champions in Wembley Stadium and showed reasonably well for himself. The racing establishment is now aware there is something new on the horizon and it's called drifting. The future looks very bright for drifting: the motorsport.

This is of course very exciting for people like me who follow the ebbs and flows of international drifting quite closely, but at the same time I feel it is important that we never forget where drifting came from. Remember drifting is not only a motorsport, it is also an automotive culture. This film is my humble attempt to showcase the true essence of drift culture.

Drifting of course comes from the "street" so to speak. That is, it developed on it's own without the involvement external forces and is a strong participatory community.

If you ever get a chance to attend a MSC event in Japan you will see, hear and feel this culture. Street drift style is very much alive and well in Japan.

…. Some of us westerners can only hope to perhaps participate in the western equivalent of this culture, others will go and live the dream in Japan…. For the rest of us… well I present this film! Hope you like it.

Thanks to Hajime Mori and Kazuhiko Iwata for hosting us at MSC Honjo.




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can't wait to get home from work and watch this!

you guys need a dedicated MSC reporter. as i'm planning to move to yokohama next year, i'd be happy to volunteer \(^^ )


Shittt was dopeee. I wish there was more audio coming from the cars though.


Dude! Chills! Amazing mix of music, vid and blowoff valve sounds. More ! I think slowmo is a great way to capture drifting. I got my drift on in my civic and ebrake in the snow this morning. It is just so fun to drift. ;)


Awesome video! I loved it. It's cut together very well.


This video is AWESOME. The ending shot was AMAZING.

I wish the street style would rub off a bit more in America. The streets are shunned like the plague over here, and because of that... I don't think the style has really developed here like it has in Japan.


More of this. This is what you guys do best, no words or pictures, just sound and slow mo. Great stuff.


best vid ive seen all year, nice work!


WTF is "street drift style"?


The style associated with street cars which drift... If you look closely at the video you'll see that the majority of these cars are street registered.

Put another way: grassroots drift cars which have style....


one of the most important things in street drift culture is style

you have to look good out there doing what you do



Street drift style is the best. Noobs here in the US dont know how to make it work tho. The Risky devil guys kill it and a few others as well. Thanks for this vid. +1 on the last shot, I like how you can see the speedhunters logo in the car, very nice small details!


Awesome video Rod. I love these sort of stylistic vids. Really puts the scene in its place. Good work.


Very nice.

Much better than watching a Formula D video.



Well, this one is a must see, No aggresive, i like it.


Love it, nice work the last logo, where the car is behind the car as it drifts by, little detail but nice!!


I really, really, really appreciate this post


very nice.

love the grassroot cars.


next time i wanna hear the blue laurel!

great video!


This is amazing, and i agree with andy, most of the kids in atlanta have the wrong idea of street style...


This is exactly how a video about driftculture has to be... It's perfect, I love it!!! Great work!


ooohh hit the lottery with that video yall.

5 star greatness for sure




That was an amazing vid, with plenty of great cinematography in there. I always love watching your guy's HD vids. What's the name of the song in the background ?


fresh ... enough said


Rod : Ah, I see. I guess I'm confused then. Isn't there plenty of street-style here in the US? Isn't that what Drift Days and that sort of thing are about? Or are you specifically talking about the lack of an amateur drifting class/league where one would see these cars come out? There are Drift Day type of things (minus the instruction) at Ocala regularly. I bet elsewhere, too. Maybe you guys need to get out of Cali and find where it's going down ;)

I don't really follow drifting like most of the other readers probably do, so school me where I am wrong.


You have really outdone yourself Rod, Amazing


Great everything Rod but I think you give Tanner too much credit unfortunately for him. Pastrana dropped out and Foust was to take his place; it was at this time that I commented on what a bad choice that was detailing the fact that he is too much of a media face to compete with the likes of Shumi, Button, Kristensen, etc. It seemed my call was right as Tanner stalled his car in the race because he forgot to engage the LC or something to that effect; but I will give credit where it is due Tanner did do a good job repping the drift world by simply putting his face in front of those worldwide cameras, now everybody is going to think that drifters can't even leave the starting grid in a real race, so yea thanks a lot Tanner.


Ahh well Ekstrom also stalled the Focus... I think it was the run against Button that more cemented Tanner's showing at ROC... the Eurosport commentators also just seemed interested in "drifting".... they kept mentioning it during the broadcast :>

Jblaine there are some fantastic street drift cars in the US and elsewhere... I am more comparing all of these cars to the professional drift machines we often showcase on these pages. Nothing against those, but it's inspiring to showcase the culture under the motorsport if that makes sense...


Insane video!


WOW, killer video and the majician 110 so badass


Very nice video, much better then the Ebisu one.

- Luke


Where is the clapping hands emoticon? seriously, A+ one of the best drift short video's i've watched.

An inspiration. Moar plz


amazing video literally, you guys are picturing a culture to a point words can't describe except living it. for the Risky Devil comment, I think it would be cool if you guys could put up for sale Speedhunters stickers, I know many of my dudes would put em up, they like to read your posts just as much as I do. Happy Holidays to you guys!


more more more more more more i want more man please do more vids of this calibre


Just loves what you doing, with this vids .. slow mo is sooo great. Just thinking of this episodes did came in long dvd types. Wow a think im stuck in my sofa for ever..


looks good. I'm downloading the vid right now


Panasonice HVX


Does anyone know what this was shot on? thanks-----


Very very nice! the music flows so well with it.


I can only say... AMAZING.


NO ONE DRIFTS ON THE STREETS HERE IN THE US ! The ones that DO ..dont shine themselves on the internet on forums and blogs! Japan has STREET STYLE because they drift on the streets and drive there cars on the streets ! street style here is meant for track events and ASB ..I never see those guys drift streets and get caught by the police !!!


awesome vid keep up the good work


Good god I love Speedhunters, you guys always come up with the goods. This video ruled.


i praise u guys for putting together such a video, excellence.


what the song in background?? :O


nice. i wana just keep watching the magician S14 over and over.


It's a custom score from the Need for Speed Undercover game


like... whoa.


Hi Rod,

First of all, awesome video, please make more of them! The cinematography along with mix of sounds/music was very well done! Looked awesome on my 60inch HD Plasma!

I must ask, what is the name of the song playing in the background for a majority of the song?

Cheers :)


this is a very nice video! well done. LOVE the blue hachiroku <333




no je to super stranka " )


Pretty outstanding nissans!

So smooth....wish I had a RWD!


best edit ive seen for a drift video.

does anyone else have trouble saving it though? i keep getting error on page :( and i really want this video.



Makes me want to move to Japan even more!


When we launched just over a year ago we had two types of videos in production: Slo