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Last Sunday as I was heading home from D1SL at Tsukuba Circuit, I stumbled across this zenki S14 Silvia sitting in the parking lot at the track. The car was so cool looking that I had to pull out the camera and take a snap. With subtle aero (OEM Navan in the front?), low stance, and a properly fitting set of Advan T6's, this looks to be the quintessential street car in my eye. If there's such thing as a "timeless" style for an S14 Silvia, I think you are looking at it right here.

-Mike Garrett



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I want it! Christmas is coming... ;)


Nice, very clean!


ooh nice! super clean, it's how I want my S14 to look


There we go! One reason I was always reluctant to get into the tuning scene in the US was I associated 'tuners' with the overly flashy, insane bodykit, graphics adorned "Fast and the Furious" cars. This just proves that Japanese cars can be clean, and needn't make use of stupid, clunky bodykits. Nice spot, Mike!


can we get a desktop please?


very clean

my next s14 will look like this


This car def deserves a desktop. So sleek and clean! Simplicity at its finest!


There are loads of cars like this in the US these days. One thing I think people fail to realize is that Japan has a hefty fair share of ricers too. That being said, this S14 is definitely a good example of a clean car. It gets my thumbs up!


Its not like this guy droped a load of money into this peice too, it doesn't have TE37s or an expensive bodykit, etc. Its simple and cheap (well not that cheap, but cheaper). Theres just a lack of these kind of cars in the US scene, theres always those couple of cars that are nice and clean but there seems to be an abundence of overly-fashioned cars. I think most kids go off buying a bodykit, or rims, etc; thinking that its "JDM", when in reality, most japanese tuners aren't ridicously rich (as I think most of them proced to think they are).

All I wonder is whats under the hood of this....


^ I bet if that link was a car in japan people would go nuts lol.


I'm buying my first ever s-chassis tues. and I've gotta say that this owner is really making me consider keeping the zenki front! :) Very clean!


I agree with the text. Very clean, very cool, nothing unnecessary about it.



Very pure! It simplcity sets it apart =)


That is the Navan bumper with some sort of aftermarket lip. I've never actually seen a picture of the Navan bumper with a lip on it, I've only seen pictures of the lips themselves. It looks dope!


More then likely its an ITR lip. Yes thats right Integra Type R. The JDM polyurthane lips fit the Navan bumpers perfectly.