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Oh great, more bad news from the auto industry here. Autoblog is reporting on a rumor that much hyped FR sports coupe being developed by Subaru and Toyota has been put on hold until 2012 at the earliest. I can't really say that I didn't see this one coming with the constant stream of negative news coming from the industry lately. Unlike the the Lexus LF-A or next gen NSX, this affordable car actually seemed like a possible purchase for me, and I'm sure a lot of other people felt the same way. I guess we can just hope that the project doesn't get totally scrapped.


-Mike Garrett



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I feel the same way Mike, it was definitly on my One-to-Watch list as a prospective purchase.

One postive from the auto industry going through a bad patch is that in the UK a 2005 Impreza STi or an E46 M3 are now much more affordable on the UK secondhand car market. I hope to be driving one of those by the end of 09.


Mike, I agree with you there. Looks like the Hyundai Genesis Coupe is the only option. Too bad its so fat (big). I'd really dig that 4b11t powerplant in something about 500-700lbs lighter. Oh well. This little suby looked like a great concept.


Well, it probably would have become an over-hyped car which would never meet the expectations anyway.

If (and I say if) Toyota and Subaru will ever decide to release this car it would never become a big failure now because it was already postponed and everybody would be happy that the car was made anyway. ;)


i agree cole. it's definitely a buyer's market when you seen '05 m3 going for $17k and 1-2 year old ducati's going for $10k here in california of all places.


That's really bad news, I think an affordable FR car that is light and easily turbochargable is just what the tuner market needs to get back on track. Rumors have this same platform being used for the soon to be redesigned Scion TC, definitely a setback.


even in the concept sketch that looks sick IMO.

Well I guess ill stick to owning late 90's FRs for now.


I'm still hopeful that they'll keep it on the back burner until things turn around. Unlike the LF-A or NSX which cost millions to develop and are small volume, this affordable coupe would likely have a much higher profit margin, thus it makes sense that they keep the flame lit.


well it is only three years, and we shouldn't necessarily jump to conclusions on the *reasoning* behind the move.


maybe they want to develop it further before showing the world something concrete? it may have nothing to do with the global recession action


This car is still getting built, i teach english to some of the guys at Subaru here in Gunma.

They have told me its on hold until they build their new factory so it can support this new cars release and keep up with demand.

Their current factories are to out dated to build this new FR car, its ment to be quick and turbo and they said its going to cheapish, not to cheap but not to expensive. And if Subaru keep losing money i can see Toyota buying them out completely.

You heard it first and straight from the horses mouth, thanks are not needed haha.

- Luke