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Sadly, it seems like there's a never ending streak of bad news coming out of the auto industry these days. The latest is the word that Honda is scrapping the new NSX, a car which has been in development for some time now. I suppose it's not too surprising considering Honda is pulling out of Formula 1 and announcing cuts elsewhere. Building high dollar, low production sports cars just doesn't make sense given the current state of the auto world. It's sad because the new 500+ hp NSX was shaping up to be a true supercar, just like the original was when it came out in the early '90s. There is still a chance the project will be revived when things get better for Honda which will hopefully be sooner rather than later.

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damn it!!!!!!!!!!!!


After hearing word of their withdrawal from the formula one league, i can't say i didn't see this coming, Sure, it's rough because we dont get a new car to oogle at, but i'd much rather have honda cut a project like this and save themselves some stress in these tough economical times than have them take a gamble, because in these times, no automakers can really afford a gamble. It's a tough situation, but we'll pull through, we always do.



I can´t understand becaus supercars are sold better like before !ther are allways ppl with money!



Thank god GTR came out before this stupid economy went sour. This makes me wonder how the GTR sales are going.


whaaat ,,,, thats bulls**t.

I wanted a big 3 (japanese not US) supercar battle.... GTR vs new NSX vs LFA, wich BTW I hope Toyota is still commited to.


nooooooooooooo!! they should at least ship some of their models over the pond, honda odyssey anyone?



The LFA was scrapped many moons ago. Say goodbye to JDM supercars for a while. :( I didn't really agree with the next gen NSX anyways so I'm not devastated about this news.


Whoa!!!that's F@cked up, no new NSX,i doubt it will ever happen


How will this affect the segment of Civic owners who live the definition of the phrase "Rice Boy"? They will no longer be able to claim their economy cars are direct descendants of F1 race cars _OR_ NSX cars. They will have nothing to define themselves with, except the category of economy car owner.


It is good and bad really; What I am hoping is that sometime in the later part of next year maybe when the market gets better Honda will go back to this project (you know they are not finished with it for good its the NSX!). I want them to go back and take another look at the body design they chose and then do some focus groups with real drivers and come up with a better one. The NSX has always been a timeless design and a great platform, (probably why they have been used for GT racing since the car came out and still today) they need to recreate that magic with the new one and I can tell you that this new design will fail because A) The front shots on the illustration pics for the car reveal the nose of a last-gen Camaro and B) It is not a design like the current that I can see being put to good use 18 years down the road. Like I said this is bad in a way but good because this gives Honda a chance to go back to the drawing board and make the REAL new gen NSX.


Hmm not good news. I was looking forward to the battle TougeNoMikado mentioned too.

Hopefully car companies will divert their attention to cheaper sports cars and we'll see new RX7's, Silvia's, S2000's and the likes :)


Komeko, rice boys are now known as scion Tc drivers who claim they are descendants of supras.


Sweet Zebra Stripe


i am not a fan of the NSX, so...


dang, i bet Antonio was really looking forwards to the "driving impressions" story fot the new NSX


Although, you can tell that this is more of a business decision more than a lack of interest decision. Honda is attempting to stay afloat in the international market, while developing cars like the FCX Clarity. (The Hydrogen powered car) As a whole, they're looking into the future so they can sell more cars to the general international market, most of who aren't car enthusiasts. However, with that added revenue and growth, it allows for them to develop specialty cars like the NSX, and invest money into fun things like motorsport, if they wish too.

Think about it, normally some of the best waves of cars either come as 1) a way to keep the company afloat during dire straights or, come during the strongest economic times.

So although it's lame that Honda isn't developing a new supercar right now, it's ok. (Plus there are several non-JDM supercars out there to drool over. Gumpert Apollo, Azcari's, Zenvo ST1's...)


Oh, also. Just because these development projects are pull on hold, doesn't mean that they'll never be reopened. Honda won't forget about the NSX, the market just has to be right and ready to accept cars like that before it's viable.

That actual mule is sitting somewhere,right? ;)


Considering that keeping a business alive is more important than releasing a car that will earn you the love of hundreds of thousands of import car enthusiasts who cant afford it, I believe this was the right decision.


Car companes already toke notes of this economy-crisis (Toyota and Subaru already merged together for the new "AE86" project that it's gonna come out sometime in the next 3-4 years....again, those are only rumors.....and the cars should cost below $20K

Nissan is also thinking about releasing a new S15 below $20K.

I'm not too frustrated about the abortion of the new NSX project.

For one, I never liked the NSX (despite the fact that it is an excellent platform with incredible potential, Its body style never appealed to me).

The new NSX shown above and seen at the Ring resembles a rendering of the old Toyota Supra....and it even looks very similar to the new Lexus LFA.

In my opinion, Honda (whenever is ready) should consider to bring back their prototype HSC.

Here are a couple of pics for those of you who haven't seen it:


sry to hear this atleast the GTR came out alive


Looks like a new chevy vette or camaro. I still can't afford the old nsx never the less the new one.


wat the LFA was scrapped to ah this sux even more.


Wow. I didnt expect that. I thought they were actually going to come out with a good car other then the 1995 Honda Civic Si Coupe... Oh well, back to the better cars.


from what i understood, the new car was only a spiritual successor, not a NSX.

that said, i'm not terribly surprised, or disappointed about this.

the way i see it, there are plenty of exciting models coming up that i think will be big money for everyone involved.


its another bubble crisis