Eye Candy>> Mooneyes Xmas Party Pinup Girls

Okay, okay, by popular request, here it is… Everyone's been asking for photos of the pinup girls from the Mooneyes Christmas Show. In the midst of going through all the pics I took of  cars at the event, I finally was able to put together a small "eye candy" gallery for all you guys that requested it. I understand what some of you have been saying – stuff like "these stylish pinup girls are hotter than the girls in the import car scene" and all that jazz. Everyone has different tastes, but I know what you mean, guys; it appears most of you are sick and tired of the "same old look" from all the girls permeating the so-called import scene, so you think that these retro rockabilly pin-up style girls have a fresh new look. I'm certainly a fan of fresh new looks when it comes to women.

Above, I kinda like this scene. Just a voyeuristic view of a pinup girl's legs crossed, as she's getting her makeup done inside a vintage silver Airstream trailer…

I don't remember this girl's name, but I thought she had one of the prettier faces, compared to the other girls in the pinup girl competition (look behind her). She was outfitted in a classy looking dress, not the hoochie mama gear… and as a bonus, looks like she has a tongue ring! Nice. =)

This girl on the right had a prettier face than the other two in the photo, in my opinion. Hm, actually I know a girl who kind of looks like her, but the girl I know is Asian.

This was pretty much how close you were getting to the booty if you were in the front row of the Pin-up girl contest. Who's down with some of that? Not a bad view.

However, from the other side, we had sort of a "butterface" reaction. And next to her, a modern day Elvira, mistress of the dark.

This girl certainly had the vintage style happening, with her super bleach-blonde hair and white sunglasses… she was actually one of the performers in the band.

Uhmmm… Santa's elves? If you had to pick one, which one would you pick? I'm staying out of this discussion…

I still think that this girl and the one in the black dress (2nd photo from the top) were the prettiest ones in the pinup girl contest… but they didn't win!!! Go figure…

Stay tuned to Speedhunters for more eye candy from Mooneyes, tomorrow!

-Antonio Alvendia

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very nice!!!


I agree bring some the "talent" from the import shows and have them crossover and youd have something.


Hey Antonio, I stumbled upon a pin up site while looking at German car site Chromjuwelen.com called pinuppost.com It's basically a site where pin-up models and photographers can display their work. There's usually 3 pics and a brief autobiography. If you like this style you should check it out, it proves that there are classy pin up girls out there.


Antonio, Im in complete agreement with your choice of prettest girl, but then agan Im partal to coloured hair. (the red is gr8)

Because I usually participate in the "wich one would you chose" disscutions, I will in this one as well, and for me in the Santa's Elves photo Its the one second to the left all the way. I supose I just kant get into the rockabilly hair of the other girls.


Im hella feeling pin up girls. They'd all get it. I like they're thickness and "REAL" shape.....and if they smell good, WOW!!! Cant wait to get me a chick with this type o style.


I like how you tried to keep it gentleman, haha.

Btw I agree with your choices Antonio.


jezus christ, these girls really look like whores, nice faces doh.


Hot. Thanks for posting them up and I look forward to the next post.


Lol the butterface reaction, classic. These girls certainly are different from import models but I think like cars every style has at least 1 thing that can attract.


It's refreshing


whats that in the 4th pic?


Second from left in the second to last pic, hands down!


Butterface? same girl? not too bad if you ask me



The classy girl in the black dress is Lana Lei.

She's gorgeous!

And should have won!

Check her out...


Second picture girl in Santa Outfit is SUPER hott!!! I met her that day and she is really sweet. I think her name is Ruby Martini...not too sure...can anyone help?

boost me till i burst

I need to build a hot rod and get to some of these show asap