Car Spotlight>>mcr And Mine’s Z34’s At Tsukuba

At last year's Rev Speed Tsukuba Super Battle tuned versions of the Nissan GT-R were seen by many for the first time. This year Nissan has another new sports car on the market, with the new Fairlady Z34 and both Mine's and MCR brought their new Z's out to this year's event for some shakedown laps around the course. These Z's were delivered less than a week before the event and are already equipped with a number of tuning parts. I guess that goes to show just how hardcore Japan's tuner shops are.

Like a lot of people, it took me a while to warm up to some of the new Z's styling. I know it's a cliche, but the car looks much better in person than in photos, "fangs" and all. Of course it also helped that the Mine's and MCR Z's were already equipped with cool stuff like coilovers and high end racing wheels.

Here's another view of the MCR Z. Not surprisingly, Kobayashi-san ordered a red one so it could match all the other MCR demo cars. The parts already on the car include Enkei GTC01 wheels with Advan Neova tires, Endless coilover suspension, and Endless brake pads.

Mine's of course went with white on their Z34. The car has a titanium exhaust, Prodrive GC010 wheels and Bridgestone Potenza tires. If it doesn't have one already, I'm sure Mine's also has a VX ROM computer in the works for this car.

The Mine's car looks great in motion as it rounds Tsukuba's first hairpin…

…does the red MCR Z.

Both cars looked to be running very well, and at the end of the day Mine's was able record a lap time in the 1:06 range. The times will only go down from there as Mine's and MCR get their cars fully dialed in and other tuners start jumping into the fray. I can't wait to see what Top Secret and Powerhouse Amuse come up with for the new Z.

Seeing these cars helped me transform into a big Z34 fan overnight. I want one bad…

What do you guys now think of the car now that you've had a little look at these tuned Z's?



-Mike Garrett



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WOW.....those things look low without aero!!! Can you imagine an aggressive aero kit with the stance of those cars. They'll be dragging on the ground! PERFECT!


man, the Z34 is beauuuutiful, as if i wasn't hooked on it with the stock one, lowered with rims makes it even better! :O


great work as usual, Mike!


Man, how does Mine's do it everytime? I originally didn't really care for the Z34. Until I saw Mine's rendition, I despised the look. Mines makes white look sexy.


im not sold on the rear lights yet but im lovin the shape + wide fenders and overall stance.


the z34 is lookin real good on the track. hope to see more of it in action!


Lovin the Z34 more and more.


Yeah, I dig the new look Z. I like what they did with the lights front and rear. I think it has better proportions. I really like the in motion shots. Cool feature. What did the R35 run stock at Tsukuba? Wasn't it 1:03 range?


I like how they look stock and how these look too. I think this is a great alternative for people who can not afford a GT-R.

PS, doesnt the front end look almost like a shark when looking at it from straight on?


I think I'm one of few people who actually like the Z34 over the Z33. This is a new car I can get excited about! In addition, this is closer to my level than an R35, which is good;)


I was really looking forward to upgrading until I saw the actual production release. I think the improvements on the interior and performance are great but I would never buy a car that looks like that. The "catfish" mouth intake and the lights inspired by Elton John eyeglasses just killed it for me. Thank God I own a 350 and only put 5K a year on my car. I should be able to hold out until the next generation Z is produced...hopefully it will be another aggressive, solid design as the 350 is. The 370 is a dead end. It can't get any smaller and likely cannot accept a larger engine. This makes it reasonable to expect the next gen Z will be completely new instead of a 240/350 hybrid like the 370.


i look forward to seeing GT style 370's.

i think that this car has good proportions.


Ohh wow.. I feel just as excited about the Z34 as I did when the R35 was launched. Nissan is back with a Vengeance!


I was never a Nissan guy until the Z34. I love it.


The car is starting to grow on me, but the "fangs" is still too tacky. If I owned that car, I probably paint the fangs and lower portion to match the black in the grill area.


i think the stock wheels' design match the 370z better than the aftermarket rims shown in the pix. I believe lowered on stock rims will look better than the MCR and Mines cars


i hate how the z34 looks...