News>>lm Spec Gt-r In The Works?

Here's an interesting piece of news for Nissan Month. The rumorists at Japan's Best Car Magazine are now speculating that Nissan may release an ultra limited production Le Mans edition of the R35 GT-R. With roots going back to the old school LM R33's, the new car will supposedly push out out somewhere around 600hp and include a number of other upgrades from the "standard" GT-R. In addition to the street car, an actual competition car is also said to be in the works for Le Mans. If this rumor turns out to be true, the car will be even faster than the upcoming V-spec model. Of course you can't take these rumors all too seriously, but I don't think it would be too surprising considering what Nissan has already done with the GT-R.

Source: Autoblog

-Mike Garrett



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Ive been dreaming of Nissan back at Le Mans since, well, 1999. With a GT-R would be even better than a prototype to my mind. If they do, I hope they keep the livery less pink than the R33 edition. Unless it were sakura themed of course... With a black base. With additional blue highlighting. And reversed for a sister car. Sorry - Ive been into the sake...


That looks really nice!


damn damn damn damn damn SEXY


ha, does this come out before or after the GT-R crossover SUV? The LM looks sweet though


With their recent success in GT500 they Nissan would be insane not to try and compete. Btw Musashi I second the sakura themed livery idea; that would just be awesome, maybe something like Takatori's R34.


If they do put the GT-R LM out, let's hope it's just a concept or tech model. Nissan has way too many things going on. The V-Spec still needs to be delivered and whatever happened to those rumors about a GT-R saloon?

Next thing you'll know they'll put out a Nurburgring Edition, then an GT-R SUV, then the GT-R Minivan.

Styling does look nice though...


i doubt you'll see a GTR sedan...

Interesting if they do go back into motorsport, just as Toyota are becoming involved with Dome for Le Mans (oh, did I just let that slip out)


that's cool


im sure if they do come out with an LM edition GTR we wont get it in the US. great read, i was really bored at work


if thats a street car, center lock wheels are crazy.


Japanese Auto Sport magazine and are showing images of what appears to be a GT1 or GT2 Nissan